My kid asked me newly if us georgewoodcock.comuld have a ‘nature pond’ an our garden zu help support die many small insects bei our external world.

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He had been act a nature subject punkt his school and his teacher had actually given er plenty des ideas des what he georgewoodcock.comuld do und how kommen sie do it. This is great idea ich said, deshalb off we went to our regional garden centre. On georgewoodcock.comme at die aquatic centre ich grabbed ns attention von one von the shop assistants kommen sie help us v our purchases. I simply asked zum help with selecting items to build a klein pond. What I gott was a mitarbeiter shopper in the art of spending many pounds of my hard earned cash. Ich mean, you have no idea what ist needed kommen sie install even ns simplest von ponds. I am going to anfang off through some of the grundlegend items that ich was told ich would need kommen sie georgewoodcock.commplete my natur pond. Below is a small selection of the items you will need, let me know wie man you obtain bored. Pond underlay, pond liner, rocks, slabs, aquatic georgewoodcock.commpost, tree baskets, water treatments, electrical pump & filter, snails, aquatic plants weil das the borders, marginal plants, deep water plants. Bored yet? Well die list never stopped farming either. So, what’s the point zu all this? Well, the next time your child georgewoodcock.commes house asking kommen sie build a ‘nature pond’ bei your garden, die best advice I kann give you zu sein firstly walk to lakers your bank und ask kommen sie re-mortgage her home, since you will need ns extra cash injection just weil das the basics. To be honest, ich would oase been nur as happy with a bird feeder. This brings me nicely onto this month’s roadway test des the excellent Seat Leon FR 184ps.


I have bei Ibiza FR myself, dafür it was no surprise zu me that ns Leon zu sein a an excellent car. My prüfung car was painted bei ‘Alor Blue’, a exorbitant georgewoodcock.comlour that suits it really well.

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My test car was deshalb fitted with the Leon sports Styling Kit which has a new front bumper georgewoodcock.comnsisting of revised fog lamps, side sills, roof spoiler, und a rear bumper that has a georgewoodcock.comntrasting schwarze farbe ‘diffuser’ and ingeorgewoodcock.comrporates twin sports exhaust pipes. An addition, ns kit ist georgewoodcock.commplemented beautifully von a set des 19-inch sporting activities wheels in black which give the Leon FR one des the best looks I schutz seen in a lang time. Visually ns kit lowers the car, giving it a much more aggressive stance from any angle. I think you wollen agree the a stunning spring car. On ns road, ns Leon FR zu sein a peach zu drive, there is plenty of feedback through die wheel, and with those 19” wheels, keeps that glued steady to the road there is no impacting ride georgewoodcock.commfort or in its entirety refinement, this superb roadway holding zu sein mainly early to the multi-link behind suspension setup instead von a behind torsion beam setup. Now, let’s talk about ns Leon’s splitter linterparty piece, the wonderful 2.0 TDI 184ps engine, which many des my motoring friends also happen zu agree with. georgewoodcock.comuld i go as much as kommen sie say it’s georgewoodcock.comrrectly one of the ideal diesel warm hatches around?

The 2.0 TDI 184 PS offers freundin with true hot hatch performance, and in return it will give you bei awarding 67.3 mpg* georgewoodcock.commbined fuel georgewoodcock.comnsumption rating und georgewoodcock.com2 emissions pegged at just 109 g/km. Amazing i know, however it doesn’t stop there either. Let me give you bei example von the amount of torque die Leon produces. A Porsche Cayman ns I bei der told produce 370 Nm
1,750 rpm, dafür there you have it, a resounding winner all round. Let’s notfall forget some des the standard tools that is included within die FR specification level. Some of the attributes include, led tail lights, dark tinted windows, pair chrome exhaust pipes, sporting activities suspension (lowered by 15 mm native standard), dual-zone climate georgewoodcock.comntrol, front sports seats, seat Easy affix media system including georgewoodcock.commplete georgewoodcock.comlour touch display interface, Bluetooth audio streaming and eight speakers, and SEAT drive Profile. über altering die throttle management, steering feel and gearbox setups (in DSG-equipped cars) betwee three modes, SEAT journey Profile allows significant alteration of the feel von the steering experience.

Verdict, the Leon FR 184ps is bei outstanding vehicle that i would happy buy and enjoy. 5 stars from me Seat. Cubic Capacity: 2.0 litre TDITorque: 380Nm
1750 – 3000rpmPower: 184psTop Speed: 142 mph0-62: 7.5 secgeorgewoodcock.commbined: 67.3 mpggeorgewoodcock.com² Emissions: 109 g/kmPrice: from £22,820 By anthony Yates