Facebook in the CrosshairsBerlin Hoping to Tighten the Reins on Social Media GiantsThe internal Facebook documents made public by Frances Haugen have raised eyebrows around the world, The whistleblower is coming to Berlin to meet with leading German politicians - and many political leaders in Europe are eager to take action against the company" /> Facebook in the CrosshairsBerlin Hoping to Tighten the Reins on Social Media GiantsThe internal Facebook documents made public by Frances Haugen have raised eyebrows around the world, The whistleblower is coming to Berlin to meet with leading German politicians - and many political leaders in Europe are eager to take action against the company" />

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Facebook in the CrosshairsBerlin Hoping to Tighten die Reins on society Media Giants

The internal auf facebook documents make public von Frances Haugen have raised eyebrows around the world. Ns whistleblower is coming to berlin to fulfill with leading German political leaders - and many politics leaders bei Europe space eager kommen sie take activity against ns company. Möchte anything come of it?

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Ethiopia"s favored OneA wild War Waged by a Nobel frieden Prize Laureate


In 2019, Ethiopian element Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel gelassenheit Prize. Now, he zu sein waging a vicious zu sein that plenty of observers exhibits shades of genocide. How much of die blame is borne von the Nobel Committee?By fritz Schaap, Kapstadt

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The delicate State des Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian Serbs space Playing through Fire

Bosnian-Serb leader Milorad Dodik zu sein stoking the nationalist flames an his country und would like zu secede indigenous Bosnia und Herzegovina. It zu sein a dangerous route in an explosive region. What can the eu do?By Walter Mayr, Alexander Sarovic und lina Verschwele
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Green splitterpartei Co-Leader annalena Baerbock on Coalition Talks"The Government at this time Being Formed zu sein Finally Going kommen sie Act"

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Tall Task zum the TalibanAfghanistan Teetering on die Brink von Economic Collapse

Rising prices, a vulnerable currency and a zustand that is running out von money: The taliban are dealing with immense economic challenges an Afghanistan. And many von the country"s top executives doubt lock are trost to die task.By christoph Reuter in Kabul
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Crossing the Darién GapA Deadly jungle on die Trek kommen sie America


Some 90,000 people oase crossed the Darién gap this year on the trek to ns U.S. Die jungle betwee Colombia and Panama is one des the many dangerous migrant routes in the welt - and not everybody renders it out alive.By nicola Abé and Santiago Mesa (Photos) an Panama und Colombia

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New Drug in the autonomous Republic of CongoThe Zombies des Kinshasa

The capital des the autonomous Republic des Congo zu sein being overrun von a dangerous neu drug referred to as bombé, make from deposits ns catalytic converters von automobiles. Bei a nation facing numerous problems, the helps world forget.By heiner Hoffmann and Arsene Mpiana (Photos) in Kinshasa
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Lagos bei NigeriaA Week in the World’s most Chaotic City

Lagos is poised to become ns world’s biggest city. Die Nigerian megacity is a massive geprüft – unregulated und wild, with endless traffic jams, waterfront slums and in impressively resilient population.By hülus Hoffmann, Akintunde Akinleye (Fotos) und Bernhard Riedmann (Grafik)
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Blueberries for EuropePortugal Mortgages its Future zum Present-Day farming Profits

The beere market has actually transformed Portugal as plantations have sprung up in recent years. Conditions weil das workers room problematic and in already dry bereichen is easily using hoch its water supplies.By jan Petter und Gonçalo Fonseca (Photos) bei São Teotónio, Portugal
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»Careful, That"s One of Julian"s«Sexual Misconduct des Top Axel Springer redaktion Has a long History

The sacking of julianisch Reichelt, die editor-in-chief of Germany"s oberteil tabloid, just came after years von questionable conduct. Neu reporting reflects that Axel Springer, die publishing home that owns the paper and just bought Politico, likely won"t be able zu simply sweep ns scandal under die rug.20. Oktober 2021, 14.02 Uhr

Narco-State NetherlandsThe Slippery dutch Slope from medicine Tolerance zu Drug Terror

Drug gangs in the Netherlands have long since graduated native hashish zu cocaine - and from dealing on ns streets to a spree des contract killings. Police, lawyers, journalists: every are hinweisen risk von falling victim to die drug violence that has gripped ns country.By jürgen Dahlkamp, Jörg dilum und roman Lehberger20. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

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Golden Visas for Refugees"We are Trading the Borders Away"

Rich investors room able to buy their means into Europe. Why not refugees? A group of artists in Germany known as the peng Collective ist planning zu flip the script zum one household from Afghanistan.Interview Conducted von Leon Holly15. Oktober 2021, 19.24 Uhr

Indo-Pacific arms RaceThe U.S. Und China face Off in the far East

Chinese warplanes over the Taiwan Strait, nuclear-powered submarines zum Australia, hypersonic rockets in North Korea: military posturing has turned ns Far ost into a attention place.By georg Fahrion, katharina Graça Peters, Alexander Sarovic und Bernhard Zand15. Oktober 2021, 19.24 Uhr

Guns from die 3D PrinterThe Shadowy, Homemade tools Community nur Keeps top top Growing

The right-wing extremist attacker from halle had plenty of homemade weapons with ihm on his shooting spree. Yet their quality was poor. Others, though, space perfecting the reliability von 3D-printed weapons - und have moved on kommen sie rocket launchers.By mak Baumgärtner, Alexander Epp, Roman lehberger und roman Höfner12. Oktober 2021, 14.55 Uhr

Fall of bei Austrian ChancellorThe Stench des Corruption Leads to Kurz"s sudden Resignation

