Sony Xperia Xz Premium Kamera

The Xperia XZ Premium is Sony’s present flagship smartphone und comes v a 19MP 1/2.3-inch image sensor that ist based top top Sony’s 3-layer stack technologyfor smartphones, permitting for in der nähe des readout speeds und a 960 fps slow-moving motion videobilien mode that kann sein record 720p footage. In addition thetechnology reduces die rolling shutter effect an both ausblüten images and video. Various other imaging features encompass alaser-assisted AF, in RGBC-IR sensor zum natural shade rendering und Sony’s SteadyShot 5-axis digital videos stabilization.

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Key camera specifications:

4K videos support960 fps super-slow motionISO up to 12,800 (Photo) und 4,000 (Video)

Test summary

For a traditional single-camera design, die Sony Xperia XZ Premium does a good job of capturing both ausblüten images und video, yet without breaking any new ground or seriously daunting our benchmark leaders. Its poor performance top top our neu Zoom and Bokeh prüfung pulls down its all at once score. Die camera does have several fix up features, however, including a 960 fps mode zum super-slow motion videos that assist it stand out. On the plus side, die XZ Premium features reasonably strong autofocus performance for both photography and video, as well as very an excellent stabilization weil das video.

Bright light

The XZ Premium walk a good job with exposure in bright light, however suffers rather from restricted dynamic range and a susceptibility to flare that affects that performance bei back-lit or harshly lit scenes. Users will be rewarded with better bildern if they tun können get die sun out of the framework as much as possible. XZ Premium images deshalb sometimes endure from subtle color casts, even bei good light conditions.

Overall, die XZ Premium does a great job an bright light, through generally great exposures, as long as the lighting ist controlled und even, as an this scene.

Low-light shooting

Indoor lighting gives the XZ Premium part trouble with exposure, und its minimal dynamic range so causes blown-out to mark areas in our high-dynamic-range scenes. Indoor scenes sometimes suffer indigenous slight shade shading as well.


You tun können see the slight shade shading bei the zoomed-in areas of this test scene, shot under 100 Lux tungsten lighting (typical von the irradiate provided von residential glow lamps).

Flash performance

Flash photos room adequate, with precise white balance in flash-only scene — although under-exposure is an issue. An addition, photos experienced from clearly shows noise and poor detail preservation. Flash exposures are deshalb inconsistent, occasionally varying native frame zu frame in low light.


This flash-only step shows accurate white balance, although ns exposure ist a little low. If sie click with to the full-size version des this image you can see that there are difficulties with color noise and poor detail preservation.


As illustrated über its overall video score of 84, die XZ Premium has fairly well-rounded video performance. An particular, that has reliable stabilization and generally good target exposures. However, its videos performance is marred von inconsistencies in sharpness when, zum example, the user zu sein walking if recording. While walking indoors, white balance can also be inconsistent. In addition, die XZ Premium has a tendency zu refocus even wie man it isn’t needed.

Photo sub-scores explained

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium achieves an overall picture score of 82, which zu sein calculated from its sub-scores in tests the examine different aspects von its power under various lighting conditions. An this section, we’ll take it a closer look weist these image quality sub-scores.

The XZ Premium go a good job of giving accurate exposures bei most cases, although it tun können underexpose slightly at home or in low light. The contrast jahrgangsstufen are reduced because it has limited dynamic range compared to some other similar phones.

While the exposure is good in this image, shadow einzelheiten is sacrificed because die camera can’t capture ns high dynamic range of the scene.

The sich entschuldigen iPhone 7 Plus does a better job of preserving ns natural color und detail in the same scene.

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In general, the XZ Premium walk a good job of er hob colors outdoors, back sometimes even outdoor bild suffer from a slight shade cast. Indoor images often experience from a slight pink shade cast.

There is so a very slight pink cast in some indoor scenes caught with ns XZ Premium, such as this one of in interior hallway lit with fluorescent lamps.

Accurate autofocus bei good light is one of the strengths von the XZ Premium, giving it quite a an excellent score bei this category. An low light, however, just some images in our repetitive shooting testen are completely an focus.

When given 2 seconds between defocusing und triggering a shot, the XZ Premium refocuses consistently and accurately. When ns interval zu sein reduced zu a half-second, bei some cases die camera ist unable kommen sie refocus conveniently enough, and the image is caught out von focus.

Texture / detail (68)


Sony Xperia XZ Premium


The XZ Premium suffers native texture er hob irregularities across die visual field, i m sorry detracts indigenous overall image quality. This zu sein particularly true in low light. Similarly, noise power suffers bei low light when there ist motion in the scene or if ns camera move while gift held.

If freundin click v to the full-size ausführung you’ll seen high levels von medium-grain luminance noise.

The XZ Premium suffers from a number des significant bild artifacts. Ns most significant zu sein flare in brightly-lit or back-lit scenes. However, lens shading, ringing, und some distortion deshalb contribute zu a short score here.

The XZ Premium has trouble through back-lit scenes, showing nach oben as too much flare.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium


The XZ Premium’s flash power has comparable characteristics both wie man flash ist used as the sole irradiate source and when it ist mixed with a short level von indoor light. An both cases, exposure is good (although contempt low wie man flash zu sein the only light), as zu sein the white balance. There is also relatively wenig light fall-off when ns camera’s flash ist paired with some approximately light. However, the images suffer indigenous a lack des detail und from solid noise. Wie man flash is the just light source, there is deshalb some visible color shading. Another issue is that exposure varied from frame to frame in our recurring shooting tests.

For the end scenes, die relatively high resolution des the hauptsächlich camera assisted provide die XZ Premium with solid results. Noise performance is acceptable, yet there is some loss of detail. In lower light, though, the didn’t perform and phones with larger pixels or quicker lenses.

Bokeh mode (20)

With its small sensor, ns Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a relatively big depth of field und it also doesn’t schutz any computational imaging features to improve ns way the image renders out-of-focus areas. So it ist not how amazing to see that it has a negative Bokeh sub-score.

Video Sub-scores

The Sony Xperia Premium XZ achieves a total Video score of 84. As with die photo scores, this ist calculated from ns sub-scores the achieves in a number des categories of tests that assist define that is overall videobilien capabilities, specifically: Exposure und Contrast (73), color (79), Autofocus (78), structure (47), Noise (69), artefacts (80), and Stabilization (87). Of particular note, videos clips nur noticeable ringing, and there is some inconsistency bei frame rate, and also some judder, that impacted ns Artifacts sub-score.

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Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium attributes a capable smartphone camera that gets the arbeit done — especially in good light — yet which doesn’t rise to ns heights of the top phones from various other manufacturers. In particular, it is sensitive zu harsh lighting problems outdoors, and finicky in low light und indoor situations. Video performance is deshalb competent, however marred über problems v loss des detail. Die stacked sensor does allow die XZ Premium to support a novel 960 fps slow-motion mode, however even weist 19MP, that doesn’t produce overall better bild or video than many other phones with lower or similar-resolution sensors.