Hi r/WC3, i've been promising this weil das awhile und it's lastly finished. This is the starting person Elf guide! This guide zu sein meant zu give you a in-depth look right into how zu play Elf. It probably won't answer all of your questions yet with this guide freundin should it is in able zu confidently run into any type of Elf complement up. Bei my comments below you'll find develop orders and guides zum individual enhance ups.

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Here's a couple of specific strats this overview doesn't cover: DH first going immolate vs. Humans. More wollen be added later

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NE construct orders und NE vs random opponents
Generic alter hero zuerst build order:

Immediately send 4 wisps kommen sie your mine, build your alter and train 2 wisps rallied kommen sie your gelb mine. Wie your erste wisp ist trained take it a wisp out of your mine und build a moonwell. Send the neu wisp close to the erste creep camp sie intend kommen sie creep und build in AOW. After the zuerst wisp zu sein trained immediately train an additional wisp. Climate one more. Then wie the gold mine zu sein full train 3 more and rally them kommen sie trees zu gather lumber. Your moonwell and alter wisps need to be rallied zu tress kommen sie gather hardwood after they end up building.

Train one archer for creeping. Then right weist 40 hardwood build an additional moon well. You want roughly 6 “safe wisps” und 2-4 expendable scout wisps. 4 zu sein a last though. A an excellent rule von thumb is try to schutz 7 wisps punkt all times. 10 zu sein a lot. 6 ist the minimum. 10 zu sein the maximum number von wisps.

How countless archers should ich get?

7 archers ist a lot. If you tun können only acquire archers though it’s nice good. Bei all likelihood you will do it be ~ above a map through a merc einkaufen though and mercs are far better than archers deswegen you’ll it is in buying mercs instead.

Get approximately 2-5 archers prior to you start your T2 tech. Mercenaries are much better than archers und you should virtually always buy the priest merc und the troll berserker merc instead von archers on maps through merc shops. Leave a wisps weist your nearby merc shop und buy a second priest when it’s buyable.

Generic tavern hero erste build order

Immediately placed 3 wisps on your mine, relocate 1 wisp to your AOW creep spot und 1 kommen sie mine wood , train 2 wisps, construct your AOW, develop a moonwell right prior to your 7th wisp finishes training, choose your moonwell wisp und have it transition build her alter, her 7th and 8th wisps must be sent to your mine, 9th wisp should be rallied kommen sie a tree, 10th wisps builds your second moonwell, train 1 archer, construct wisps 11-15 rallied zu trees, train one archer, obtain your tavern hero, train one archer. Now get whatever amount of archer you prefer to get. Acquire moonwells as freundin need them. Make certain you schutz a huntress hall prior to your Tree von Ages tech zu sein complete.

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Generic fixed Hunts BO

MW, Alter, construct a lot of wisps, AOW around 6 hardwood wisps , AOW, hunt hall, moon well, moon well. Construct 7-9 wisps pistole after you fill your gelb mine. Freundin should anfang pumping hunts as shortly as her huntress room finishes.

A share switch zu bear dryad.

When her T2 technology finishes sie want zu get 2 AOLs. As they end up building sie want to try kommen sie follow this construct path: 2 dryad…. Abolish magic and a bear…. A bear und bear training… 2 an ext bears…. Grasp bear training. Then at some point get ns bear form roar upgrade. This is an ideal path yet it isn’t ns only path.

NE Tips

A great way to save wisps wie man you’re being harassed ist to revolve one moon well onto automobil heal and swap your wisps in and out von your gold mine.

Your gold mine kann sein be repaired for free

The toxicity from die elf orb and dryad poison stack.

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While you teching to a tree von ages if you build your huntress hall right when the upgrade status gittern is at the beginning of the 2nd C an constructing die huntress hall möchte finish building right wie your tree of ages zu sein done upgrading. Just bei time weil das you zu build 2 AOLs.