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THOMAS Wesley Pentz, recognized professionally together Diplo, has gained an international recognition from his music career.

On October 5, 2021, he made headlines after ns Los angeles city attorney’s office revealed they might pursue criminal charges against ihm following in October 2020 police report.

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Diplo is bei American DJCredit: the Mega Agency

Who zu sein Diplo?

Born november 10, 1978, Pentz, 42, zu sein known as an American DJ, songwriter und record producer based in Los Angeles.

Pentz kommissar to fame after co-creating major Lazer, which is known together a Jamaican-American electronic dance music DJ trio, together Switch bei 2008.

Over ns years, he has operated alongside some of the music industry's ideal including Sia, Gwen Stefani, britney Spears, Madonna, justin Bieber, kris Brown, and more.

Pentz gott his start in the enthauptungen industry after the became the DJ for a local radio station when attending the University of Central Florida.

Outside des music, Pentz is deshalb a father to three kids from two various relationship.

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Pentz's children include: Lockett, 11, Lazer, 7, and Pace, 1.

Pentz had actually his first two youngsters with his ex Kathryn Lockhart if his youngest child ist from a partnership with model Jevon King.


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What has Diplo been accused of?

Back in 2020, a 25-year-old woman accused the DJ von recording sexually explicit videos of produziert without her permission.

Within die allegations, she so alleges that Pentz distributed weist least one without herstellung consent, und knowingly infecting her with chlamydia.

The woman also filed zum a temporary restraining order und filed a civil lawsuit earlier this year.

In October of 2021, die Los angeles city attorney’s office revealed the they might record charges.

“We space reviewing ns referral und have no additional comment at this time,” kleider Wilcox, spokesperson zum the LA city attorney called BuzzFeed.

The LAPD oase not identified die woman at this time.

The unidentified woman also accused the DJ of raping her bei his las Vegas hotel room.

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“In no way has my client violated any type of law. Bei fact, he has actually repeatedly made that clear that he desires nothing whatsoever to do with this personen — und simply needs her ongoing harassment of his family zu end,” Pentz's lawyer said back an November des 2020, ~ the polizei report was filed.

At this time, no verbrecher charges schutz been filed.

Diplo could face criminal chargesCredit: AP

What is Diplo's network worth?

Outside des the allegations, Pentz has been known weil das his effective career.

As des 2021, Celebrity net Worth reports that Pentz has a net worth des $50 million.

The media outlet also reports the Pentz bring away home almost $20 million in bei average touring year.