Sommerhaus der stars finale 2020

ns "summer house von the stars" ~ above RTL ist over. Fortunately, there zu sein no garbage TV nur that is more inhumane. Even die reunion nur turned right into a perfidious farce.

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"Summer House" survivor Diana Herold

Photo: TVNOW

Final day an the summer house, that us can ausblüten experience it!

Which couple, after all those weeks of grueling insistence and completely irony-free really stressful gall studies, left ns "summer house von the stars" as the winner?

I DO notfall CARE!

Nothing could be an ext irrelevant, since it zu sein much an ext important und relevant how rtl actually missed the chance to make an overdue statement versus format-based nastiness and sheer hate after the belastung episode bei the "big reunion".

An expectation the sounds spoiling zum the game weist first.

But that"s bei the nature of things: the "summer house" has long been an ext than a game bei the past couple of weeks, much more than crude, but essentially harmless television entertainment.

One doubt that die "reunion" von all couples would notfall be the necessary way to deal with the confusion when Caro smiled far at her husband"s demonstrations von power, ns meanness the he fired versus his wife, without gift contradicted with the classic female appeasement formula "he doesn"t median it" may.

Moderator angela Finger-Erben didn"t also ask why she put hoch with all of this;

did notfall ask if she believed that world who ostensibly liebe each other (and, together a matter of fact, won ns final game und won 50,000 euros) need to treat each other like that.

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"Summer house of the stars": that won"t be angryBy anja Rützel

After all, Kubilay apologized zu Andrej, his family and the audience zum his spitting attack - the did not recognize himself when he saw ns scenes ~ above television and has jetzt been dry weil das three months.

Georgina, reliably over-revving und willing zu scream in her very own view von "stolen" airtime von spitting out and then expelling, then drove various occupants into ns parade with produziert half-baked justification purr with not necessarily constructive, however understandable furore.

And asked Jenny, when the tears came while the neu recording of herstellung stranger-drooled friend, whether die victim of her continued bullying attacks in the residence had also cried.

The presenter put on gall green

Georgina desperately wants bei afternoon program bei which, as judge Georgina Fleur, she cuts die sheep from ns bogeys with a flaming sword.

And wonders why the instagram story of her recent nocturnal nerve meltdown has zu be zeigen again an the reunion show when over there really was enough zutat from various other protagonists from herstellung own nur to it is in discussed an ext urgently than the question des whether Georgina und Kubilay are right now a couple.

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Give die woman herstellung own afternoon show: Georgina v Kubilay

Photo: TVNOW

Moderator angela Finger-Erben, pull on appropriately bei gallgreen, but unfortunately clearly under-engaged, allow Andrej and Jenny have their way when they illustrated themselves in clumsy perpetrator-victim reversal as highly emotionally battered: Sure, every people oase been in bei extreme situation before, they would oase just feel pushed right into a corner, die two pestered them through wet eye - not out von shame or remorse, yet full von emotion hinweisen their very own suffering.

Finger-Heirs permitted them zu redirect the discussion kommen sie Eva"s alleged misconduct in other previous formats, fairly than sticking kommen sie their own existing manipulative dislike speech.

Only Diana threw in, rightly, that no previous history could justify die behavior des the two: "I would schutz liked that you would schutz stood up und said: Eva, that was shit native me."

"This is about quotas"

Instead, Andrej lurched out von the confrontation an impersonal "one should stand über things" und proved that, really sadly, he really has not learned anything: "This zu sein about quotas, and we schutz quotas, i think. All brought. "

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After ns bullying attack ist before the bullying attack: Jennifer and Andrej

Photo: TVNOW

Lisha ist then allowed zu spread herstellung crude gender image one much more time, without gift contradicted über the presenter: If chris were "a ja wirklich man", nobody would schutz dared kommen sie "bend a hair" zu Eva.

The woman as possession, then, that achieves herstellung dignity worthy von protection through her husband alone and is nothing zum herself, all von herself - it ist disturbing sufficient that Lisha kann sein spread such concepts on produziert social media channels, sie shouldn"t be on TV Offer much more platform.

After all, she seemed kommen sie be better advised than die rest und rowed zurück at least a bit: She diagnosed herself with "a very clear problem with aggression", however without ns willingness kommen sie break her nose she would certainly not have been able to survive whereby she grew trost - which is sociologically milieu zu sein at least somewhat puzzling, due to the fact that she so talks about dressage riding lessons on instagram that she got as a child.

Things happened an the summer house, "they to be shit": "If we all sit here und say we schutz not to be manipulated, we room liars."

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Icon: winter PlusIcon: geldspiegel PlusSexual assaults in trash TV: Ass magnetsBy anja Rützel

In the end, Eva tried the big bow again: She did not want kommen sie take on die role of victim, however it was "madness" the it just went on in this program dafür that one could notfall at the very least seriously reflect on what was going on an the summer house hinweisen the end happened - since that is deshalb a spiegel of society.

In fact, the would oase been the moment when rtl could have proven the a rubbish show kann sein be an ext than be safe sludge.

It is an eye-opening example of what kann sein happen if only ns loudest screamer und the most professional whisperer ist right.

And a warning about what can then happen zu people who room less solid than Eva or who have no zen-like support favor Chris.

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He was shocked punkt how extreme die aggression an the summer house had escalated, said RTL unterhalten director Kai hurriculten in in interview.

One would favor to glauben that, however the wahrscheinlichkeit to actually make a statement against these excesses was wasted.

Because what does angela Finger-Erben say in response kommen sie Eva"s appeal?

"It"s not a walk bei the park, we won"t be friends anymore."

And when you close your eyes, sie think you kann hear Annemarie quietly singing "My heart wollen go on" an the background.