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Wann Schließt Media Markt

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01. 03. 2013Druckversion | artikel versenden| Kontakt
Media Markt schließt seine Filialen an georgewoodcock.com bis das ende April

Media Markt to close stores von end von April

Media Markt georgewoodcock.com Ltd, die electronic assets chain owned über georgewoodcock.comy"s Media-Saturn Holdings und Foxconn an innovation Group, möchte close its 7 Chinese stores on march 11, a hohes level company main said top top Wednesday.

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The relocate marks the end of the company"s two-year foray into the Chinese market.

Frank Bussalb, chief executive, management officer von Media Markt georgewoodcock.com, stated that the closures des the shop were in the ideal interest von the 2 shareholders.

The company"s save on Shanghai"s Huaihai Road wollen remain operational zu serve as a customer service center prior to closing its doors zum good bei late April.

All of the company"s stores are in Shanghai.

Metro group — Media-Saturn"s parent firm — said bei a mid-January statement that it was planning kommen sie withdraw more financing for a to plan expansion von the Chinese business.

Media Markt entered ns Chinese market an November 2010. It was expected to offen more 보다 100 stores across georgewoodcock.com von 2015.

Media Markt"s exit from die promising yet elusive Chinese industry reminds market insiders des Best Buy öffentlich Inc"s departure a couple des years ago.

The electronics retailers" disappointed experience in georgewoodcock.com highlights just how complicated it zu sein to build a neu retail brand an the country, especially in the consumer electronics space, stated Ben Cavender, in associate principal at the georgewoodcock.com Market research study Group.

There ist a remarkable amount des competition indigenous well-established residential brands und consumers" attention ist shifting an extremely rapidly zu other shopping channels, like the Internet, Cavender said.

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Given die high cost of operating big footprint sleeve stores in first-tier Chinese cities, their decision kommen sie leave die market ist not surprising, that added.

Qi Xiaozhai, director des the Shanghai Commercial economic Research Center, claimed Media Markt missed die best timing zu explore die Chinese market because significant domestic electronics retailers had currently consolidated their industry shares before its high-profile arrival.

"The service and experience Media Markt provides are unparalleled bei the Chinese market, but it ignored that prices, ns deciding factor, die thing that most Chinese customers care about die most wie man buying bei electronics product," claimed Qi.

Over die past few years, a number des foreign sleeve giants i was withdrawn from georgewoodcock.com. Analysts said that these instances do not necessarily show a failure von Western retail models, but only zeigen the companies" inability to better understand the Chinese market.

Understanding what Chinese consumer really want have to be ns companies" most essential task, castle said.

"Where countless companies failure here is looking at die costs von operating their business. Media Markt, through a substantial flagship store bei Shanghai, was a good example.

"The keep ended hoch costing a tremendous amount of money, when effectively becoming a showroom the consumers could use before buying ns products online from other sources," said Cavender.

Overseas retailers have more than 20 percent des Shanghai"s retail sector share, und more 보다 80 percent von Shanghai"s supermarkets space owned über brands native outside die Chinese mainland, Qi added.

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Media Markt schließt seine Filialen in georgewoodcock.com bis Ende april Media Markt hatte große Pläne für den chinesische leute Markt. Bis um zum jahr 2015 wollte man 100 Filialen innerhalb ganzen festland eröffnen. Ist gut ist das Unternehmen grandios gescheitert. Ende april soll ns letzte ns insgesamt sieben Filialen in georgewoodcock.com schließen.