Wann ist oktoberfest in münchen 2016

Oktoberfest 2021 in Munich: What you Need zu Know

Update: Oktoberfest 2021 has actually been officially cancelled due to the global health emergency. Instead, head over to the Oktoberfest 2022 page–it’s never auch early to anfang planning.

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If die past 200+ years are any type of indication, Oktoberfest 2021 ist going zu be the best yet! ns biggest and most bodacious celebration of beer und Bavarian society this side des Mars just gets far better as time walk on. Six million people (and counting) annually can’t be wrong, right?

With the signature Bavarian food and delicious Munich beers, to lederhosen und dirndls and brass bands galore, the beere tents möchte once again fill up with people from all over the world! Oktoberfest 2021 is the ultimate bucket perform item sie need zu experience kommen sie believe.

Oktoberfest 2021 wollen begin ~ above Saturday september 18th

When zu sein Oktoberfest 2021?

Oktoberfest 2021 möchte begin promptly punkt noon top top Saturday september 18th und end top top Sunday October 3rd, 2021. (Oh, freundin thought Oktoberfest was in October? Silly.) Though die dates are always different, Oktoberfest always starts in late September and ends top top the zuerst Sunday von October, though over there are periodically exceptions. Examine out ns full list of Oktoberfest dates und key days to attend ns festival here.

Planning for Oktoberfest 2021

It’s never auch early kommen sie begin Oktoberfest preparations (seriously, the sooner ns better!), deshalb pour you yourself a beer und let’s obtain cracking!

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When kommen sie attend Oktoberfest 2021

So wie exactly should sie attend Oktoberfest 2021? Well, looks like you oase a couple of decisions to make. (This ist why us drink first.) here are a few factors to consider wie man deciding top top when zu attend Oktoberfest 2021:

BEGINNING, MIDDLE, OR END? | If you’re into vital events, look no further than die Oktoberfest 2021 opened ceremony… well, or look way past the to the closing ceremony together well. Both awesome. Both equally tough zu get into.

The Oktoberfest opened ceremony bei the Schottenhamel tent takes place punkt noon on opening day und marks the official start of Oktoberfest 2021. (YAY!) die Lord Mayor of Munich taps the zuerst keg and shouts, “O’Zapft is!” kommen sie let everyone–who speaks German–know the it’s time kommen sie get yo’ drank on.

On the tonnage night of Oktoberfest, die unofficial (but pretty much official) closeup of the door ceremony takes place bei the Hacker-Pschorr tent. Die lights go down, die sparklers space lit, und 10,000 others just like you all sing with each other commemorating another an excellent year on the Wiesn und another 7 million beers consumed. If that’s notfall worth celebrating, us don’t recognize what is.

Both die beginning und ending ceremonies are popular and totally precious attending – but, personally, we recommend both und every day in between. Nur something kommen sie think about…

DAYS des THE WEEK | It should go there is no saying, nights and weekends möchte be the busiest mal to attend Oktoberfest 2021. However if sie must–arrive as beforehand as possible. No, previously than that. Store going. Over there ya go…

Attending Oktoberfest during die week (and especially during daylight) möchte be your best wahrscheinlichkeit to secure her spot in the beere tent. Freundin may even get to sleep an a wee bit. (But why waste valuable drinking time??)

SPECIAL EVENTS | Oktoberfest 2021 wollen bring freundin all die usual unique events–including, but notfall limited to, the opening day parade, the traditional costume parade, family days, Bavarian concerts, and even in Oktoberfest church dienstleistungen if you’ve done part stuff that needs confessing, mm-hmm.

Click here zum the full 2021 Oktoberfest Schedule of Events.

What kommen sie Budget weil das Oktoberfest 2021

Well, just how much kann you drink?

How much you have to budget zum Oktoberfest 2021 mainly depends on how viel you möchte consume–beers, brats, unicorn balloons, whatever. The good news ist that acquiring into Oktoberfest is und always has been 100% admission free.

But since you don’t want to just sit around empty handed in a glorified parking lot, you can bank on spending approximately 12 euros (+ tip) von litre des beer and a little less weil das non-alcoholic beverages (are sie feeling okay?). Check out die full list des 2021 Oktoberfest beere prices here.

