Samsung Tab 5 Test

The Galaxy Tab S5e zu sein a cheaper version des Samsung"s flagship tablet that bring a dünn bezel and a gorgeous AMOLED screen to the more affordable market.

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Samsung’s vault top-end tablet computer followed the entwurf philosophy von many a flagship smartphone – it featured a glass back and metal sides. The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e sticks zu a much more traditional tablet style. It’s aluminium all-round, apart from the glass pane above die screen, von course.

Cheaper kommen sie manufacture the may oase been but i prefer this entwurf to tonnage year’s glass-backed device. Anodised aluminium has a carefully textured grain the feels great in iPads, and so it does right here as well.

Samsung has actually trimmed down the screen boundaries too, although over there remains adequate room for your thumbs zu rest even if it is you’re holding the Galaxy Tab S5e top top its side or upright. This trim down deshalb makes this 10.5-inch tablet computer smaller (in most dimensions) than a 9.7-inch iPad.


It’s super-slim punkt 5.5mm und its 400g weight is light weil das a 10.5-inch tablet. Slim, trim and light the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e may be, but a tablet computer with this screen size kann only be so petite.

If you’re after ~ a device zum young kids, wednesday recommend a smaller sized tablet. Or hinweisen least a bigger one with the kind of security offered über a Kindle Fire zum Kids.

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Would you want to take a tablet of this dimension on the train? six years ago, in the golden days von Tesco Hudls und the google Nexus 7, I’d oase said no. Yet today, wie man you occasionally see a 12.2-inch iPad on ns commute, I’d speak why not?. The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ist just around light enough kommen sie hold in one hand to read an article or comic book.

Note that there’ no headphone jack, though, deshalb you’ll need to use in adapter or a wireless pair des headphones. Notfall ideal.


The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has actually many of the same peripheral attributes as a mid-range phone. Storage starts hinweisen 64GB, which tun können be upgraded zu 128GB zum £60. Yes a fingerprint scanner on die side – the isn’t as fast as those found in new phones, yet then you likely kommen sie use that on just a handful of occasions through the day; certainly notfall as regularly as on a phone.

You kann switch zu face unlock if sie prefer, which functions reliably enough, maybe using ns same backroom software program as a phone call such together the samsung Galaxy S10. There are Wi-Fi-only and 4G versions, too, costing roughly an extra £100 weil das the latter.

Samsung offers a keyboard folio accessory zum around £115. While i haven’t provided this certain unit – samsung didn’t send one an – I’m notfall a huge fans of using a tablet such together this together a replacement zum a MacBook or windows laptop; it simply doesn’t offer the same feel.



For a lang time, samsung was the master des OLED screens in phones und tablets because the company was responsible for making the panels themselves. Several other companies jetzt produce together screens however this is still just about die best you’ll find bei a sub-£400 tablet.

It’s a 10.5-inch, 2560 x 1600 AMOLED display screen with, an my estimation, around 450 nits von brightness. I took die tablet out kommen sie a park on a clear day during ns 2019 UK heatwave und the display screen remained perfectly visible, enough to play a video game comfortably.

Contrast ist superb, colour vivid and sharpness excellent. Sie won’t uncover a traditional fenster laptop roughly this preis with as capable a display.


In addition, samsung provides a choice of colour profiles. These are die same together those in Samsung phones and they roughly track v several expert colour standards. Die modes are grundlegend (sRGB), AMOLED photo (Adobe RGB), AMOLED Cinema (DCI-P3) und Adaptive Display, i beg your pardon unlocks die full aboriginal colour spectrum of the screen for eye-popping colour.

The absence von a stylus ist the one (potential) significant downside. It’s more proof that the S5e ist intended kommen sie be less von a do-it-all powerhouse than the Galaxy Tab S4.


You needn’t be too put off if it is what you’re really after, mind, as ns Galaxy Tab S5e has actually a special software program mode dubbed DeX. It sits in the notification dropdown and turns ns tablet’s Android-based user interface into something closer to windows or Mac OS.

It runs apps an floating windows, makes far better use of the display screen space und puts much more information and shortcuts at your fingertips. Freundin may only want to use DeX if freundin use a keyboard with ns S5e, due to the fact that it strips away the casual feel of Android. Nevertheless, it makes one des the best debates going the a tablet kann be treated like a “PC” wie paired with ns right accessory.


Jump out von DeX und the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e seems an ext like a supersized samsung phone. You schutz home display screens and an apps drawer, which look nur like those des the samsung Galaxy S10, albeit with bei extra column von icons in the drawer.

Android doesn’t make an excellent use of larger displays such together this yet it’s ausblüten a an excellent interface zum casual tasks. Under apps are required on you here than über a samsung phone. The Galaxy Store and Game Launcher are mounted out the boxen but you kann sein choose even if it is or not to include Samsung’s various other apps des your own volition.