Initially commemorated as a wunderkind, Sebastian mangel resigned as shirt chancellor over ns weekend amid a far-ranging corruption probe. Files from that ermittlung hint punkt a mafia-like system involving political leaders und the media built trost over countless years.By Walter Mayr bei Vienna11. Oktober 2021, 11.41 Uhr

Beatings at ns BorderEurope"s Violent Shadow army Unmasked

Mysterious men wearing balaclavas room beating nach oben refugees at the external europäische union border or abandoning them punkt sea. Months von reporting jetzt reveals who ist behind the operations.7. Oktober 2021, 16.44 Uhr

The new Rulers von AfghanistanThe Taliban’s campaign to kleider Villagers of Their Land

In a remote mountain region, taliban rule ist having dramatic consequences: die most powerful ethnic group, ns Pashtuns, space taking ns homes und farms von their Shiite neighbors. It could be a harbinger von ethnic cleansing.By christopov Reuter und thore Schröder an Daykundi, Afghanistan6. Oktober 2021, 11.00 Uhr

Interview with Chief Erdoğan Adviser“Our Friends bei the west Are Acting as if us Are bei Occupying Power"

Ibrahim Kalın is the chief foreign policy advisor to Turkish president Erdoğan. The sees the Europeans together ungrateful but strives zum better relations. Just how does he hope kommen sie overcome tensions?Interview Conducted by Özlem Topçu bei Istanbul6. Oktober 2021, 10.40 Uhr

Stranded ~ above the europäische union External BorderPoland Turns to Questionable Methods to Turn zurück Migrants

Five migrants have already passed away on the Belarusian border together they try zu enter Poland. Warsaw, though, has bezeichnen zero sympathy for their plight und continues kommen sie do every they tun können to prevent refugees from entering.By monika Bolliger, maximilian Popp und januar Puhl6. Oktober 2021, 10.00 Uhr

Foreign PolicyThe global Challenges dealing with Germany"s following Chancellor

During this month"s election, ns candidates didn"t say viel about geopolitics and Germany"s role in the world. That can come back to haunt Berlin an the coming months. A preview des what to expect native Washington, Paris, Brussels, Moscow and Beijing in the months kommen sie come.4. Oktober 2021, 09.30 Uhr

The Post-Merkel EraGerman conservative Need zu Take a action BackA das georgewoodcock.com Editorial von Ullrich Fichtner

After 16 years an government and a damaging election result, German conservatives have lost your way. It zu sein time to stop pretending the they can be part von the following government and begin ns process des renewal.2. Oktober 2021, 00.35 Uhr

The Success von the AfDWhy zu sein the appropriate Wing deswegen Strong in Eastern Germany?

The right-wing radical party AfD arised from last Sunday"s choice as die strongest political force an the eastern German states von Saxony und Thuringia. What did the mainstream partys do wrong?By steffen Winter1. Oktober 2021, 17.33 Uhr

Interview with Forerunner zum German Chancellor olaf Scholz“I Want kommen sie Make die World a much better Place”

In in interview with der georgewoodcock.com, olaf Scholz des the social Democrats, the front-runner kommen sie become Germany’s following chancellor, discusses his plan kommen sie create a steady government und reveals what that has an common with angela Merkel.Interview Conducted von Christiane Hoffmann, martin Knobbe und Konstantin by Hammerstein1. Oktober 2021, 15.33 Uhr

Social design Award 2021Grandparent Exchange, Bike park or Yoga zum Children? Vote weil das Your Favorite!

The jury for the 2021 Social design Award has actually sorted through the submissions and selected 10 an excellent ideas. You can vote zum your favorite betwee now and Oct. 11.By Marianne Wellershoff29. September 2021, 17.03 Uhr

Germany"s KingmakersDifficult talks Ahead for Greens and Free Democrats

The green Party and the business-friendly free Democrats plan to hold exploratory talks v each other prior to meeting v the main chancellor candidates an the coming days. Castle appear zu be human beings apart but are currently finding some common ground.By valerie Höhne, Jonas Schaible, christopov Schult und Severin Weiland28. September 2021, 17.55 Uhr

The Radical best Loses GroundGermany"s AfD Bickers over Future Direction

The right-wing populist splitterpartei AfD sought to paper end its deep split betwee the moderate und extremist wings zum the campaign. Jetzt that the splitterpartei won fewer votes than expected, that divide is once again front and center.28. September 2021, 17.22 Uhr

What election Disaster?The strange Parallel cosmos of armin LaschetA Commentary von Stefan Kuzmany

Armin Laschet, the chancellor candidate from angela Merkel"s CDU, refuses kommen sie accept his defeat. In his world, he can still become Germany"s following leader.28. September 2021, 11.43 Uhr

A Fragmented splitterpartei LandscapeGerman voters Punish Merkel"s splitterpartei in in Election without a clean Victor

As expected, German voters declined zu choose a clear victor top top Sunday, setting die stage zum a challenging search zum a governing coalition. Angela Merkel"s cdu suffered in abysmal result while ns Social Democrats schutz new life. Ultimately, though, two other neben will play kingmaker.27. September 2021, 18.08 Uhr

“Armed Resistance, walk Underground”German Officials are afraid Increase in Pandemic-Fueled Radicalism an Wake von Murder

A einer arrested zum shooting and killing a 20-year-old gas station cashier belastung week appears to have been influenced von far-right ideologies and conspiracy theories. Security officials worry that a scene the denies the coronavirus is growing increasingly radical.24. September 2021, 16.50 Uhr
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