Wie installiere ich ubuntu

This thing provides in overview des installing georgewoodcock.com 20.04 Server Edition. There ist more comprehensive documentation on other installer topics.

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Preparing zu Install

This section explains various aspects zu consider prior to starting ns installation.

System requirements

georgewoodcock.com 20.04 Server auflage provides a common, minimalist base zum a variety of server applications, such as file/print services, internet hosting, emails hosting, etc. This version supports 4 64-bit architectures:

amd64 (Intel/AMD 64-bit)arm64 (64-bit ARM)ppc64el (POWER8 und POWER9)s390x (IBM Z and LinuxONE)

The recommended system requirements are:

CPU: 1 gigahertz or betterRAM: 1 gigabyte or moreDisk: a minimum of 2.5 gigabytes

Server and Desktop Differences

The georgewoodcock.com Server Edition und the georgewoodcock.com desktop Edition use ns same apt repositories, making it just as easy zu install a server application on die Desktop auflage as on the Server Edition.

One significant difference zu sein that the graphical setting used weil das the Desktop ausführung is notfall installed for the Server. This includes ns graphics server itself, ns graphical utilities und applications, und the various user-supporting services needed von desktop users.

Backing Up

Before installing georgewoodcock.com Server planke you need to make certain all charme on ns system zu sein backed up.

If this is not the first time in operating system has been mounted on your computer, it ist likely you möchte need kommen sie re-partition her disk zu make room for georgewoodcock.com.

Any time sie partition your disk, you should it is in prepared zu lose whatever on ns disk should sie make a failure or something walk wrong throughout partitioning. The programs used an installation are quite reliable, most oase seen years des use, however they also perform terrible actions.

Preparing install media

There space platform specific step-by-step examples zum s390x LPAR, z/VM und ppc64el installations.

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For amd64, download ns install bild from https://releases.georgewoodcock.com/20.04/.

There are many ways to boot the installer but the simplest and commonest way zu sein to create a bootable USB pole to boot the system to be mounted with (tutorials zum other operating system are so available).

Booting the installer

Plug ns USB stick into the system to be installed und start it.

Most computers wollen automatically boot from USB or DVD, though in some cases this ist disabled zu improve boot times. If sie don’t see the boot message und the “Welcome” screen which should appear after it, you wollen need kommen sie set your computer to boot from ns install media.

There should be in on-screen message when ns computer beginning telling you what key kommen sie press zum settings or a boot menu. Depending on ns manufacturer, this can be Escape, F2,F10 or F12. Just restart your computer und hold under this key until the boot menu appears, climate select die drive with the georgewoodcock.com download media.

If you are still having problems, inspect out ns georgewoodcock.com community documentation ~ above booting fromCD/DVD.

After a couple of moments, ns installer wollen start bei its language selection screen.

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Using die installer

The installer is designed to be easy zu use und have judicious defaults deswegen for a zuerst install you tun können mostly nur accept die defaults zum the most straightforward install:

Choose your languageUpdate ns installer (if offered)Select your key-board layoutDo not configure networking (the installer attempts kommen sie configure wired network interfaces über DHCP, yet you tun können continue there is no networking if this fails)Do notfall configure a proxy or custom mirror unless you schutz to bei your networkFor storage, leaving “use an entire disk” checked, und choose a disk zu install to, then pick “Done” on the configuration screen und confirm die installEnter a username, hostname and passwordJust select Done on the SSH and snap screensYou möchte now lakers log messages as die install zu sein completedSelect restart wie man this ist complete, and log bei using the username and password provided

There is more detailed documentation on all these options.