Tornado In Deutschland 2019

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Authorities doubt a sturm hit the stadt of Bocholt, phibìc Rhine-Westphalia, Germany so late June 4, 2019, causing far-ranging damage. One more round von severe thunderstorms ist expected today.

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Severe thunderstorms swept over parts des France, Beneluxand Germany ~ above June 4, bringing wind gusts in excess von 100 km/h (62 mph).

At this point, ns worst impacted appears zu be the stadt of Bocholt where a suspected tornado touched under late June 4, overturning punkt least one car and damaging others, uprooting around 100 trees and damaging weist least 9 houses. One person was contempt injured, the city spokesman said.

Eine #Tornado ziehen heute nacht über #Bocholt. Um herum 90 feuerwehrleute waren in dem Einsatz, es kam kommen sie massivem Sachschaden. Personen wurden no verletzt.

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sat1nrw) June 5, 2019

"Schwere Schäden: Windhose wütet bei Teilen über Bocholt" - #Bocholt - mehr auf

— Made in Bocholt (
madeinbocholt) June 5, 2019

Although some experts and news portals are already reporting an EF-2 tornado, the German Weather leistungen (DWD) is ausblüten analyzing the data.

Strong and destructive tornadoes are not unusual in this part des Germany.

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Another round von severe thunderstorms ist expected to hit the region Wednesday night, June 5.

Severe Weather Europe meteorologists issued Moderate und Enhanced risks for ENE France, e Benelux into w Germany v threat for severe storms, capable of producing severe winds, large to very large hail, torrential rainfall through flash floods und tornadoes, precious June 6.

Widespread convective storms space expected within the strongly unstable und moderately sheared setting ahead von the front. Similar kommen sie a work before, scattered supercell storms initiation zu sein likely during the mid-afternoon hours. A favorable LL shear und helicity have to again build threat zum tornadic storms together well. Storms wollen likely merge right into clusters with bowing segments towards the evening hours while dispersing NNE-wards.


Image credit: major Weather Europe


DWD meteorologist andreas Friedrich claimed their analysis confirms a sturm hit the stadt of Bocholt. "It ist the fifth tornado in Germany this year," he told CNN.

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City authorities claimed it was a medium-strength tornado. A total des 9 houses were damaged und about 100 trees uprooted. Roof tiles to be swirled around, windows und winter gardens damaged, and one automobile thrown 10 ns (32.8feet) in the air, lock said.