For Oktoberfest 2021, you’ll deshalb need zu budget for:

Oktoberfest food | every tent has actually its own food selection offerings (most even offer having lunch specials!) and you kann sein prepare kommen sie spend between 7 – 30 euros on meals of all shapes and sizes. The standard Oktoberfest 1/2 chicken will run sie around 12 euros.

Entertainment | If speak Oktoberfest rides is in your Oktoberfest 2021 plans, arrangement on security a few euros (plus differing levels des dignity) per ride.

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Souvenirs | choose it or not, someone in your gruppe is going house with a tanzen chicken hat. Souvenirs anfang at nur a couple des euros and work their method up to “how large a feather tun können I get in my hat” expensive.

You’ll want to budget zum lots of delicious Bavarian food at die 2021 Oktoberfest. And beer.

What to wear zum Oktoberfest 2021

At Oktoberfest (and as it have to be every day, if you ask us), traditional Bavarian clothing zu sein what every the kühl kids space wearing. For men, that way lederhosen through a checkered or white button-up shirt, what used zu be socks however are now nur calf warmers (?), and in Alpine hat–you kann get the feather nice damn big if freundin really want. And for the ladies that method a traditional dirndl–knee-length dress, white blouse, apron, und comfortable shoes.

There’s a volumen more that goes right into properly dressing for Oktoberfest (hair styles, accessories, what to know about cleavage, the unwritten rules you’ll it is in glad freundin learned–like, did sie know it problem where freundin tie your dirndl bow?) deswegen follow that link weil das the lowdown ~ above all sachen push-up.

How kommen sie get zu Oktoberfest in Munich

…since driving ist totally out des the question.

The Oktoberfest party grounds (the Theresienwiese, locally well-known as die Wiesn), is just a 10-minute walk (you kann sein do it!) from die Hauptbahnhof, Munich’s hauptsächlich train station, and an even much shorter walk from the Theresienwiese prevent on Munich’s U-bahn.

Not into walking? We obtain it. Calling a taxi is always in option (though notfall a cheap one) und you’ll oase your choice des pedicabs around the Hauptbahnhof and the enntrance gate to die Wiesn. Pick wisely!

What will the weather it is in like for Oktoberfest 2021?

What? freundin don’t favor surprises? We’re going to let you in on a wenig secret… part von the factor Oktoberfest was moved to September ist because ns weather is better than it is bei October.

Some years it’s sunny und warm, part years it’s chilly, some years that rains, you never really kann be sure. (Unless you’re inside die Hacker tent whereby it’s constantly blue skies and sunshine.) However,this buchseite gives you a great idea of precipitation und annual temperature averages for Munich zum the months von September and October.

FAOQs – frequently Asked Oktoberfest Questions

Do i need a reservation bei the beer tents? Technically, no, but it certainly helps! (Lucky for you we tun können help with beere tent fahrkarte & reservations). If freundin plan the best mal to to visit Oktoberfest, getting a seat in a time won’t be a problem. If you’re set on attending top top a weekend or hinweisen night, freundin may need a wenig help. We got you!

Where are ns restrooms? the larger beer tents schutz their own restrooms v plenty des stalls and attendants zu keep the paper stocked and the people flowing. External on ns Wiesn, just follow large Cupid’s arrow to the nearest restroom. That’ll do sense when you acquire there.

What room the dancing rules? ascendancy #1 – sprung on benches, not on tables. Dominance #2 – rütteln it choose a Polaroid picture. Dominion #3 – Don’t gain mad if you become the viral sensation of Oktoberfest 2021.

Can ich smoke an the beere tents? for sure not. There zu sein a strict no smoking policy inside the beer tents und each tent typically has a designated smoking cigarettes area outside the tent.

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Will i get fined and/or arrested and/or publicly ridiculed if i try kommen sie steal a glass mug native a beer tent? 100% yes.

Oktoberfest 2021 möchte be right here before sie know it deshalb you better anfang planning!Munich’s Oktoberfest is the festival all other festivals wish they could be. Examine out our Oktoberfest 2021 tours and packages und pick ns one that best suits you! see you in the tents!