Wellness St. Peter Ording

Sankt peter Ording - Pure Relaxation at Germanys Wadden Sea

Holiday und spa-breaks weist St. Peter Ording, Wadden sea | Germany. An St. Peter Ording freundin find endless long beaches, the Wadden Sea, gentle climate, und dreamy indulgence programs. Ns municipality does notfall only possess ns biggest seaside resort von Germany but deshalb hosts ns only sulphur spring des the Germany. Native sauna facilities to Thalassotherapy to beauty treatments: an St. Peter Ording sie find everything sie could great for.

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Children"s paradise Sankt peter Ording

But so children are really enthusiastic around Saint peter Ording. The district of Böhl, zum example, invites you zu splash approximately with shallow water. Afterwards, in exciting expedition to the West Coast park where you kann sein marvel hinweisen seals and many various other animals. In Stankt peter Ording there room all kinds of exciting jene to find both on festland and in the water.

Wellness Sankt peter Ording: recreation ist very important

St. Peter Ording uses a selection von high high quality hotels. Whether all inclusive or half board, classic or rather modern, there ist something zum every taste. Ns booking von the hotels zu sein stress-free, dafür that nothing stands in the way des a well-being holiday in St. Peter Ording.

The Wellnesshotel Ambassador provides guests a direct view des the north Sea. But die hotel"s wellness area is deshalb worth a visit: The hotel has a 1,200 sqm two-storey well-being area v a swim pool and saunas. One more highlight are ns whirlpool baths on ns roof terrace v sea view.

The Lundenbergsand Hotel und Spa enchants with its charm. Located a wenig away from Stankt peter Ording, visitors tun können enjoy finish peace und quiet below - zum example, over breakfast through a view von the countryside. Famous weil das its "North Sea mud bath", i beg your pardon purifies and smoothes ns skin, holidaymakers gain first-class wellness therapies here. A day trip to the seaside resort nur 30 km away is always worthwhile.

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What kann you do bei Sankt peter Ording?

The seaside resort von Sankt peter Ording is famous weil das its thalasso therapy, which has actually a regenerating effect with its natural essences from ns sea. But deshalb soothing baths based on the roman model und cosmetic treatments as well as Ayurveda make wellness hearts beat faster. Guest can so enjoy a massage according kommen sie Asian or ottoman tradition.

After a day full of relaxation, die day comes to an end through dinner in a restaurant with delicious dishes.

The Wadden Sea world Heritage

Visitors kann sein marvel at und experience die Wadden Sea world Heritage Site in Stankt peter Ording. With an area of about 11,000 square metres, ns sight extends end 500 km. Von the way, die Wadden Sea zu sein a very young landscape that is only 10,000 year old. Continuous reshaped über wind and water, ns World heritage Site is home zu numerous species des flora und fauna.

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The Wadden Sea invites you zu go ~ above hikes wherein there zu sein a lot to discover zum young and old. To round off the excursion you kann sein stop for a drink in a beach gittern on stilts after ns hike and enjoy the wonderful view des the phibìc Sea. 

A health holiday an St. Peter Ording ist a great und relaxing experience, whereby guests consciously allow themselves a rest from everyday stress und let themselves be pampered.