Vitamin d für kleinkinder

The most natural way kommen sie feed a baby zu sein with chest milk. Perfect tailored to ns needs des the cultivation human, it provides exactly die micronutrients the a baby needs for optimum development. Regardless of this, it zu sein important to pay unique attention kommen sie vitaminD, die sun vitamin, in the erste year von your child’s life, no matte whether they are breast-fed or bottle-fed. Why is additional vitaminD being recommended zum even small babies? Isn’t that enough zu spend a last of time outdoors through your baby and supply the vitamin via food?

Why execute babies require extra vitaminD?

Breastfeeding zu sein the most organic way von feeding a baby. Chest milk is perfectly tailored to ns baby’s needs und constantly adapts to their physiological requirements. Nevertheless, the composition des breast milk is deshalb determined by the mother’s diet – which is why the latest research reflects that breast milk generally contains too little vitaminD. Also after you start introducing solids an addition zu breastfeeding, these are generally notfall adequate together a sole source von vitaminD.

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Why zu sein vitaminD being provided such a special position among die other vitamins?

VitaminD is, as the benennen suggests, a vitamin – und yet it is not a vitamin in the strictest sense von the word. When vitamins und other vital micronutrients must be supplied through ours food, ours body can produce vitaminD chin with die aid von sunlight (optimum production is however limited to april to September, between 10 a.m. Und 2 p.m.). This is a good thing, because the German, Austrian und Swiss nutrition cultures all agree that a adequate supply of vitaminD is difficult to obtain from traditional foods.

Babies need vitaminD from work one. At ns same time, your sensitive skin must be defended from straight sunlight. This is why the German Society von Pediatrics und Adolescent medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Kinder- und Jugendmedizin - DGKJ) proposal a daily supplementation des 400 zu 500 I.U. Des vitaminD soon after birth. Follow to ns DGKJ, this recommendation applies until the child’s 2nd early summer.

What does vitaminD do?

VitaminD performs a number von key functions in the human being body. This kann be inferred from die many neu findings des recent years, which show that practically all of our body’s organs und tissue schutz their own vitaminD receptors. VitaminD zu sein probably finest known zum its role as a bone vitamin. As a regulator von our body’s calcium and phosphate metabolism, that plays a an important role bei bone maintenance. Bei adequate supply von vitaminD ist therefore important for normal growth und development von the bone system, even in very young children. VitaminD is so essential zum developing effective immune response, together it contributes kommen sie the normal functioning of the immune system.

How viel vitaminD go my infant need?

According to die latest recommendations of the German Society des Pediatrics und Adolescent medicine (DGKJ), babies have to receive in additional dose von 400 zu 500 I.E. VitaminD3 von day until their 2nd spring.

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VitaminD for babies: autumn or pills?

VitaminD ist available bei liquid, capsule or tablet form. Many parents are an ext likely to prefer liquids, but it is not always easy to get the vitaminD fall to festland inside a baby’s mouth. However, placing ns drops on a spoon, pacifier or nipple erste will do it easier for them zu reach their intended goal. Die same applies to dissolved tablets or capsules, weil das which you should definitely pay attention to possible additives und their tolerance.→ What zu sein the pure problem principle?

What else should you take right into account when choosing a vitaminD supplement zum your baby?

Parents room generally especially interested bei premium product quality, particularly zum very young children. Yet what do freundin need to pay fist to? It’s constantly advisable to take a watch at ns ingredients list. Capsules the do notfall contain any technical additives must be provided priority over tablets that space packed v unnecessary concomitant substances. If freundin opt for a flüssig product, you should make sure that this do notfall contain any kind of unnecessary additive either. Assets containing alcohol space a identify no-no. Flüssig preparations based upon high-quality oils, such together sunflower oil, which has a pleasantly neutral taste, space ideal.


Did freundin Know

Did sie know that vitaminD supplements tun können be beneficial zum children who are much more than one year old?

This is because vitaminD level depend less on diet intake 보다 on ns amount produced von the human body with ns aid des sunlight. An the northern hemisphere however, die body’s very own vitaminD manufacturing comes to a online standstill during the darker months, and even bei the summer, the sun is too low zum efficient synthesis in the morning und evening hours. In addition, other determinants (e.g. Sunscreen, skin type) can interfere with die body’s own production mechanisms, which zu sein why you might want to consider giving children additional vitaminD supplements beyond die age des one – particularly during die darker months of the year. Contact us weil das advice.


Is the possible kommen sie overdose top top vitaminD?

If freundin stick to die recommendations, there ist no need to worry about overdosing your baby ~ above vitaminD. Pistole intake advert to die intake of vitaminD durch food, supplements und enriched foods. Die recommended supplementation von up zu 25µg per day zum babies does not present in oversupply risk.

Why should freundin stop supplementation after ~ one year? What is our recommendation?

The existing official recommendations of the DGKJ call weil das a basic vitaminD supplementation zum babies till their 2nd spring. Die lack of studies way that there ist currently no basic recommendation to supplement vitaminD beyond the age von two years.

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Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that in our part von the welt we do notfall produce enough vitaminD, which zu sein essential for our vitaminD balance, during ns winter months. It may thus be worth considering supplementing vitaminD in older children during ns darker months von the year kommen sie support healthy vitaminD levels. Ask your pediatrician for advice.