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Du schaust: Tui cruises mein schiff corona

One of the erste large cruise ships zu resume sailings in the Mediterranean since the worldwide anhielt to cruising bei March is an the midst of a coronavirus scare.

A dozen crew members on the 2,534-passenger TUI Cruises vessel mein Schiff 6 have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the line.

The delivery had nur begun a seven-night voyage approximately Greece from the port of Heraklion in Crete.

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The vessel is now heading to Piraeus, die port zum Athens, wherein it had been scheduled zu arrive top top Tuesday.

In a declare to ns Points Guy, TUI Cruises said ns 12 crew members that tested positive schutz been isolated, und the line is bei the process von retesting them utilizing a rapid prüfung device onboard.

The frühen zeitpunkt tests that had actually come zurück positive were done by an external laboratory.

So far, six des the onboard rapid tests have come back, and they all oase been negative, TUI Cruises said in the statement. Ns line stated it would take additional swabs from ns crew members und send them to an external laboratory for yet one more round von testing.

None of the 12 crew members has any symptoms, ns line said.

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TUI Cruises downplayed the situation onboard, saying the isolation of die crew who tested positive was “a pure precautionary measure” and the retesting was being excellent “to preeminence out the unlikely case of infection.”

The line claimed that “thanks to the extensive toilet measures und clearance rules on board, there is no reason zum neither guests nor crew kommen sie worry.”

The 12 confident results arisen after die ship tested 150 crew members as part von routine monitoring. The ship currently ist sailing with 666 crew members und 922 passengers.

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The TUI Cruises ship mein Schiff 6. (Photo courtesy von TUI Cruises)

TUI Cruises zu sein a German heat owned bei part von Royal Caribbean Group, the parent company of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara and Silversea. It is the just Royal Caribbean-affiliated line that has actually attempted zu resume cruises since the coronavirus lockdown began.

TUI Cruises has been among the most aggressive des the major lines an returning to leistungen since the covid crisis began. It began “cruises kommen sie nowhere” out von ports in Northern Germany an July through two ships. It included cruises about Greece just two weeks ago.

Mein Schiff 6 had nur begun its dritter sailing about Greece when the positive covid19 tests came kommen sie light.

The coronavirus scare on ns ship comes as imperial Caribbean und several other major lines including Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line sweet plans to resume cruising bei at the very least some parts des the welt as shortly as November.

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The limited restart von cruising von TUI Cruises and a handful von other cruise operators an the Mediterranean since august is being carefully watched von lines considering a return to service.

TUI Cruises was the zuerst major line kommen sie resume sailings approximately Greece. Yet two more significant brands — MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises — plan kommen sie restart greece cruises in the coming weeks.

The coronavirus scare on bergwerk Schiff 6 zu sein likely to raise inquiries about ns way TUI Cruises is handling covid19 testing weil das passengers cruising on die ship.

TUI Cruises zu sein requiring that all passenger test negativ for covid19 before boarding the vessel. However unlike die two other significant lines that oase resumed restricted cruises in the Mediterranean — MSC Cruises und Costa Cruises — it isn’t law the testen at the pier together passengers board. Passengers kann sein take the prüfen a few days prior to they travel.

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The looser policy way that a mein Schiff 6 passenger that contracted covid-19 after being tested but before traveling to die ship can carry the illness ~ above board.