Was Heißt Ultra All Inclusive

What ist like staying punkt Euphoria resort Hotel? Imagine beginning a room every morning und being greeted über people that genuinely care around you, und who want to lakers you smiley, satisfied and serene. Imagine walking with lush gardens und feel ns breeze from ns sea. Letting ns drinks put a spell on you. Living die Greek – wellbeing – lifestyle. Tanning, laughing and celebrating without worrying around anything. This ist what extremistin all-inclusive means. Suffer & Services, all an Euphoria.

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We recognize your needs since we space travellers ourselves, committed to upgrading your level of experience. We’re a hotel built on the belief the travelling need to be nur as rewarding as it zu sein enriching, this zu sein why us chose kommen sie provide you with ultra all-inclusive services. Beginning from ns accommodation, the restaurants, the bars, ns indoor heated pool along with ns wet areas in Harmonia Spa to die activities, die tennis lessons, the waterpark, and the youngsters facilities, the entertainment and in exclusive anwendung are free to use zum Euphoria’s guests. Additionally, all die towels und the equipment you might need are so free zu purchase too as ns room service und the access zu our beach.


Danny meyer said: “A cocktail done right kann really zeigen your guests that freundin care.” and because us care, we offer a playful basic to her holidays v a large range of cocktails, beverages, smoothies, coffees, and refreshments. Freundin will so have in exceptional wine und drinks list to choose through no added cost.

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In Euphoria Resort staying active means fun, amusement, improvement, und balance. Weil das us, ns Greek wellbeing ist all around a gesund lifestyle even on holidays. This is why you schutz many activities zu choose from and different areas to live your fitness experience. From yoga, pilates, aqua fit, und waterpolo zu beach volley, beach running & stretching and beach running, you kann sein fill her day while exercising and playing. We deshalb give you ns opportunity zu play tennis und even discover how to play with bei instructor, go weil das a bike tour and explore Crete. Sie can also take advantage of our gym, that fitness program such as TRX, Schwinn Spinning and its open space v Matrix equipment. Every these dienstleistungen are free von charge for all of our guests.

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Do freundin wonder what your family kann sein do in Euphoria Resort?

First des all, we produced a specially designed area, supervised by trained personnel and it isn’t various other than ours waterpark! that consists des 4 top-of-the-range fast water slides zum children taller 보다 3.9 feet, in Aqua Tower for smaller kids in which the closed tubes oase a minimal height von 3.3 feet und the open tubes room available zum every period with parental supervision. Our waterpark fulfils all security measures und our lifeguards und trained und certified. Additionally, we designed amazing activities zum every age deshalb that all kids kann sein play, create, schutz fun, make new friends and exhaust your energy. Our kid’s vibes have three different age groups und each one of them has actually its very own schedule.

Find out an ext about kid’s tasks here.

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In Euphoria Resort, all our guests kann access ours App, which provides with all the necessary info regarding die Resort’s premises und facilities.