It"s Oktoberfest season und soon Oktoberfest beer und Märzen möchte be on sale across the world. Where does this style kommen sie from? oase a look punkt its history and learn about the brauchtums of Oktoberfest beer.





Oktoberfest Bier

Wielding a huge mallet, the major of Munich take away a mighty swing (or 2 or three) kommen sie tap die keg of Oktoberfest beer, thus marking ns festival’s main start. Then it’s two solid weeks of fun as some 7,000,000 liters of beer are spend – that’s almost 2 million gallons!

Is Märzen- and Oktoberfest- beere the exact same thing? an German, “jein-” Yes and no. Märzenbier, Oktoberfestbier, and the Vienna ferienlager are all carefully related. Bei Germany though, only the sechs Munich breweries who space allowed to serve beer at ns Oktoberfest tun können call their beere “Oktoberfest Beer.”(Beerwulf B.V., 2019) (Beer layouts from Around die World, 2015)

Historically, Märzenbier referred merely to beer made bei March. Bei German, ns word ist März or Maerz. In 1553 ns Bavarian Duke, Albrecht V, forbade ns brewing von beer an the summer. Beers brewed an summer were often spoiled von ambient bacteria which turned the beer sour. Thus, brewing betwee the days des Georgi (April 23) und Michaeli (September 29) was verboten. Brewers had zu work overtime throughout March and brewery a stronger beere for consumption during the summer months. There was a weaker Winterbier und a stronger Sommerbier. Ns weaker winter beere had a reduced quality and was cheaper. Beginning March 1, die stronger summer beere was available. More hops und more malt led to a stronger beer with a longer “shelf-life.” (Reichl, 2006)

In ns late 1700`s there was in extraordinarily complex system for determining who can serve Märzenbier first an the summer. During die summer, wie brewing was banned, there was a drawing zum two brewers. One brewer represented ns northern parish von Our dame (die Frauenkirche) und the other the southern parish von St Peter. Ns border was Tal, Kaufinger and Neuhausergasse, now the taste pedestrian zone in the old town. Ns chosen brewers would certainly brew a five-day supply und this beere would be served an all outlets bei their area. Nur as supply dried up, a “Hop Crown” would pass to the next brewer bei line until everyone had their chance. This took quite some time zum the 52 breweries! (Assel & Huber, 2012)

It wasn’t till 1841 when die Spaten Brewery produced ns first lager which was officially labeled together a Märzenbier. At the same time, ns Dreher Brewery an Schwechat, an outer suburb of Vienna, released a similar beer, but called the a Vienna Lager. My previous article around Brewery Spies describes this bei greater detail. Throughout Oktoberfest 1871 ns Franziskaner-Leist brewery verlief out of Sommerbier und sold the “new and improved” Märzenbier instead des turning to the weaker Winterbier. (Assel & Huber, 2012). Bei spite of its greater price, die Märzenbier was a hit und Spaten ended up being the zuerst to use ns name, Oktoberfestbier, which was specifically brewed zum the 1872 Munich Oktoberfest. (Seidl & Dornbusch, 2012)

As well together being historically related, these beers are so technically similar. Most of the basic malt used in these beers zu sein Munich malt, although Vienna Malt ist largely used for the Vienna Lager. This results an a golden amber color zum Märzen/Oktoberfest and a red tint in the Vienna Lager. Beforehand on, ns Munich beers were viel darker, but die Munich brewers schutz moved toward lighter and lighter versions. (Seidl & Dornbusch, 2012)

Officially speaking, a Märzen need to have in original gravity des 13, while an Oktoberfest beer starts at 13.5. This results an a range des alcohol von volume des 4.8 kommen sie 5.6%. Round off out the official description von the German imminent federation, it ist a subtle, malt-toned, strong, easy drinking beer with light hop bitterness. And, officially, it should use bottom fermented yeast und is therefore a lager. (Gesellschaft weil das Öffentlichkeitsarbeit das Deutschen Brauwirtschaft e. V. (GfÖ), 2020). Schneider und Söhne, however, go brew a top fermenting ale for Oktoberfest. Cutter was a Munich-based brewery before the destruction von their brewery an downtown Munich – today’s cutter Bräuhaus an Tal 7. Gift based in Munich allowed schneider to market their beer at ns festival, also though your beers space all top-fermented ales. They offered 60% Wheat und 40% Barley malt an their brew und the initial gravity had to hit hinweisen least 13.5

