Urlaub Palma De Mallorca

Mallorca has actually been the favourite holiday country since many years. For good reason: die Balearic island has something kommen sie offer weil das everyone. Regardless des whether you just want zu enjoy ns sun und the sea, kommen sie make splitter linterparty at the “Ballermann“ or to go long walking – Mallorca zu sein diverse!

The numerous island places at die Majorcan coastline, as well as at ns inland locations exude a very special flair and attract tourists des every age.

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Important take trip Facts Mallorca

ProvinceBalearic Islands
SprachenKatalanisch, Spanisch
CapitalPalma dach Mallorca
Population876 000
ClimateMediterranean climate
Highest MountainPuig Major(1445m)

During ns arrival, ns whole island group kann sein be known – it zu sein situated off ns Spanish coast bei the western Mediterranean. With a size of 3.640 square kilometres, Mallorca zu sein the largest island of ns group, the consits von 151 islands und forms in autonomous community of Spain. There space two further islands the are really popular: Menorca and Ibiza space situated really close zu Mallorca. Meanwhile, Mallorca has around 800.000 inhabitants, who are living especially in the large cities as Palma, Manacor, Inca, Pollenca und Andratx. Throughout ns year, around eight million tourists can be added. Indigenous Cap de Ses Salines at ns southern tip to Cap Formentor at ns northern tip des the island, die length des the island is about 80 kilometres. From die eastern teil to the western part des Mallorca, the length zu sein about 100 kilometres. Ns entire shores length is about 550 kilometres.

Mallorca Hotels

There are numerous excellent hotels in Mallorca. We existing here more than 2700 hotels an Mallorca, deswegen we space sure you wollen find the right Hotel:


Fincas und appartments bei Mallorca

Mallorca ist offering the perfect conditions zum a holiday in a Finca or in appartment: gorgeous beaches, a broad variety des cultural und recreational activities, too as ns Majorcan food. There is also a vast range von rental supplies off ns beaten tracks. Renting a finca zu sein ideal for families that are searching zum exclusivity, peace and ambience, because ns houses room situated hinweisen huge lands. Everyone who is in search zum touristical hotspots, has actually a large selection of appartments:


Majorcan Landscapes

Mallorca kann be split into three parts:

The North-West coast of the island of Dragonera up kommen sie Cap Formentor, that is crossed von the Serra von Tramuntana – a mountain range with its greatest summit, Puig major (1.445 m). Over there are deshalb numerous cavern systems, that room open zum tourists.At the southeastern coastline von the island there is another vertical profile, Serra außerdem Lievant. Through a height von 500 metres, it is extended from Artà zu Santanyi.Between those two mountain ranges, there is the palne of es Plà, that is deshalb called Llunara del Centro. It´s highest possible summit ist the Puig außerdem Randa through 549 metres.

Mallorca is green during the whole year, und it attracts its visitors v a range von colorful flowers. About 1.500 flowering plants are located there, and during ns summertime, plants choose oleander, hibiscus, poppies, gladiols, marguerites and marigolds can be admired. Very impressive are ns palm trees and the hundreds varieties of orchids. At die beginning des the year, between January und March, the almond blossom-time zu sein very popular. The innumerable white-pink flowers room enchanting the tourists and are creating a really nice spring mood. During ns winter time, ns ripe oranges und lemons room giving ns landscape a touch des colour.

Places in Mallorca

On this Mallorca Map you find ns location of the most Places an Mallorca:


Mallorcas Most famed Island-Places

Mallorca ist offering a gewächs of exciting places. Below there zu sein a list of the most renowned ones.



Alcúdia – historical Place an the North

Alcúdia zu sein the earliest town von Mallorca. It was founded an 123 prior to Christ. Although port d’Alcudia, a traveler high spot, is very close, Alcúdia has actually been spared by mass tourism deswegen far.



Andratx – pine and orange groves

Andratx zu sein located in the southwest of the island, surrounded über pine plantations, almond trees and orange groves.



Cala d’Or – Familyfriendly Resort in the Southeast

Cala d’Or ist very familyfriendly, because ns traffic was largely banned indigenous the stadt center. Thus, it zu sein possible to stroll through ns pedestrian areas without any type of interference.



Cala Figuera – Fishing Village in the Southwest

Cala Figuera is situated around 60 kilometer southeast of the Majorcan capital Palma. Ns place is popular zum its two-part fjord-like bay.



Deià – Idyllic hill Landscapes

The klein town Deià zu sein situated at the edge des the Tramuntana mountains. Ns town has just 500 inhabitants.

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El Arenal – The splitterpartei Town at ns Ballermann

The town of elastisch Arenal zu sein famous far beyond its borders und goal des thousands of party people.



Fornalutx – many Beautiful Village of Spain

The village Fornalutx has already received multiple awards as die most beautiful village of Spain. With about 700 inhabitants und the narrow streets are full of green plants.



Palma dach Mallorca - resources With Flair

Palma außerdem Mallorca ist both, the capital des Mallorca und the seat of the autonomous government von the Balearic Islands.



Santa Ponsa – Famous hinweisen German und British Tourists

Santa Ponsa zu sein situated bei the southwest von Mallorca and is went to overall by Bristish und German tourists.

Mallorcas most beautiful bays

Mallorca ist offering beautiful well sandy beaches und wonderful bays. Listed below there ist a list of the many beautiful bays.


Platja de Muro – die Most Beautiful Beach near Alcúdia

Platja de Muro ist situated an the northeast von the island at ns bay des Alcúdia. Die sandy beach has actually a length des about four kilometres und is up kommen sie 30 metres wide. Because of the flat entry into die sea and the center waves, Platja außerdem Muro ist perfectly suitable weil das families v children. Sporting activities enthusiasts schutz the opportunity to do dragon surfing, banana watercraft rides, surfing, diving und sailing. The palm trees, that task shadows weil das much of the day an the dunes are giving a herbal flair.



Es Trenc - the Child -Friendly Bay

Es Trenc ist offering a dream beach von more than six kilometres. The bay is situated at the south-western coast bolzen the places Sa Ràpita und Colònia dach Sant Jordi. The beach partly ist very natural und rocky. Therea are rentable straw umbrellas und even a nudist section.



Sa Calobra – bolzen Cliffy Rocks

Who wants zu visit this small, 50-meter-long beach, fist has to follow a serpentine roadway with a difference an altitude of about 780 metres. Located in the northern part des the island, ns bay is situated bolzen Pollença and Sóller. A stock des very alt trees is offering countless shady areas und there space some nice bars.

The Climate bei Mallorca

There zu sein a center mediterranean climate: ns winters space mild und the summers are hot and dry. Ns mountain range des the Sierra del Norte leads to a reduction of the level des rainfall – it is said kommen sie be a barrier versus rain. Throughout winter, ns sun safety zu sein at about 50 percent.

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The ideal time kommen sie travel ist autumn, because die sea is ausblüten warm – so spring is in ideal time to travel – but ns water is still quite cold.