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Head downstairs into die basement.

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Your first surprise ist harmless und comes just inside the boiler room (we cannot wait till we’re allowed to shoot that old lady). Jene get interesting after sie enter the dissection room. Wie you head downstairs kommen sie work your means around to the body, you’ll fulfill a neu type of molded — we’re going kommen sie call this a crawling molded, because it sticks close to die ground. This are faster than ns ambulatory molded and have a habit von jumping punkt you, but their heads are just as shootable.

Continue around to ns other side von the dissection room and investigate the deputy’s body. There’s no sugar-coating it. You going zu do precisely what Lucas’ authorize says, but, hey look, you gott the snake key.

Exit die room. There space two crawling molded draw close from the left, und there’s one more coming punkt you from her right. Rückseitig into the dissection room kommen sie let die doorway funnel them into your line von fire. Yes one much more crawling molded waiting zum you close to your exit, which zu sein to ns right of the room with ns cop’s corpse.

Master bedroom

Your zuerst destination zu sein the master bedroom — it’s behind the snake door at the top von the stairs on die right side von the taste hall. Lucas has actually made dinge interesting, though, and there are now two molded hike the zuerst floor des the hauptsächlich hall.

obtain upstairs und into the master bedroom. You’re blieb not allowed zu shoot grandma , however there’s a gewächs to pick nach oben here.

a green herb bei the drawer right bei front von grandmasome shotgun shells under die chair to die left des hera lock pick an the orange box on die vanitysome handgun ammo in the wardrobe

The note von the clock lets you recognize what zu do next — set die clock to ns same time as ns other clocks an the house. Feel free to run zurück to the zuerst floor von the hauptsächlich hall to find die answer if you want. The answer ist 10:15. Setting the correct time on ns clock wollen move the bed out des the way and reveal a hidden staircase.

Before sie go down, though, head into the storage room enclosed to the master bedroom. Yes sir lots zu grab.

a new treasure photograph for bei upcoming location on your left top top a stool bei the corneranother backpack — which either increases ns size of your existing inventory von four slots or, together we prefer to think of it, you nur wear 2 backpackssome neuro rounds for your grenade launcher behind ns painting of an angel on die right (you may schutz to pop some psychostimulants zu find these)a green herb on die shelves von the door

Take ns stairs all die way down und into die truly horrifying room at ns bottom. As quickly as sie walk in, get ns handgun ammo from the cabinet on your right, climate grab the red keycard. Now you’re free to leave. Nur be cautious on your means out — yes sir a new pair von molded waiting weil das you ideal near the stairs out.

Kid’s room

Stash whatever sie want in the for sure room, then make your way upstairs to die Lucas’ room — it’s across die hall from ns recreation room. You kann sein leave the red keycard (for now) and the treasure picture to free trost space. Try not to think too much about all ns new black mold on her way.

Sweep ns room weil das items:

Just inside ns door, there space some shotgun shells under ns dresser on your left chem fluid in die cabinet following to the bed supplements ~ above top of the wait conditionera lock pick in the small urn on ns shelf to die right of the waiting conditionera green herb to ns left des the (broken) piano

There space two notes an Lucas’ room that hint at bei entrance to ns attic. You’re probably going to stumble top top the button during your sweep des the room, but if freundin missed it, check ns lamp over by the waiting conditioner. Advertise the button will lower in ladder to die attic.

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The attic

At ns top von the ladder, turn approximately immediately kommen sie find die next Mr. Everywhere. Turn zurück around und open ns cabinet zu find ns Happy date of birth tape. Rotate right and head rückseitig into the corner zum a pair more sachen to pick nach oben — the toy axe and model shotgun. (There’s so a contract on ns floor that answers Ethan’s earlier question about who "built this shit.") As sie approach the neu shadow puzzle, there will be part strong chem fluid on the shelves zu your left.

If you’re running out von room (we were at this point), stash anything you want in your inventory boxen downstairs and return here. We’ll use both of those wood items an just a minute, yet there’s one an ext thing zu do up here first.

Spin ns sculpture around until the fills the silhouette — it’s in executioner — und unlocks the dollhouse to die right. Choose up ns blue keycard and you done hoch here.

Lucas möchte call freundin on your method out von the house, however don’t leave rather yet. Swap out ns broken shotgun with the wooden toy shotgun you uncovered upstairs. Stash it weil das now — we’ll find another repair kit shortly.


wie man you get back outside, save your total drawn. There room a few crawling molded wandering the end there now. Stay on the porch kommen sie keep them in view — lock are an extremely hard to keep monitor of bei the weeds — und snip weist them native a distance. Or, if freundin prefer, entice them nach oben to the porch and use her shotgun.

On ns ground, turn left und head to ns corner von the yard closest to the house. Yes sir a surprise gap in the weeds you can pass through kommen sie find another shadow puzzle. Use the wooden axe to make a zero seven and the chest nearby wollen unlock, giving sie a stabilizer shot. Use it immediately zu decrease ns time the takes you kommen sie reload her weapons.

Head into ns trailer zu save and clean nach oben your inventory, climate it’s time zu watch that Happy date of birth tape.

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Now the you’re safe in the trailer (which is a phrase we never ever expected kommen sie write), it’s time to watch that Happy Birthday tape. This is another flashback that will so teach you how kommen sie get through ns next section. It’s so super disturbing, which is par for the course in Resident evil 7 biohazard. Coulrophobics beware!

This maßband documents the fate des everyone’s favourite cameraman, Clancy. Transforms out, Lucas had actually a bit des a test zum him (and way too much time ~ above his hands).

~ Lucas’ introduction, get rid of every instinct in your brain and approach ns corpse-clown. Take die candle from his hand. Now, obviously, this no going zu be as simple as just walking in and placing die candle on die cake, yet you oase to walk through the motions kommen sie trigger another speech indigenous Lucas.

After the sprayers in the doorway extinguish your candle, stay in the cake room and head toward the barrel.

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Take die winding vital which has the unfortunate side-effect of spilling whatever was inside all over the floor, however that couldn’t maybe be a bad thing, right? Take klasse of die locked boxen on ns wall, but you can’t carry out anything through that until freundin find the glyphs to offen it.