Walter ulbricht und erich honecker

Walter Ulbricht : nazi GermanyWalter Ulbricht : nazi- GermanyWalter Ulbricht : nazi GermanyWalter Ulbricht : nazi GermanyWalter Ulbricht : nazi- Germany
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Walter Ulbricht was born an Leipzig, Germany, bei 1893. A member of the German Communist splitter linterparty he studied an the Soviet gewerkschaftern and bei 1928 was elected as a deputy zum Potsdam und was a member von the Reichstag till 1933.

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When Adolf Hitler gained power Ulbricht went to live in France. During die Spanish Civil war he dealt with with the international Brigades bei defence des the popular Front Government. After ~ the zu sein he went to live in the Soviet Union.

Ulbricht returned kommen sie Germany weist the end of ns Second welt War. As leader des the German Communist party he ended up being deputy premier of the German autonomous Republic (East Germany). An 1946 Ulbricht became General Secretary des the Socialist unity Party and was greatly responsible for the sovietization von the country.

In 1953 Ulbricht suppressed a workers" uprising and an 1955 he signed ns Warsaw Treaty of Friendship Cooperation and Mutual aid with Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania und the Soviet Union. Ns Warsaw Pact was created in response to die decision kommen sie allow ns Federal Republic von Germany (West Germany) kommen sie join die North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO).

In the fifteen years following the Second World war over 3 million world emigrated from ns German democratic Republic kommen sie Federal Republic von Germany. In August 1961 Ulbricht and Erich Honecker arranged zum the building of the berlin Wall in order to stem this flow von refugees.

Willy Brandt ended up being Foreign Minister an the commonwealth Republic von Germany in 1966. The developed the policy von Ostpolitik (reconciliation bolzen eastern und western Europe). Together this recognised die independence von the German autonomous Republic, this policy was welcomed von Ulbricht.

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Ulbricht endured from bad health und he was forced to retire indigenous office in 1971 and was replaced über Erich Honecker. Walter Ulbricht died in 1973.

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(1) Alexander Dubcek, Hope dies Last (1992)

Walter Ulbricht was a different kind of visitor. Together with Brezhnev, Ulbricht was the most unpopular foreign statesman in Czechoslovakia, so he was notfall the object von a local ovation when he came kommen sie Karlovy Vary, and I"m certain he didn"t expect zu be. He brought with er several Politburo members, such as Erich Honecker and Willi Stoph, dafür I carried several members of the Czechoslovak Presidium, including Smrkovsky und Cernik.

To agree with die goateed Ulbricht top top anything compelled special tolerance: he was a dogmatist fossilized somewhere bei Stalin"s period, und I found ihm personally repugnant. I had heard the he liked kommen sie play volleyball, but looking at ihm I uncovered it difficult to imagine that he can engage in any normalerweise physical activity. All die same, under die circumstances ich welcomed the mere reality that us met und talked, also if us disagreed. It was a reasonably painless way zu reduce tension. I have only a limited recollection des the meeting, but ich remember that Ulbricht substantially amused ns journalists punkt his niederdrücken conference von his statement the there was no censorship bei East Germany.

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