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MicroSD cards can increase your smartphone"sinternal memory und create much more space weil das your photos, videos, music, und important files.But what happensif yourMicroSD card suddenly stops working?Or if sie accidentally deletea file? Here, we"ll zeigen you how kommen sie repair your MicroSD card und save her data.

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Back trost your data

Did sie accidentally just delete some files? climate under no situations should freundin continue to write more charme on your MicroSD card. This could overwrite ns areas with the accidentally turned off images, und will alleviate your chances von a effective recovery.

If her MicroSD card zu sein damaged or appears broken, freundin shouldn"t reformat it if you ausblüten want to recover data. Even if ns card zu sein ready kommen sie use again after ~ formatting it, it becomes much more difficult zum the devices below kommen sie recover currently data.

Repair her MicroSD card through Windows

First, revolve off your smartphone,remove ns MicroSD card and then insert the into any kind of PC operating with Windows.If the computer recognizes die card, right-clickon it in Explorer, and then selectProperties. After ~ this, go to ns Tools tab and click onCheck Nowin theError Checkarea.


If fenstern doesn"t identify your MicroSD card, openthe systems manager, und thenclick onDisk Managementin die liston die left.If you seen your MicroSD card in the right-hand view, right-click on it and then Change drive letter and paths.

This möchte openup a new window, whereby you"ll thenhave toclickonAddand then assign a journey letter for the MicroSD card. When you"ve finished, it need to be visible in Windows Explorer und the MicroSD card is repaired as formerly described.


Comparison von data-saving software

DiskDiggerEaseUS dünn Recovery WizardR-Tools R-StudioPhotoRec
License$14.99, free weil das Linux$107.04 (Mac), $83.24 (Windows)$79.99Free (FOSS)
Operating systemsWindows, Mac OS, Linux, AndroidWindows, Mac OS; Apps available zum Android and iOSLinux, Windows, Mac OSWindows, Linux, Mac OS
Works v damaged document systemsYes (Dig Deeper)Yes (deep scan)YesYes (TestDisk)
Root (Android)OptionalYesn.a., doesn"t arbeit with Androidn.a., doesn"t work with Android

Repair and rescue files with DiskDigger

If none von these advice worked, don"t despair together there space plenty des othertools and programs easily accessible that tun können help you repair her MicroSD card.One of these is DiskDigger.Thisprogram kann sein be supplied free of charge throughout the prüfen period, und a einzel user license zum a PC will set you rückseitig around$14.99.

After you have downloaded and installedDiskDigger, anfang the program und select her MicroSD card.Click on the"Next" tab three mal andDiskDigger wollen then injektion your MicroSD card.This may take part time but that"s rather normal.After this zu sein done, anyfiles the were recall during the scanwill it is in displayed.


Selectthe filesyou want to save and click Recover selected files.Now all sie need zu do is select where die files are zu be saved and after you"ve clicked OK, it"s all done.

Repair your Micro SD card through Android and rooting

If your smartphone ist rooted und you want to repair ns MicroSD card directly from your phone, there is deshalb an android version des DiskDigger available on google Play Store.The free version allows you torestore images (JPG und PNG) und videos (MP4 und 3GP).The pro version uses you ns possibility ofrepairing other records on ns MicroSD map too.

You can so getDiskDigger Pro zum Android, which functions without source access.However, this does not reconstruct initial files,but rather temporarily restorespreviews of the originals.As a result, the rootless version des the document recovery can only save reduced resolution images.


The android process runs in pretty much thesame means as described above.However, freundin should keep bei mind that the android version von DiskDigger zu sein not as efficient as the fenstern version weil das repairing her MicroSD cards. Furthermore, your smartphone should be rooted, because without extended system access, the anwendung can"t role effectively.

DiskDigger jeden file recovery

Recover deleted files using Mac OS X

You can so use yourMac zu restore charme to MicroSD cards.The data Recovery Wizard for Mac zu sein a free program that can do this task, und is available zum download from ns manufacturer"s website.

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After you"ve perfect downloading die program, insert ns memory card right into your Mac and start the program.You don"t have to worry about any alternatives or menus in this software, however the data Recovery Wizard möchte guide you step by step through ns process. Climate select the memory card also asdata species that you want to restore.


After a short scan, the apps will showyou i beg your pardon files kann be salvaged.For example, any kind of files that sie accidentally deleted wollen be presented here. An additional optional equipment isan thorough scan des the memory card.In the window the opens, you kann sein select ns files that have been lost.


The tonnage step zu sein tochoose a new location zum yourfile. Restoring die file an its originallocation zu sein not advised, particularly if the SD card has actually a defect.


Data restore Wizard is so available bei a windows version.The free version restores just 2 GB von data.If freundin need more, you"ll schutz to go with die more high value option und buy the $89.95version.


Similar to DiskDigger, the R-Tools software offers a graphical wizard, which is a step-by-step recovery assistant. The free version zu sein limited to fenster file systems and only the expensive, paid ausführung recognizes the ext3 relevant in Android.


PhotoRec is in add-on to ns free file system recovery tool TestDisk. It is free and open source (FOSS), however only comes together a command heat tool. Right here are the complete step-by-step instructions.

Hire a säule recovery service provider

If freundin can"t manage the recovery yourself, a leistungen provider can save sie time und frustration. One von the options is Recoverfab. You send your damaged MicroSD card there and then later download die recovered charme from your FTP server. Die prices weil das a 32 GB recovery, for example, are bolzen 300 and 500 dollars.

Decrypt encrypted MicroSD cards

If her MicroSD card was encrypted as internal memory and suddenly becomes unreadable, don"t reset your smartphone because the key to your MicroSD card möchte be lost and the data on it can"t it is in recovered bei a reasonable amount des time.

A guide kommen sie decrypting MicroSD cards formatted as inner memory bei Android can be found in Android expert Nikolay Elenkov"s blog.


Ideally, sie always oase a back-up that you can access an case of an emergency, deswegen you never really schutz to recoup your data. Otherwise sie should first try to repair her MicroSD map with fenstern tools.

As a second step, us recommend searching with PhotoRec, since the software zu sein completely free des charge. There arestep-by-step indict that need to help freundin quickly. If that doesn"t help, use a program like DiskDigger or dünn Recovery Wizard.

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Sure, you probably currently know this, however just bei case, here"s in important piece of advice: make backups des your files weist regular intervals. If miscellaneous breaks, you still have a back-up copy and you don"t oase to bother with rettung operations zu save her data. Die best back-up programs for android can be discovered here:

Have freundin had die unfortunate experience des losing important data? möchte you be using any of these methods to seen what you tun können get back? Let us know in the comment below.