Sinti und roma schnitzel

This tasty bell pepper gravy aka gypsy sauce ist one von the most favorite schnitzel toppings for the very delicious German specialty.

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With this recipe you tun können easily make die German sauce classic yourself und surprise your household with a tasty dish.

What ist a “Zigeunerschnitzel”?

A Zigeunerschnitzel aka Gypsy Schnitzel is a breaded or unbreaded schnitzel with a topping of a piquant bell-pepper tomato sauce.

What does “Zigeunerschnitzel” mean in English?

“Zigeuner” ist the German word for “Gypsy”. This is why the name zum the dish zu sein controversial.

The controversy about the benennen “Zigeunerschnitzel” aka “Gypsy Schnitzel”

The “Forum for Sinti und Roma” bei Hanover/Germany has actually objected kommen sie the nennen Gypsy Sauce. They argue ns term ist discriminatory. Instead, the delicious sauce should be renamed right into “piquant sauce” or “paprika aka bell pepper sauce,” the kombination suggests. Still to the day the dish ist known von the benennen Zigeunersoße however it is up to you how to call it.

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Bottled Paprikasoße – a favorite weil das German Barbecues

You kann buy bottled “Zigeunersoße” bei Germany favor Barbecue sauce. This is a popular condiment for grilled meat and sea food at German bbqs. Ns manufacturers of bottled “Zigeunersoße” assets started kommen sie change the name of their renowned sauces due to pressure from ns public und some of them currently re-named the sauce kommen sie “Paprikasauce” and “Pikante Sauce”.

How zu pronounce “Zigeunersoße”?

Listen zu this audio file to hear how to say “Zigeunersoße” an German. The characterr “ß” stands zum “ss”. Therefore sie could deshalb write the word “Zigeunersosse” one more variation would certainly be “Zigeunersauce” i m sorry is so play taste to listenListen kommen sie this audio file kommen sie hear how to say “Zigeunersoße” bei German.

What is a Balkan Schnitzel?

Balkan schnitzel zu sein another name zum this gravy.

Store to buy Variations

You tun können buy Zigeunersauce from several brands bei German speaking countries. As mentioned before you wollen find them recently under the name “Paprika Sauce” and “Pikante Sauce”.You tun können find a variety of these sauces an online einkaufen like amazon and German delis.

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What kind of Peppers space Best zum this Gravy?

Red, orange und yellow bell peppers are traditionally used weil das this gravy. Fresh and firm ist always ns best way zu go but if you oase some bell peppers that are not suitable for a salad anymore, this sauce is a good way zu don´t permit them go zu waste.

Authentic Zigeuner aka Gypsy Sauce Recipe