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For those notfall interested an voice control or the latest features, ns Play:1 zu sein the perfect speaker to start embracing ns Sonos system, or including to in existing Sonos system - if you tun können get her hands top top it. It's about getting ns most out of your music streaming service without security a fortune an doing so.Read complete verdict

zum good sound quality Compact design Seamless multi-room audio straightforward setup Compatible through over 100 music streaming service Trueplay compatible Voice regulate through Alexa-enabled or google Assistant-enabled device
against Voice control requires additional machine Sonos One and Sonos One SL oase more seamless design Sound quality not as good as Play:3 or Sonos move

( - Sonos provides one von the ideal multi room audio platforms the end there und the Sonos Play:1 is the cheapest way kommen sie get started with a Sonos system.

Before ns Play:1 was announced in 2013, a usual Sonos system started hinweisen over £250 und climbed swiftly upwards depending upon what speaker, or speakers, freundin went for. It was a rich-man"s game. Die Play:1 changed that though, do Sonos an ext accessible thanks zu its an ext affordable £149 preis tag.

With the newer, more seamlessly designed, voice regulated Sonos Oneand voiceless Sonos One SL jetzt available alongside ns Play:1 though, walk the old Play:1 speaker blieb have a place in the Sonos portfolio and is it ausblüten worth considering zum those feather to anfang or add kommen sie their Sonos system if you tun können get hold des one?


161.45 ns 119.7 ns 119.7mm, 1.85kg, very same as Sonos OneBlack or white colour optionsPhysical taste controlsEthernet port, Wi-Fi, mounting screw hole

The Sonos Play:1 ist a dinky bookshelf speak designed to sit top top a shelf or kitchen counter out of the way. Hinweisen about the size des a large Kilner jar, approximately 16cm high, you"ll oase no trouble fitting die Play:1 speaker in any room, an any situation, but you wollen need a power socket adjacent as it"s notfall battery powered and therefore notfall portable like die newer Sonos Move, in spite of what its klein size suggests.

It"s deshalb surprisingly heavy. Unlike ns Play:3, the next Sonos speak size hoch that has actually a flatter, broader design und larger footprint, the Play:1 takes a an ext rounded approach an its design with in external mesh pattern the wraps virtually all die way around, like the newer Sonos One and Sonos One SL speakers. The comes in a schwarz or white finish deswegen there room no snazzy fashion-conscious color on offer, together there space with ns Sonos One Hay Editions.

The Play:1 keeps taste options to a minimum, which is standard zum Sonos speakers, with ns newer modell like the Sonos Beam,Playbase, Sonos One, Sonos One SL und Sonos relocate opting for capacitive touch controls over physical buttons. As the Play:1 zu sein one of the older speakers in the Sonos line-up jetzt however, you"ll discover physical volume up and down buttons und a play/pause button on top des the speaker.

The play/pause button replaces die mute button that is found on also older Sonos speakers, together as the Play:3 and original Play:5. That pauses her streaming music, as sie might expect, rather than just making that go silent but ausblüten using bandwidth und playing, while a double tap des the taste skips to the next track bei the queue together a handy, mobiltelefon trick.

Around the back of the Play:1, you"ll find a screw hole zum mounting this compact speaker zu a wall and bei Ethernet socket if sie want zu hardwire the Play:1 to your network quite than connect it wirelessly. Sonos usesa for sure wireless mesh network that is one of the ideal out there through audio dropouts few and far betwee however, deswegen the Ethernet port möchte likely it is in redundant zum most, except weil das when required throughout the frühen zeitpunkt setup.

Originally, Sonos forced you kommen sie buy a Sonos Bridge bei order kommen sie connect your Sonos speakers kommen sie your Wi-Fi network to enable die speakers to talk zu each other and allow you kommen sie control castle through the app, but this ist no longer die case, make everything much easier.

A tidy stärke socket - i m sorry we never thought we would uncover ourselves saying one of two people - plugs in underneath, keeping the energie cord tucked away. This is the exact same on ns Sonos One and Sonos One SL.


Compatible through over 100 music streaming servicesControllable despite Sonos appMulti-room audioStereo pairing possible

Sonos plays nice with over 100 music streaming service including Spotify, apfel Music, amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn Radio und a whole stack you"ve most likely never heard of too. Sign into your respective account (or accounts) v any von the compatible services and you kann sein stream music zu your heart"s content, despite Sonos deshalb allows you kommen sie play music from your synced device, be that your smartphone or tablet, as well as a NAS drive.

Controlling die Sonos Play:1 kann sein be done in a number von ways, depending on your setup. The traditional way zu sein through ns Sonos app, available zum smartphones, tablets and desktops, und it"s a great platform that is exceptionally easy kommen sie use.Through die Sonos app, you tun können do every little thing from controlling volume, omitted tracks and creating playlists zu adding a neu Sonos speaker zu your system, signing right into a neu music service and grouping Sonos speaker together, if freundin are lucky sufficient to schutz more than one bei your system.

Grouping Sonos speaker together enables you to play the same music in every room you oase a Sonos speaker, but sie can so opt to oase different music playing an different rooms simultaneously. We"ve had ns kids listening to Bieber when we aufführen to Brahms with a spot of whiskey. It"s below that Sonos stands the end from that is competition, offering fantastic multi room capabilities.

