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Bette und Tina are zurück together again. Well, sorta. Sunday’s episode of Showtime’s The l Word: GenerationQ staged a reunion that was a decade in the making together Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman reunited onscreen, with the latter making <…>


The wie Word: Generation Q.>

Bette und Tina are back together again. Well, sorta.

Du schaust: The l word bette

Sunday’s episode des Showtime’s The wie Word: GenerationQ staged a reunion that was a decade in the making as Jennifer Beals und Laurel Holloman reunited onscreen, with ns latter make a surprised guest appearance kommen sie reprise herstellung role as Bette’s ex-wife, Tina Kennard.

“It felt very surreal,” says Holloman, who retired native acting und has been prospering as a painter zum much von the te since the original collection wrapped.

It has been an ext than a decade since audiences saw the fan favorite, on-again, off-again original L Word couple together. Bette und Tina’s often turbulent relationship finished with die couple in a an excellent place together they were last seen raising their daughter, Angie, together, und heading for New York to legally tie ns knot. However, Generation Q revealed the Bette and Tina had actually recently divorced and were co-parenting Angie. The freshman Showtime drama from original series creator Ilene Chaiken und showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan revealed shortly afterward that Tina surprisingly left Bette und fell in love through someone else. “That was one thing we really had to work on zu do very quickly — zu fill in all the gaps,” Beals toldThe hollywood Reporter in a joint interview with Holloman ahead des Sunday’s episode.

The divorce was a result of Holloman’s schedule. She was in Paris wie man Generation Q started production, and the former actress und Beals — who remain fiercely protective of the iconic pair — operated with Ryan and Chaiken to kommen sie up with ns storyline. “It was a schädlich because i do co-parent,” Holloman speak THR.

Although Tina’s existence looms in Generation Q — Bette has been zeigen having call with her ex — Sunday’s episode was the zuerst time Holloman showed up onscreen during the new show. “I bei der constantly imagining her,” Beals says von scenes in which Tina has actually been affiliated but never ever seen or heard. “She’s bei my DNA.”

Tina’s return come as Bette found herself an hot water, having pushed ns husband des a woman with whom she had in affair down the stairs an a bid to protect Angie (Jordan Hull). Bette, who ist running for mayor of los Angeles, finds herself swarmed über the press und begins kommen sie consider dropping out von the race. Tina, as she has always done zum Bette since the beginning von The wie Word, arrives at herstellung door kommen sie talk some sense into herstellung ex. “It was a great time zum me to land on ns porch,” Holloman claims with a laugh. Add to Beals: “Everybody was just a mess because it was so emotional to schutz Tina back. It was like, OK, we room finally family now.”

In in exclusive joint interview with THR, Beals and Holloman dig right into what it was like kommen sie reunite ~ above set, if Tina wollen play a larger role in the future des the series and the complexities of casting queer stern to pat queer roles.


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What was it like filming this episode?

Holloman:I oase another career and it’s to be eight or nine years since I schutz even acted punkt all. Ich felt prefer if ich was going kommen sie go back and act again, Jennifer ist the finest safety net bei the world. The felt an extremely surreal. It was like getting rückseitig on die bike again and then understanding that you’ve got this kollege with freundin that zu sein going kommen sie catch sie if freundin fall. There is something about the character that ist so bei both des our DNA that there ist always part truthful moment going on.

Beals: It was this odd emotion as if no time had actually passed und as if us were dreaming.

Holloman: the felt an extremely surreal.

Beals: It’s wonderful to schutz a scene kollege where you can just look at across hinweisen them and nothing has kommen sie be spoken, but you’ve lived this background together. Even though it’s in imaginary history, it’s a history that feel real. Having actually Laurel back as a scene kollege was important a dream. We went through deswegen many different dinge that were so intense, deswegen joyful und so painful. So, to nur be in the same scene through another person with whom you’ve live through deshalb much was nur a joy as bei actor.

Holloman: It’s rare to schutz that many years v someone und explore so many dynamics von a marriage und a breakup und children and family. It’s quite loaded.

