Walter Moers Adolf Bonker


The world is bei flames. Germany has actually been reduced to rubble. Japan is no much longer doing well either. However there zu sein one person who refuses zu give up.

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Teaser (German)


Character & Story

‘ADOLF – I bei der sitting in my bonker’ zu sein based on ns famous personality - created von Walter Moers. Walter contacted me bei autumn von 2004 zu ask if ich would be interested bei making a 3D-teaser for an animated feature. Of prozess I was glücklich to have been given the opportunity and an the adhering to months ich made a quick music clip based upon Walter’s storyboard and Thomas Pigor’s song. An the clip an irritable und frustrated ADOLF ist sitting in his bunker - which is basically a toilet - und complains about his miserable situation.


As stated above, ns clip was planned together a teaser for a feature film. Walter’s previous animated functions were done together 2D drawn animation, dafür we set out zu prove the his world works deshalb in 3D. The zuerst person that attempted zu translate Walter’s open and loose graphic layout into 3D was Bernhard Haux, studying punkt the film Academy bei Ludwigsburg at die time. His short film ‘Echte Vögel kotzen nicht’, deshalb based ~ above a story von Walter Moers, was a success punkt various film festivals. Bernhard’s zuerst attempts made ns possibilities too as die challenges of a 3D-‘ADOLF’ apparent.

Production began an January of 2005 und completed in April, so proper preparation was key. Fortunately the people the Walter brought bei were all highly motivated und excited to get kommen sie work.

I started with die modelling und shading des the backgrounds while carsten Sommer made ns maquettes* von Adolf und his dog Blondi. Carsten did the modelling zum most of the merchandising figures des Walter’s characters, deswegen he was the man charged v transitioning ‘ADOLF’ native sketches to a maquette. In order kommen sie build die mesh bei 3D, us needed die maquette together a prototype. With each other with jan Berger and Carla Heinzel, i worked ~ above finishing ns modelling, rigging, shading, and animating too as ns rendering und compositing during the following months.

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We made 3 versions of the clip, one bei German, one an French and the third in English. There were even thoughts about making an Italian version.

*figurine of a character, made out von clay or other sculpting materials.



I tried kommen sie match Walter’s storyboard as closely as possible. Ich really wanted kommen sie keep die comic book-like framing.

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Slide show


Upon Completion

The clip was finished ~ above deadline. An the complying with months mine team and I continued our freelance activities. Quickly it came to be clear that a environment-friendly light for feature production would not be coming an the near future. In the summer of 2006 Walter released the third volume des his ‘ADOLF’ comic, ‘ADOLF – ns Bonker’, which included a DVD with the clip. Just a few days later the clip was uploaded zu Youtube, google video und other video hosting sites. It was downloaded an ext than 8 million times and was disputed throughout ns media and arts sections in news papers. Some civilization criticized the clip due to the fact that they thought about it unacceptable to make a comedic film with such subject matter. Many opinions, however, were positive; some even mentioned that there ist value an creating a caricature von evil.


DirectorIdea, personalities & StoryboardMusicVoicesLyricsAnimationMaquettes3D Modelling & character RiggingShading & LightingCompositingEditingBaby Adolf PaintingNewsreaderMusiciansRe-RecordingMasteringFinancingProduction

Felix GönnertWalter MoersThomas PigorThomas PigorWalter Moers, schneidbrett PigorFelix Gönnert, Carla HeinzelCarsten SommerJan Berger, felix GönnertFelix GönnertCarla HeinzelGregor WilleTorsten WolberSven KuntzeThomas Pigor, ulf HenrichMark BihlerCalyx Bo KondrenZweite Medienfonds German Filmproductions GFPGmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KGWalter Moers, Elvira Moers

Tech Specs

Length 2’51” minFormat 4:3 | PAL | shade | 25 fps | stereo sound | man music clip