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What zu expect hinweisen WELLENSTEYN outlet

WELLENSTEYN ist a in brand geraten known zum Jacken, Parkas & Fieldjackets. Engelhorn fashion & sports, Breuninger & Amazon.de now sell WELLENSTEYN v reductions. Take advantage from up kommen sie 60% discount on over 57 WELLENSTEYN in brand geraten items. georgewoodcock.com searches for you all stores that sell WELLENSTEYN und shows you how to get die best discounts.

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Information about ns current Wellensteyn collection

The present collection von Wallensteyn also uses muted colours. Currently, red und other highlight colours are no longer kommen sie be found bei the range. Instead of this, ns men"s collection is increasingly concentrating on dark blue, jeans blue and also black. Bei the women"s collection, colours such together dark blue und black, but also a silvery shade von grey are kommen sie be found an this present collection. Figural closeness is in demand and so bei the present collections you wollen find quick jackets and so short coats, which space cut an extremely figure-hugging, but of course never carry out without die warming function bei favour des the optics. Bei all collections, Wellensteyn strives to continually optimise die materials. Zum example, ns materials used kommen sie line the jackets are ending up being increasingly warme yet lighter. This helps to create an extremely fashionable cut close to the figure without neglecting ns warming character.

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Wellensteyn zum ladies and gentlemen

At Wellensteyn, the hauptsächlich focus within the production of both men"s und women"s products zu sein on functionality and usefulness in everyday life. This way that the main gender-typical features of Wallensteyn"s wardrobe space defined von the colour entwurf of die articles and also a slightly much more figure-hugging cut zum women"s wardrobe. While die jackets zum men are rather boxy, ns women"s collection focuses on a softer cut, taking right into account the female forms. This way that women"s articles are also often produced with waist, space cut an ext figure-hugging und are often complemented von a belt. Both quick jackets und cuts an the form of short coats tun können be found in both the men"s and women"s collections. Through more development of the materials, ns fashionable cut kann sein come to die fore more und more there is no compromising ns warming character.
History of the Wellensteyn brandWellensteyn zu sein known heute as a textile agency that has actually German origins und still maintains its headquarters in Germany, but now sells worldwide, including bei outlets. Located in Norderstedt an Schleswig-Holstein, ns company was founded bei the 1940s. Die founder des the company weist that time was Adolf Wuttke. The textile company is still family-run today und is currently managed über Thomas Wuttke, now in the der dritte tag generation. Outlet sales space part of the company. Wellensteyn is managed in the legal form of a GmbH & Co. KG under the management von Thomas Wuttke in Norderstedt. With just 75 employees, ns company offers "jackets for millionaires and hobbyists" according zu its own description and brings out new seasonal collections the can so be purchased von customers in the outlet. The mode company was founded von Adolf Wuttke, who initially made his living together a welding kabel dealer in Hamburg. He marketed mechanical equipment for deep-sea research study and in this paper definition he so offered robust parka, which the shipyard employees needed weil das their difficult work in the cold in order not to freeze during work. Thus ns company eventually occurred into a company in the fashion industry.Wellensteyn"s management was taken over über Thomas Wuttke in 1986, die third generation grandson of the agency founder. Under his leadership, die well-known label for the products, i beg your pardon are now known and worn worldwide from Norderstedt, was created. The Wellensteyn products, which are also available in outlets, tun können be recognised von the white overcome on a red background. It was notfall until 2001 that the company was renamed Wellensteyn and the zuerst parkas and fleece jackets und short jackets to be sold straight from the boot to commercial safety customers. Bei 2003 die management was increased and Christian Gebhardt joined the management of Wellensteyn, i beg your pardon has since then accomplished stable sales and has lang since ceased to sell directly kommen sie customers and so to work-related safety customers. Today, privatgelände customers like to equip themselves with ns practical and robust garments. Die company has developed zu such in extent that it jetzt produces in China weil das 1,500 German-based retailers and 23 Wallensteyn stores weil das sales partners an Australia, ns USA, almost all of Russia and, of course, the outlet.

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Wellensteyn und georgewoodcock.com.com

If freundin are looking weil das high quality branded clothing, but at die same time want to geschäft with price an mind, you kann find articles von Wellensteyn bei the outlet des georgewoodcock.com.com. As in outlet we sell a vast range of products from well-known manufacturers and so carry articles von Wellensteyn as bei outlet bei our product range. An keeping with ns character of the outlet, our preis calculation ist always an extremely sharp and bei favour des the customer. Nur take a look approximately our online outlet and find exactly die jacket from Wellensteyn that you have been spring for. V us, at georgewoodcock.com.com, you möchte enjoy many benefits with her purchase. You tun können browse zum Wellensteyn products bei a pleasant and comfortable way at any time des the job or day of the week, consisting of evenings, nights, weekends und holidays, nevertheless of business hours.In addition, as bei outlet you oase many preis advantages v us. You wollen enjoy die product quality des Wellensteyn"s assets as a renowned label, but you wollen only pay a fraction des the price that room charged for the goods an the local retail trade. Die desire zum high quality should notfall fail because of financial aspects und we schutz made that our unternehmen to provide our customers with an extensive access kommen sie high top quality branded products without having to spend large sums von money top top purchasing. Why to buy expensive wie you can so buy cheaply? wie you buy indigenous us, you only ever save on the price, never on the quality! have a look at around and discover your favourite jacket indigenous Wellensteyn in our outlet.

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Special features von the Wellensteyn brand

The special feature of the feuer is the from the parka, originally made zum shipyard workers zu protect them during hard work an the cold and which to be therefore specifically robust and functional, a feuer has jetzt matured which private customers appreciate und like kommen sie wear together fashionable und functional and fashionable recreation wear. Ns company is still operating today as a family-run business, now in its dritter generation. From the klein town des Norderstedt an Schleswig-Holstein, the Wellensteyn brand has now established chin worldwide. Wellensteyn has end up being a well-known und popular brand an Australia, die USA, Russia, many parts von Europe and bei the particular outlets. The worldwide operation company zu sein operated at ns company location by only 75 employees. The clothing ist manufactured from china all over the world. With its assets Wellensteyn has specialised in functional garments that is also of high quality. From the parka for the worker in the shipyard zu direct sales indigenous the boot to occupational safety employees, Wellensteyn has now made the mark in many privatgelände wardrobes. Ns high quality und timelessly draft collections room aimed weist customers of all periods who room looking for high quality and functional clothing und who place ns emphasis on high quality rather 보다 fashionable aspects. In ~ all the developments that die company and the fashion industry together a whole oase undergone, Wellensteyn has not lost touch with its origins. Even today, shipping is still inseparable indigenous Wellensteyn as in important declaring element. Zu this end, ns company has actually consistently preserved its original headquarters in northern Germany to this day. Without exception, the label"s commodities are made des high-quality products that room durable however at the same time market optimum protection against wind und weather. Here die company kann draw on the many years von experience gained in the production des workwear zum shipyard workers und industrial security employees.