Seat Leon Fr 1.4 Tsi Test

Does the Seat Leon – our 2018 supplied car des the year winner – ausblüten make zum a great used purchase und how does die cylinder deactivation an innovation fitted zu its 1.4 EcoTSI engine work in the real...

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The car 2017 chair Leon 1.4 EcoTSI FR modern technology Run by max Adams, provided cars reporter Why that here kommen sie find out if our 2018 used Car von the Year ausblüten represents a stonking offered purchase Needs to Cope v the daily commute and occasional long-distance trips, and also establish whether the fuel-saving tech makes financial sense against die cheaper 1.4 TSI 125 modelPrice wie man new £25,245 (including £1885 worth of options) Value on arrival £15,194 Value now £15,041 (trade in) Miles ~ above arrival 5583 Mileage now 6885 Official economy 57.6mpg Test economy 50.9mpg

2 august 2018 – die Seat Leon join our fleet

“It’ll one of two people be this or an Audi A3 I"ll buy.” the was the conclusion des our videography apprentice Oli after poking roughly my seat Leon.

That he can be deshalb quickly impressed von it is no surprise; die Leon is in excellent car in its very own right and is essentially die same under as the A3. However as an excellent as it zu sein new, the on the used market that die Leon makes many sense, v a 67-plate car an our favoured 1.4 EcoTSI FR modern technology spec nearly £10,000 cheaper 보다 it would have been originally.

The Leon looks such an excellent value, an fact, the we named it ours 2018 used Car of the Year. Und that’s why I’ve nur taken delivery of the auto Oli dafür admired – a post-facelift model bei Mystery Blue paintwork.

As part des the handover weist SMC seat Woking, sales direktor Martin lang took me through die various features, including the 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system, which was only presented with ns facelift.

FR an innovation Leons deshalb comes v Full-link, which has MirrorLink, apfel CarPlay and Android auto smartphone mirroring. Und the original owner von my vehicle specced die optional steering Assistance verpackt (£350), which includes automatic high beam assist, lane-keeping assistance and traffic sign recognition.

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My car is also fitted through a Storage verpacktem (£210), with surprise cubbies fitted under both of the front seats und a variable-height boot floor. Und I’ve got a Convenience verpacktem (£240) i beg your pardon includes led interior lighting, in auto-dimming rear-view mirror und automatic lights und wipers.

With die tour des the auto over, Martin and I top inside to deal with die paperwork. Seat’s approved supplied scheme has actually been altered recently zu bring it an line with the schemes offered von fellow Volkswagen gruppe brands Audi, Skoda und Volkswagen.


The most noteworthy change is that the used multi-point inspect has unable to do from 102 zu 142 points. But while the not belang to me, die scheme also offers a year MOT protection on cars that are old enough to require a test bei the 12 month after purchase.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass, you kann sein claim up to £750 towards ns cost of repairs. However, the klein print reveals that this excludes wear-and-tear, und given that most cars fail on perishable items (the most typical item gift blown bulbs), this ‘benefit’ no necessarily that big.

Formalities over, it was time to hit ns road, und what automatically struck me was die smoothness of the engine. Die 1.4 EcoTSI fitted kommen sie our Leon has nur been replaced with a slightly enlarged 1.5-litre engine the promises far better fuel economy, yet I’d suggest that the older version in our car is a wenig smoother and quieter.

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What isn’t noticeable, however, zu sein the 1.4-litre engine cylinder deactivation technology. There’s just no distinction to the way ns car feels wie it shuts down two des the engine’s four cylinders. And, ~ above paper at least, it makes ns Leon just as frugal together my old Volkswagen Polo, which zu sein impressive stuff zum a larger, heavier automobile with twice ns power.

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