Performance, gaming and speakers

The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e feeling great bei use. That responsive, with only a marginal rate difference in its android user endure compared zu a call or tablet with bei even more powerful processor.

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But what sie may not be expecting ist that the Tab S5e has actually a slower CPU than tonnage year’s Galaxy Tab S4, since it’s part von the mid-range “e” series. There’s also a Galaxy S10e phone. It doesn’t have a cut-down CPU contrasted to the standard S10 but does oase a smaller, flatter screen.

The processor des choice here ist the Snapdragon 670, instead von the Snapdragon 855 or 855 to add seen an top-end Androids. What’s the difference? its cores are much less powerful, through two Kryo 360 gold performance cores und six Kryo 360 Silvers.

GPU power ist perhaps more important. Ns Snapdragon 670 includes in Adreno 615 graphics chipset, which zu sein only für hilfe as an effective as die Snapdragon 855’s Adreno 640.

If your spending plan only stretches zu £400, die entry-level iPad zu sein actually a an ext pertinent comparison. Ns Samsung scores 1511 in 3DMark’s Sling shoot Extreme test (957 using ns OpenGL graphics standard). This ist way below the iPad, i beg your pardon manages 2611 points.


How does this pat out in actual games? many run an extremely well on die Galaxy Tab S5e. PUBG runs weist “high” visuals, und both asphalt 8 and 9 play without noticeable compromise. Ark: Survival progressed shows up ns mid-range GPU, though: max out die visuals und the frame rate becomes jerky.

This matters, des course, the does – but dafür does context. Currently, there isn’t a tablet that comes with a Snapdragon 855, und most phones through such a processor space significantly an ext expensive than the Galaxy Tab S5e. Part believed samsung would announce a no-holds-barred Galaxy S5 tablet with such a processor bei August, although it looks like this theory will now materialise as the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, instead.

There are various other gaming advantages to a Tab S5e over bei iPad too. The speakers are far an ext powerful, with greater top volume, 4 drivers and much richer bass. They’re closer in quality kommen sie those found on the iPad Pro, and you won’t find a new model of that zum under £400.


The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has one camera on the front and one on ns back. Both space fairly grundlegend but have the essentials needed to provide a beneficial camera experience.

For example, the rear camera doesn’t schutz a flash, but it does usage autofocus. Part low-cost tablets oase fixed-focus cameras that won’t let freundin shoot close-up photos. The sensor here ist reasonably in der nähe des to shoot, too, und auto-tweaks your images with HDR processing. This stands weil das ‘high dynamic range’ and stops die brightest parts of in image from looking swollen out, while bringing out much more detail bei the shadows too.


Daylight shots from the primary 13-megapixel camera aren’t too bad, either. However let’s re-align expectations.

This zu sein a heavy camera for a tablet. It doesn’t fare auch well if you compare that to android devices an general. Exposure metering zu sein nowhere near as clever as that des Samsung’s ideal phones, detail is nur okay and low-light performance ist pretty poor.

Manually tweak die exposure und you can capture part reasonable images

The preferably resolution des video capture ist only 1080p (Full HD), yes sir no 4K mode und while it aussehen like there’s some software application stabilisation, it isn’t particularly effective.

And, as with any kind of 10-inch tablet, shoot photos through a Galaxy Tab S5e just looks a little silly.

Battery life

The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has actually a 7040mAh battery, just a wenig smaller than ns Tab S4’s 7300mAh cell. Samsung claims it will last an incredible 14.5 hours.

An hour of Netflix streamed punkt 50% brightness consumed 7%, suggesting full charge stamina des 14 hours. A half-hour of echt Racing took off 6%, indicating that the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e will last zum around eight hours of gaming.

Both are good results and actually beat ns entry-level iPad.


Should ich buy the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e?

In current years, Samsung’s reaction kommen sie a tablet market running on fumes has been to take in Apple-like approach. Sie could get fairly high-end tablets designed weil das hybrid-style use, and the low-end options were all pretty depressing.

The samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ist what I’ve been wanting: a mid-priced model with some higher-end touches. You don’t schutz to sell your laptop zu justify the expense however it absolutely isn’t a toy intended kommen sie keep the kids quiet.

Until now, the huawei MediaPad M5 10.5 was your best auswahl among Androids. Jetzt it’s the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It has actually a great screen, wonderful speakers, a verführerisch aluminium body and scope zum life as a breezy laptop-like computer system – if that’s what freundin really want.

The cameras no dazzling but this ist rarely ever true wherein tablets are concerned. Ns processor isn’t top-end but the samsung Galaxy Tab S5e gets by just good anyway.

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This zu sein the finest mid-priced android tablet you can buy, but in iPad is more powerful.