Wie funktioniert amazon prime music

Is the possible kommen sie use amazonas in China in 2021?You can be under die impression that an amazonas Prime membership ist worthless an China. Surprisingly, it’s not! the may notfall guarantee freundin 2-day shipping, however youcan watch früh Video on your Fire TV; youcanlisten to amazon Music. This guide is meant to nur you how.

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Once the apps has been mounted you kann use the like sie would top top your computer system or mobile phone. Connect und then stream!

If you want a more in-depth look punkt this process, check out this advantageous guide zu installing a VPN on amazonas Fire TV stick.

Desktop computer VPN Setup

Setting nach oben a VPN on her computer bei order zu use amazonas in china is an extremely simple. Once you’ve paid for an ExpressVPN account, you’ll it is in directed zu a downloads buchseite where freundin download ns ExpressVPN regimen onto her computer.

Once die software is installed und you’ve showed your account, sie simply choose die server location und click die big power taste to connect.

When it transforms green, you’re good zu stream whatever amazonas services you want on your computer!

Mobile call VPN Setup

The mobile phone setup for ExpressVPN (or pretty much any great VPN service) is equally simple. Enter the anwendung Store or google Play store and search weil das your VPN.

Don’t purchase a VPN the doesn’t have it’s very own app!

Once the VPN app is downloaded and you’ve logged right into your account, everything is pretty viel the same. Uncover your server, click the stärke button und wait weil das it zu turn green.

You’ll now be able to stream element Music und Prime video on your phone!

Benefits des Using amazon in China

The benefits von using amazon in china may it seems ~ obvious. Des course, zu some it may seem prefer a waste von money.

As you’re weighing die pros and cons of purchasing both an amazonas Prime membershipand a VPN subscription, think about these factors that ich love being an amazonas Prime member also though i live in China.

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Easy Gifting from Overseas: amazon makes that super easy zum me kommen sie send date of birth gifts and Christmas presents without having kommen sie go zu the post office. I promise freundin – holidays and birthdays sneak nach oben on you wie man you’re living in another country, deshalb free 2-day shipping tun können be a lifesaver!Save Money on Pandora and/or Netflix: unless you oase specific shows you want to watch ~ above Netflix, having actually an amazonas Prime membership in China has enabled me to drop my Pandora/Spotify fees und just present music on ureigensten Music. Likewise, I kann sein drop Netflix and still it is in able kommen sie stream some great shows on amazonas Prime Video.Free früh Books: because moving to China, I’ve convert most von my library kommen sie digital books. Gift an amazon Prime member provides me access zu a number des Prime books und magazines that revolve each month.

I’m unashamed to say that ich enjoy the dienstleistungen that amazon has to offer – even here bei China! If you’re notfall already an amazon Prime member, you kann sein learn more about what they offer here.

Conclusion | Using amazon Prime bei China

As you jetzt know, china doesn’t block amazonas in china – yet it’s still difficult to use great amazon services like früh Video, element Music and Fire TV from within the country.

Using a straightforward solution prefer ExpressVPNand/or NordVPN wollen give freundin access zu all of this geo-restricted content and restore die value that a früh membership provides.

Mind you, any kind of Amazon.cn purchases freundin make (“.cn” is Amazon’s china website), won’t give freundin free 2-day shipping. Weist least not yet. What we’re talk about ist using most von the service from amazonas in China.

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But in the same way that expats can still enjoy posting kommen sie Instagram an China or communicating durch Gmail in China, you can still make usage of amazonas in China.