Beals: That was one point we yes, really had to work on to do an extremely quickly — to fill in all die gaps — because when we left turn off everything was happy and wonderful; going off to neu York to be married and then we come rückseitig it’s like, OK now we space divorced and co-parenting.


How much of a role, if any, did sie both have in deciding Bette und Tina would certainly be divorced?

Beals:Laurel has actually a very vibrant, powerful career as a painter. So, it’s not as if she could come back an every episode; she has dinge that are systematic that she zu sein working on. It was clear early because of Laurel’s schedule. Kommen sie presume that somebody could even it is in a continual with the schedule is not possible. Climate it became about figuring out what die story was if die person kann sein come an for a minimal amount des time. Talking to Ilene und Marja, die storyline von co-parenting and complexities des co-parenting after ~ divorce ist interesting, so we dove in with that.

Holloman:It was a gift because i do co-parent. I oase been divorced from my kollege since my youngsters were 2 und 5. Und I oase a 15-year-old daughter, that was in my ship during the second season von the original show. It was a little complex an that Tina zu sein the one away and she’s going zum her career, which we haven’t quite seen. Ich was struggling v a details sort des abandonment, but ich thought, ‘Well, what’s the difference betwee a child going zu boarding school hinweisen 14?’ deshalb I felt favor she went at a time wherein it didn’t look to her deswegen much as abandonment, yet it so makes a huge statement top top how viel she trusts Bette as a co-parent und I believed that was in interesting dynamic.

What was it choose on set when you both reunited?

Beals: that felt giddy due to the fact that all von us to be together. Kate and Leisha , were there. Also though Leisha exits ns scene prior to Tina arrives, we were every there together deswegen it was just really fun catching up.

Holloman: It feel surreal and deja-vu-y. Hinweisen one point, Alice go out und I felt prefer we had nur done a scene like that favor it were yesterday.

Beals: the table read zum this episode was like no table check out I schutz ever to be at. People could not stop crying. There is the scene with Angie and Tina, and Leisha und I to be sitting next kommen sie each other und we to be crying so hard. Ich ran out des Kleenex und had zu use herstellung hoodie. Everybody was nur a mess due to the fact that it was so bewegt to oase Tina back. It was like, OK, we are finally family now. Die family zu sein together now.

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Holloman: I couldn’t look at over at them because ich could see them crying out of the corner des my appropriate eye. Ich was trying zu stay concentrated on Jordan. I thought i was walking to anfang crying, too.


What do freundin hope fan old und new take away from Bette and Tina’s reunion?

Beals:I hope the it’s this delicious reunion, und that they understand that these two people ausblüten love every other really much und there room all kinds des complex things that oase happened, yet that there ist a liebe there und there is a respect there und that they organize on zum the ride.

The ending von the episode zu sein very ambiguous. Will viewers seen more von Tina?

Beals: There need to be an ext Tina! It’s auch important of a storyline. I, as a producer, will take as viel of Laurel’s free time as ich possibly kann sein to it is in able zu tell that story, since it’s crucial.

Holloman: the is. It’s an interesting story. I’m a bit von a hopeless romantic, deshalb I expect they find a way kommen sie be together. But everything has kommen sie be earned. We oase to uncover out a little bit much more about who Tina is and what she’s to be doing und what’s walking on.

Would over there be a wahrscheinlichkeit for Tina, Bette, Alice und Shane zu all reunite bei a scene?

Beals: It’s tricky to get everyone together, die way ns show is set up right now, but we carry out our best kommen sie make those dinge happen. There are a last of sachen happening to make certain that all ns storylines are honored — und we don’t oase the set up of The planet anymore. And, von virtue von it being komm schon Angeles, where everybody has kommen sie drive zu get to everybody else’s house, it’s a bit an ext challenging. It’s not like civilization pop an on each other an L.A.

Looking back, exactly how do sie feel around Bette and Tina’s partnership during ns show’s initial run?