Through ns Sonos app, you"ll so be may be pair two Sonos Play:1s together kommen sie create a stereo pair zum a 5.1 setup if you have a Sonos Playbar, Sonos Beam or Playbase and a Sonos SUB, together you kann with die Play:3, Play:5, Sonos One und Sonos One SL. Zu create a stereotype pair von Sonos speakers however, die two speakers freundin are pairing will need kommen sie be the same speaker - uneven it"s ns Sonos One and Sonos One SL - deshalb you can"t pair a Play:1 v a Sonos One or Sonos One SL zum example, in spite of them offering the same composition and being die same size.

Voice manage through Alexa and Google Assistant

Voice regulate with Alexa-enabled deviceVoice manage with google Assistant-enabled deviceCan so control with Spotify und Tidal

The Sonos apps is no longer the only way zu control her Sonos Play:1 or Sonos system however, also though when ns Play:1 zuerst arrived that was. Sonos on regular basis pushes updates to its system, which schutz included ns ability to use spotify Connect to send music straight from ns Spotify anwendung to Sonos speakers und Tidal customers can so send music straight from the Tidal app to Sonos speakers.

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One von the biggest updates the pushed was voice control though. Die Sonos One, Sonos Move and Sonos Beam feature incorporated voice control with in array des built-in microphones, but the Play:1 requires ns addition of an amazonas Alexa-enabled device, such together an amazonas EchoorEcho Dot, a google Assistant-enabled an equipment like google Home or google Home Mini, or a Sonos One, Sonos move or Sonos Beam an order to control it v voice.

The Alexa-enabled device or google Assistant-enabled device ist used zu send music und other audio tracks zu your Sonos speaker and although that isn"t as seamless in experience as voice regulate on the Sonos One, Sonos move or Sonos Beam, it"s an extremely easy once set up. Zum example, you could say kommen sie your Alexa-enabled device, "Alexa, play justin Bieber in the life room (or wherever you have set her Play:1 up)", andmusic by Bieber will start to pat on your Play:1.

If you"re a google Assistant user, sie could say kommen sie your google Home speaker, "Ok Google, revolve Sonos up", und the volume des your Play:1 speaker wollen increase without sie lifting a finger.

It"s feasible toplay anything die Sonos anwendung recognises and you can also play or shuffle Sonos playlists you"ve manually created. Unlike ns Sonos One, ns Play:1 doesn"t end up being a voice assistant, through Alexa or google Assistant successfully becoming die Sonos controller instead, but it"s a good feature addition zu have weil das anyone with in Alexa-enabled device or google Assistant-device that wants voice control for their Play:1.

If freundin don"t have bei Alexa-enabled maker or google Assistant device and you desire voice control, you might want to consider ns Sonos One instead, especially as the £50 price difference betwee the Play:1 und Sonos One wollen need zu be spent on bei Echo dot or google Home Mini bei order to get voice manage functionality.

Sound quality und performance

Two class-D amplifiers1x tweeter, 1x mid-woofer

In terms of sound performance, there ist a remarkable difference in the capability von the Play:1 contrasted to ns next speaker in the Sonos heat up, the Play:3, yet then punkt £100 cheaper, that"s to be expected. Die Play:3 is deshalb no longer obtainable through Sonos anymore, like the Play:1 isn"t following die Sonos One SL launch, making the next speaker the Sonos Move, which zu sein significantly much more expensive. Die Play:1 ausblüten sounds great, offering die same sound high quality capabilities as die Sonos One und Sonos One SL.

The Sonos Play:1"s performance varies depending upon what room freundin put it bei but zum most UK homes, i.e. Small rooms, it is more 보다 ample to fill ns room through sound. In fact, that holds that own in larger rooms too. We discovered it functioned better hinweisen louder levels despite - a trait we"ve found with many von the Sonos play speakers in our experience.

Bass levels room rich on the Play:1 und the speaker copes well v trebles too. Us tried a number of bands und artists with the speaker including ns movie-bass-laden inception soundtrack, v to ns Rolling Stones, david Bowie, und all the latest graph releases.

If die sound feel a little off then sie do schutz some control over the equaliser settings including treble und bass as well as loudness through the Sonos app, und the Play:1 is deshalb compatible through Trueplay, which enables you to tune the speaker to its surroundings using in iOS device, also if its surroundings are in a cupboard. It"s worth removing any protective case you schutz over your device or you"ll schutz to Trueplay song twice.


The Sonos Play:1 ist a great little speaker the has dafür much potential beyond the speaker chin that we can"t introduce it sufficient as a starting place kommen sie embrace the Sonos system - if you tun können get her hands top top it. That said, six years adhering to its launch and it"s gott some severe competition, v its biggest rival comes from ns more feature-rich Sonos One, also as ns Sonos One SL i m sorry isn"t smart like ns Sonos One yet it offers the latest functions and in updated design.

For those enticed über voice control, die Sonos Play:1 zu sein outshined über the £50-more high value Sonos One, which not only offers incorporated voice control weil das the One chin but any kind of other Sonos speakers sie have, while also bringing touch controls and a much more streamlined design compared to the older Play:1.

For those notfall interested in seamless voice regulate however, or those that already have in Alexa-enabled or google Assistant-enabled device, the Play:1 zu sein a perfect speak to anfang embracing ns Sonos system, or adding to bei existing Sonos system - if you tun können get her hands top top it. Die voiceless Sonos One SL has taken that place. The Play:1 doesn"t sound as great as ns Play:3 or portable Sonos relocate but ns Play:1 ist about getting die most out des your music streaming leistungen without spending a fortune bei doing so.

Expect music an your house zu multiply very quickly und for good reason: die Sonos Play:1 ist great.

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This review was firstpublished inOctober2013and has due to the fact that been updated zu reflect the current market.