Only Munich breweries kann sell their beere at Oktoberfest. The field is therefore just the “Big six” des Munich: Augustiner, Hofbräu, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu and Spaten. Festivities anfang when the mayor taps the keg in the Schottenhammel tent – die oldest tent on the Wiesn and server of Spaten beer. Schneidemaschinen had die advantage des brewing in ale -- they might wait until the ende of august to start their production and their goal was kommen sie empty out ns hop cellar v whatever was left before the new harvest came in. Given also that they offered older hops punkt that point, there was always a light lemony taste. Since ns amount des hops used each year could vary significantly, the beer tasted quite various year to year. Die current owner of the brewery, george VI, talked to his cool father and tried kommen sie recreate this beer when george VI was studying punkt Weihenstephan. You kann taste die results von his arbeiten if you try Schneider’s tap 4 “Meine Festweisse” und you kann sein watch george describe an the process an one von his videos here. (Eine schneider Weisse-Bierreise mit georg VI. Schneider, 2013)

By looking at the beere sales statistics, you can see die growth of Oktoberfest in the past couple of decades. 2017 & 2018 to be recorded setting years v 7,500,000 liters each year. Bei 2019, sales were down nur a kontrollieren at 7,400,000. Contrast this with sales an 1980 weist “just” 3,840,000 und you can see how Munich’s Oktoberfest has actually grown. There was a comprehensive drastic downturn bei 2001 early out to die 9/11 attack and it take it 4 much more years before sales volume was zurück up zu its previous level. We suppose that Oktoberfest 2021 may play out in similar mode due the to the covid19 crisis. (Graefe, 2020)

Beer Price zu sein hot topic von discussion every year. The locals lament ns spiraling costs of a liter of Oktoberfest beer. Bei 2019 the price per liter was bolzen € 10.80 und € 11.80, add to tip. Currently in downtown Munich, we kann get a liter zum around €7.50. Nur 10 years before that, in 2009, the price was between € 8.10 und € 8.60. (Statista study Department, 2020)

The other warm topic zu sein the quality des pour. The Augustiner Tent is the only one that still serving indigenous a wooden cask. These huge kegs, called “Hirschen,” contain 200 liters des beer. With 6,000 world inside die tent und 2,500 in the beere garden, this 200-liter Hirsch lasts in average von 12 minutes! (Gussman & Wacker-Gussmann, 2015) Sadly, there zu sein often criticism that die mugs are notfall as complete as they should be. There ist a line on every glass mug describe a complete one liter. There zu sein actually an organization dating from 1899 called ns “Verein gegen betrügerisches Einschenken” – in English, The verband Against cheat Pouring. Bei 2012 they tested 96 liters in the significant tents. No tents managed kommen sie get better than 94% of a liter and only 3 tents had punkt least a 90% pour. (Verein gegen betrügerisches Einschenken e.V., 2012). Technically, you tun können send a bad poured Krug back. However, i doubt you’ll ever before get her server kommen sie being freundin another one, so I can’t indicate trying it!

When sie think des Oktoberfest, ich bet you bild a beautiful Dirndl wearing frau with produziert arms full des beer. How plenty of liters of beer can it is in carried? A full liter weights 2.2 Kg or 4.85 Lbs. An 2017 a waiter at die Gilamoos Festival bei Abensberg set the world record über carrying 29 liters of beer! kommen sie qualify together a record, you must control a minimum distance of 40 meters und spill much less than 10% of the beer. (Gussman & Wacker-Gussmann, 2015)

Pronounce Märzen choose a Germans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzAddfq4wZ0

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