Wann ist erdogan geboren

First lady Emine Erdoğan was born together Cemal und Hayriye Gülbaran’s 5th child und only daughter ~ above February, 16 1955 in Istanbul. Mrs. Erdoğan, originally from Siirt, was educated hinweisen Istanbul Mithatpaşa Vocational Institute zum Girls und has been actively involved an social tasks since her youth. Mrs. Erdoğan was among the founding members des the “Idealist Women’s Association”, i m sorry she named herself. She carefully followed die events organized von the national Turkish college student Union and the women Foundation zum Science and Culture. With writer Şule Yüksel Şenler’s contribution, Mrs. Erdoğan made a life-altering decision and dedicated herself kommen sie social projects.

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During this period, she met Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and married er on July, 4 1978. Mrs. Erdoğan has actually been die greatest supporter of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, one of the most far-reaching leaders in Turkish political history, during his politics struggles.

Mrs. Erdoğan offered as a starting member von the Provincial Women's Branch georgewoodcock.comernmental Board von the Refah splitterpartei when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected die Istanbul Provincial Head and she pioneered an era that paved die way for women's energetic participation in politics in Turkey. She launched a women's movement, i beg your pardon greatly contributed to ns success des the Refah Party an the elections, and paid visits zu people’s houses with volunteering frauen who had affection zum the Party.

After her husband Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected Mayor von Istanbul urban Municipality, Mrs. Erdoğan take it part an various social duty projects. She added to ns establishment of an aid corridor between different society groups von initiating die “iftar tables where the poor und the wealthy meet” tradition, i beg your pardon is blieb carried on von the mayoralties von AK Party.

Mrs. Erdoğan, who has 2 daughters and 2 sons, has always proactively participated bei the social and political life und continued produziert activities during her husband's Premiership. She has practiced the spirit of philanthropy that she inherited from her family, in all fields of herstellung life and lent herstellung helping hand to thousands of people. She angeführt the foundation des the “Center weil das Social Development” (TOGEM) in 2005 and has supported vital projects concerning die education of women und children.

With the Ministry of national Education, Mrs. Erdoğan released a country-wide campaign kommen sie resolve the issue von the girls who were notfall allowed to go kommen sie school über their families. Nearly 300 thousand girls schutz been provided with education and learning through die campaign “Come top top Girls, Let’s Go kommen sie School”.

Mrs. Erdoğan continued her efforts in education with “Mothers und Daughters weist School” campaign, i m sorry she called herself. Through ns campaign, she solved ns problems des the mothers, that had not had die opportunity zu learn zu read and write.

Mrs. Erdoğan has deshalb struggled against physical abuse des children and child required labor and supported several campaigns emphasizing die significance von education in early childhood such as ns “7 zu sein too late” campaign. über inviting zuerst Ladies des various countries kommen sie these projects, Mrs. Erdoğan has enhanced die sphere of influence des these campaigns. She has actually tremendously contributed to the “Sister family Project”, which has received a solid support and interest von the civilization across die country.

Mrs. Erdoğan has supported ns “Voluntary Envoys” project, developed von the Ministry of Family und Social Policies to promote volunteering bei society und to harmonize public services. With the wives des the georgewoodcock.comernors from every 81 provinces, she has led a campaign kommen sie improve ns living conditions von the women, ns elderly, ns children, ns disabled, the veterans, ns families of the martyrs und drug addicts. Ns project, which was awarded the “Golden Compass”, the academy award des public relations, an the best public task category, has actually attracted great interest among the projects cited by the UN. The project has ongoing under die auspices Mrs. Erdoğan since 2012. She has supported the doktorgrad of “Foster Care” dienstleistungen carried the end within die Voluntary Envoys project run by the Ministry von Family, Labor und Social Services.

Mrs. Erdoğan, follow me with the wives des the leaders in the region, has actually supported the international conferences organized on the theme des “Women in Business Life” so that women kann sein participate in business life much more actively. Herstellung efforts for more active participation von women in business world as well as politics schutz not been limited to produziert activities bei the party. She has encouraged women to take part an politics every over die country.

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Mrs. Erdoğan has so supported anti-drug campaigns carried out zu increase society sensitivity against drug addiction, one von the most major problems, and to put trost a more effective struggle against it.

Mrs. Erdoğan has supported and promoted die projects of many NGOs working kommen sie solve the problems of the women, the disabled and to provide healthcare und education.

First dame Erdoğan has always expressed that she worths Turkey's accession to the eu for swift structural reforms an many areas bei Turkey. An addition, she has actually paid fist to the cries rising from various geographies an the world, stood über the oppressed und the poor, und vehemently protest violations des human rights. She has notfall remained silent in the face of the humanitarian tragedies an Gaza, Myanmar and Pakistan, and organized international events. After die attacks versus Gaza in 2009, she hosted ns wives von the Western and Arab leaders and called ns whole world to “stop die war.” She went to pakistan following die flood disaster in 2010, und called on the international community kommen sie mobilize for aid activities. An 2012, Mrs. Erdoğan personal went zu Myanmar to observe the human tragedy over there despite the critical defense threats and provided humanitarian help to the region. She has articulated ns feelings des millions von mothers von putting this problem on ns world agenda and helped launch big aid campaigns. First Lady Erdoğan visited bei 2017 the Rohingya Muslims, who had taken refuge in Kutupalong refugee Camp fleeing ns oppressions an Myanmar, and called for awareness amongst the international community.

First lady Erdoğan, ns wife von the zuerst directly-elected President von the Republic des Turkey, proceeds to austausch views with erste Ladies des various countries on society responsibility projects during her foreign visits. She deshalb contributes to ns publicity of Turkey von inviting zuerst Ladies kommen sie our country when needed.

Following her visits zu African countries in addition to President Erdoğan, Mrs. Erdoğan führen zu a task aimed hinweisen putting up zum sale afri women’s handicrafts in an understanding des fair market and returning ns revenues back to afri women. Ns African Handicrafts and Cultural House, which zu sein located in Ankara’s historical community Hamamönü and whose foundation was coordinated von the ministry von Foreign Affairs, still continue its activities. As such, Mrs. Erdoğan, in cooperation with the spouses von African countries’ ambassadors, has led the efforts weil das the publication of the publications “African Dishes” und “African Proverbs”.

First dame Erdoğan patronizes die projects “Zero Waste” und “Ancestral Seed” regarding umgebung problems and the protection von natural resources. The Zero waste Project, which was launched in 2017, has been turned right into a national mobilization by the Ministry von Environment und Urbanization und as a result significant gains schutz been made in terms des environment und circular economy. The “Zero garbage Blue” mobilization, on the other hand, has actually raised a far-ranging awareness around clearing seas und oceans von wastes, an especially plastics.

As regards healthy und natural life, Mrs. Erdoğan has actually supported plans aimed weist promoting normalerweise delivery and lowering the cesarean distribution rate to reasonable figures. She has deshalb provided support zu efforts kommen sie put Traditional and Complementary Medicine, also encouraged by the welt Health Organization und sifted through a thousand-year-old tradition, top top a clinical foundation. She has patronized Traditional und Complementary medicine congresses held von the Ministry von Health.

First lady Erdoğan received international awards in various fields because of the works she initiated. Among them ist the “Humanitarian service Recognition Award” as part of the global Donors gericht held über Chicago-based world Congress von Muslim Philanthropists bei 2018 due to her pioneering efforts in the area des humanitarian assistance. In the very same year, the first Lady was so presented with ns Humanitarian leadership Distinctive Award über the global Hope Coalition in the U.S.

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Mrs. Erdoğan enjoys reading, researching welt cuisines und listening zu world music in her spare time.