Holloman: It’s tricky since if you look punkt season five, there was this growth in Tina wherein she started zu find herself. Ilene and I talked about what a so late developer she was. An relationships, everybody is learning class all the time, and maybe it was a pattern where she got lost again. I deshalb think that when you have a child und you are immersed in raising the child punkt different times, various parents tun können get burned out. There must oase been other there whereby she feeling confident enough that she had put an so viel time und then it retained coming up for her the there was something missing for her. Being divorced weil das two years zu sein not long. You’re blieb raw; you’re still a little lost. So I think bei order kommen sie play Tina whereby she was now, ich had zu grab onto her feeling the she found something that she yes, really needed and it was validating — bolzen the job und the neu partner. Yet it could still be teil of produziert trying to find herself after a divorce.

Beals: indigenous Bette’s point des view, to have the divorce und then have Kitt’s death follow shortly after, it’s a one-two punch that she’s yes, really trying kommen sie get through, which makes the co-parenting even an ext challenging bei some ways.

Why do you think it ist important to nur a LGBTQ couple going through divorce to audiences?

Holloman: There was a storyline a wenig bit before that us were yes, really fighting. And Jen und I to be like, “We wouldn’t it is in doing this.” It’s good to have a enjoy that’s hopeful co-parenting. Ns most important thing wie you are co-parenting is the security und safety von your child.

Beals:What then becomes interesting ist that it kann look various from various points des view. So both parental think they room doing that, yet invariably there will be a conflict und that conflict zu sein interesting und is important, as a viewer, to be able zu watch the conflict and see just how it might reflect your very own or how sie may decide sie want kommen sie do dinge differently.


Given the industry’s push for authenticity when it comes to casting through gay actors play gay roles, what would the original series schutz looked prefer if it were made zum the first time today?
Beals: It’s tricky an the casting process because somebody comes an the room, und unless lock are totally out, sie can’t ask castle if they’re gay. You would schutz to oase somebody come in and declare who they were, und you don’t recognize where somebody is on their journey.

Holloman: ich think it takes away from the process von being in actor.

Beals: sie want civilization to have representation und you desire them to be able kommen sie fully tell their very own stories. Favor Kate, zum example. When we were doing ns original L Word,she wasn’t out und it would have been inappropriate zum anyone bei the casting room kommen sie ask. Due to the fact that it’s notfall up kommen sie them zu force her on produziert journey, on your calendar. That’s herstellung journey the she needs zu take. I hope years down ns line the it won’t matter, that everybody kann sein play everybody. But ich do think that it’s necessary to schutz representation. It’s trying to figure out how freundin do that bei the casting room; I am not sure how freundin do it and it’s something we struggled with zum sure.

What do freundin think des the present TV landscape and the strides that oase been made v LGBTQ stories? Which reflects do sie think room doing it right und what hurdles do you think room left?

Holloman:I nur finished watching The Affair and the son is out and gay und his boyfriend comes to ns house und sleeps over. There’s just like an openness, und I want to see more of that. Ich want children to see that there are deswegen many various ways the you kann be and be open and be out und it’s notfall a negativ storyline, it’s a positive storyline. Not the bullying storyline. Nur moving v your dreams, your desires, your relationships. The was just the erste show that came kommen sie mind, yet there are more. Ns thing that i wasn’t seeing, and I think Jennifer would agree, zu sein stories about lesbian women. Ich didn’t feel choose there was another L Word, ich didn’t lakers anything choose that.

Beals: It’s vital to have all kinds von representations des what love looks like. It’s important zum every generation kommen sie know the they can express their love in many ways und that it’s notfall punitive.

What kind of impact do freundin hope die revivalwill have on die LGBTQ community and today’s generation?

Beals: We’re in a various time. I want people to be may be to lakers themselves reflected, even if it is it is imperfectly or perfectly; that there zu sein some type of mirror there. Mine hope is that, if given a 2nd season, us get to go further with those stories.

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Holloman: In the episode, i think there’s a gelegenheit to so show characters and how they room parenting through their daughter und their daughter’s zuerst love. Going zurück to what Jennifer said around everybody seeing representation des themselves, native parent to child. This zu sein a part von the story I bei der very interested in.