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Recorded as soon as a month in front von a 400-strong theatre audience, TV Noir mixes new faces with created artists to create an intense but fun two-hour music program. Und it is taking berlin by storm.

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TV Noir zu sein recorded at die Heimathafen Theater in Berlin.

TV Noir is the brainchild des musician and music journalisten Tex Drieschner, who started ns format as in informal get-together for friends three years ago.

As native spread and TV Noir came to be increasingly popular, production von the when monthly program relocated from ns upstairs room des the cafe Edelweis to ns larger Heimathafen Theater in Neukölln, where it regularly hosts part 400 guest who come to lakers two bands or musicians take to the stage weil das exclusive, stripped under performances.

Shot bei stark black and white, and simulcast on both ns TV Noir website and on cultural television channel zdf Kultur, TV Noir has seen large names from ns German music scene - think ClickClickDecker, Wir zu sein Helden und Jupiter jones - play on phase with rising neu talent. Die mix creates bei intimate, interesting musical experience.

Tex ist the program"s host und interviewer, a friendly fixture on ns TV Noir couch. That recently met with deutsche Welle to talk around his show, which has actually grown bei size but ausblüten retains its impromptu, life room vibe.

Deutsche Welle: What are freundin looking weil das when freundin book bands weil das TV Noir?

Tex: We have two distinct slots.We schutz the A Slot und the ns Slot. For the A Slot we"re looking zum famous name but still very interesting and edgy. Weil das the musician playing in the b Slot, it"s an advantage if no one knows them. Ns whole point des TV Noir zu sein that we emphasis on die person and the voice. Deshalb we look zum people who oase personality and we take away all die frills und let this solid personality come through.

If a rock band plays, kann they play your rock nur as they typically would?

No, notfall at all. It"s pretty rarely that us would oase a rock band anyway. But when we have, we"ve always made that clear that they can"t just size under their normalerweise act, they really oase to re-invent it for TV Noir. Und that"s awesome. Electro acts or pop acts schutz sometimes unable to do into die studio zu record ns TV Noir versions des their music or taken the on tour. Juli did that. Dafür did Klez.E.

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Tex, center, und guests bei his favourite place: on the now-famous TV Noir couch

When freundin watch these programs freundin do get a real feeling the you"re watching a party bei someone"s apartment. Zu sein this communal vibe something you really target for?

Absolutely. That"s also our slogan: "Das Wohnzimmer ns Songwriters" or "Living Room of the Songwriter." but that"s just how it all started, just a couple of friends playing together. One von the crucial features von the show ist being able to switch indigenous this goofy stupidity kommen sie this tremendous intensity wie people room playing. That"s something really rare. You schutz 400 people an the theater und sometimes you kann sein hear a pin drop. That"s very intense.

On die subject of the intensity von the program, one point which certainly helps is the distinct look TV Noir has.

That"s right. Die program ist recorded in black and white. That"s a symbol von removing all the bells und whistles and focusing on ns music. Die black and white look deshalb creates a simple und elegant style which zu sein very viel our positioning.

The programs are tape-recorded live. Do you schutz a large blooper reel des mistakes?

All the time! If there"s a technological mistake then obviously we stop und fix that. Yet these wenig mistakes, well, they"re part des the show. Weil das example, at the beginning members von the audience wollen shout the end words and the musician has zu interpret that with music und we all take part and help out and dance around und this goofing around just helps zu get everyone involved and open. The point von the show is to present die artist naked and as they really are deswegen all those wenig stumbles und mistakes are completely part von the program.


Tex, himself a musician, began TV Noir three years ago.

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What else zu sein TV Noir involved with beyond ns television show?

Our philosophy zu sein that we love to arbeit with the artists and many des them are great friends dafür it"s natural to expand what us do right into other areas. We"ve produced a series von TV Noir Concerts where we send two of the artist on reisen together and they beat acoustic versions des the tracks. It"s mostly ns lesser recognized musicians who go and we use this bewegt tie with die brand and the audience zu help them acquire acquainted through a larger audience und to allow the fan see them live.

What are your plans weil das the future?

Well, we"re not very strategic! We möchte continue zu develop the direkte concerts of course und we are expanding our online store wherein we offer artists" music. We"re so looking into occurring our website in a way that allows the audience who are hungry for this kind of music to connect closer to die artists und that this interaction becomes far better integrated. However it"s deshalb very important zu us the it continues to be fun!

Text: Gavin Blackburn Editor: Jennifer Abramsohn

To hear more about TV Noir from Tex and to listen some live music from die programme, listen to this week"s Soundscape 100 ~ above the verknüpfung below!