Samsung smart tv dvb t einstellen

Smart IPTV on samsung Smart TV

Samsung has suspended the app from the samsung Apps Store. DO NOT uninstall it, if freundin want zu keep ns already mounted application working on her TV.

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You can manually download the anwendung by using the following options:

Tizen TVs (J/K/M/N/Q/R/T):

Extract (unzip) ns contents des the following Tizen Widget paper to die root of the USB drive (FAT32 format) und insert it zu your TV’s USB slot. Make sure ns userwidget directory zu sein located in the root von your USB drive. The application will appear on my Apps screen amongst other apps. You kann sein then remove USB flash drive from your TV (except J series).

On J series Tizen TVs, you can try transforming off Menu -> smart Hub -> app Auto Update kommen sie avoid losing die application ~ above every TV restart. Otherwise, there zu sein no solution available.

non-Tizen TVs (E/ES/F/H/J4/J52):

Extract (unzip) the contents von the following Orsay Widget document to the root des USB drive (FAT32 format) and insert it zu your TV’s USB slot. Die SmartIPTV directory should be located an the root von your USB drive. The application wollen appear ~ above a samsung Apps screen amongst other apps. You tun können then eliminate USB flash drive from your TV (not on all TV models).

You can also use Sync server IP deal with

to install making use of developer mode.

Important! ns application go NOT arbeiten on D series or older samsung TVs.

Loading your very own playlist

You can upload your very own IPTV playlist von following these instructions.

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Remote regulate commands

P+/P- und Arrows - switch pages, groups, channels und videosUP, UPx2 - nur current programme informationDOWN - show channel historySELECT (OK), CH list - fill channel list in play modeINFO, INFOx2 - show current programme informationNumber secrets - channel number selection; "0", PR CH - channel historyRETURN - hide channel list und infobar; Go zurück to major listEXIT - exit ns applicationP.SIZE, TOOLS, EXTRA - readjust stream/video facet ratioPLAY/PAUSE/STOP - play/pause/stop stream/video (exit video player)PLAY (long press) - irreversible infobar enable/disablePLAY_PAUSE - play/pause stream/video; nur Groups bei channel menuTTX/MIX - enable/disable 3D mode (Side-by-Side)AD/SUBT - readjust subtitle track an stream/video (if available)REC - toggle DVB input on/offRED - settings an primary list; pick audio/HLS track in stream/videoGREEN, overview - EPG information; choose videos play modeYELLOW - nur all channels; digital clock or facet ratio in play mode (option an settings)BLUE - zeigen Groups; settings an play mode

Changing audio language

Press RED button, select ns language, press ok to set ns language, press jawohl (RED, Back) again to hide ns window.

Changing caption language (in videos)

Press RED button, then drücken sie GREEN button or simply niederdrücken AD/SUBT button, select die language, press ok to set ns language, niederdrücken (AD/SUBT, Back) again to hide ns window.

Buffer size


It"s possibile kommen sie set buffer size in app"s settings zum your streams an case you oase frequent buffering problems. It is not guarantee that it will help her slow link or providers" currently issue.

Set the buffer size rückseitig to wagen to usage default samsung buffer size.

Lock TV"s MAC address

You tun können lock your MAC address in application settings by using die Lock MAC taste to stop your playlist gift reset by somebody else or if sie shared her MAC address with some third party.

If you want kommen sie remove die PIN, just use 0000 when locking MAC resolve again.

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Setting User-agent property (Tizen TVs only)

You can try making use of User-agent property an your playlist if your provider calls for it. Seen examples below.
#EXTM3U#EXTINF:0 user-agent="Star Wars",My Channelhttp://channel.URL#EXTINF:0,My Channelhttp://channel.URL|User-agent=Star WarsepgCode,Channel Name,http://channel.URL|User-agent=Star WarsepgCode,Channel Name,http://channel.URL|user-agent:Star Wars
#EXTM3U#EXTINF:0 user-agent="Star Wars",Brodilo TV,Brodilo TV|User-agent=Star Warsbrodilo,Brodilo TV,|User-agent=Star Warsbrodilo,Brodilo TV,|user-agent:Star Wars