Due to the current situation, us ask you zu avoid any personal contact.

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Please only contact ns administrative offices und the dienstleistungen Desk von phone or email. An ext information kann be found here.

At die moment, please only call your caretaker von phone or try to settle her request by a damage report und leavinga phone call number zum further inquiries. Our caretakers wollen currently only attend zu damage reports and enter ns room or common flat bei urgent situations (e.g. Energie failure, water damage, blockages, heater failure).

When applying weil das a room or flat, sie are put on a wait list. Please use online for a room or flat und read hoch about our halls of residence, the waiting periods and rent before applying.

If you need to find a room quickly, please use our private Accommodation Service. Here, new offers from private landlords space put online several zeit a day.

Also, you can find additional accommodation on our website.

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If you want kommen sie change her choice of halls von residence (only feasible once whithin one year after applying) please send in email to: wohnen-bewerbung

There zu sein always ns danger of internet fraud, deshalb please execute NOT lieferung money bei advance (for rent, defense deposit etc). Fraudsters tempt freundin with payable offers and demand ns deposit in advance.

Affordable studentaccommodation is not easy kommen sie findin Munich and surrounding areas. For this reason, ns Student gewerkschaftler offers its students virtually 11,000 rooms und apartments bei Munich, Freising and Rosenheim.

The typical monthly rent zum a einzel student accommodation is € 291.90. Waiting periods are bolzen one und five semesters, escape on the hall des residence.

Our bureaucratic offices room responsible weil das our halls of residence an Munich, Freising and Rosenheim. You can find more information here.

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For any kind of questions about student housing please contact our dienstleistungen Desk. Click here zum more info about the leistungen Desk and contact details.







Studentenwerk München

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