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Bio: Shawn Mendes

GRAMMY nominated Toronto born multi-platinum singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes exit his very anticipated 4th studio album,Wonder, bei 2020 to rave reviews. Ns album debuted as #1 on die Billboard 200 graph and in multiple an international markets,marking Shawn"s fourth straight #1 album. Bei 2019 Shawn was nominated weil das a GRAMMY zum “Best popular music Duo/Group Performance” zum “Señorita,” his einzel with Camila Cabello. In 2018 he exit his self-titled platinum album, which debuted hinweisen #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart and also multiple worldwide markets. Ns album came to be one of the top best-selling album debuts von 2018 und made Shawn ns third youngest solo artist kommen sie ever oase three continually #1 albums. Shawn was nominated in two categories zum the 61st yearly GRAMMY® Awards, consisting of “Song des the Year” weil das “In my Blood” and “Best pop Vocal Album” forSHAWN MENDES. The same year Shawn debuted his certified platinum single, “If i Can’t have You,” punkt #1 top top iTunes and #2 on ns Billboard warm 100 chart. Through “Señorita” hinweisen #1 and “If ich Can’t have You” punkt #2, Shawn zu sein the first male solo artist ever to simultaneously hold die #1 and #2 ar on die Top 40 chart. Top top hislast worldtour, he offered out his first ever stadion show in minutes at Rogers Centre in his hometown des Toronto. Ns tour began in March 2019, through over 100 dates across die UK, Europe, phibìc America, Latin America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

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In april 2017, Shawn released his 3x platinum fight “There’s NothingHoldin’ Me Back.” die track score Shawn his second #1 einzel at oberteil 40 radio and on Billboard’s Pop songs chart, involvement his 7x platinum einzel “Stitches.” Shawn has almost 50 Billion global streams und 8.6 billion videos views. He topped Billboard’s “21 Under 21” in 2017 und 2018 and has been featured ~ above Forbes “30 Under 30,” Spotify’s “25 Under 25,” and Time Magazine’s “Time 100 most Influential”. Bei 2018, ROI Influencer Media recognized Shawn as ns #1 Most prominent Artist and #1 Most influential Teen throughout all social media platforms.

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In 2019 Shawn launched the Shawn Mendes Foundation, i beg your pardon seeks zu inspire Shawn’s audience, ns youth generation des today—to learn around those reasons that they room passionate about, und help empower them zu use ns voice they schutz to bring adjust to die world von taking action & providing back. As part des its continuous mission, die Foundation gives resources and support kommen sie amplify ns voices, messages,and platforms von young leader driving positive change.