Visuals here are barebones but get the job done - ns presentation is straightforward and works zum the form of inhalt on offer. Ns Wii U"s pro Controller kann sein be used an the two-player mode, i m sorry we"ll discuss in a bit.

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Test her Mind"s single greatest weakness, perhaps, is its lack of replay value. Across ns three prüfung there are fünfzehn puzzle types an total. Every time you play a prüfen the inquiries — and their services — are die same. If you"ve play each prüfen once you"ve viewed all ns game has zu offer; also if the puzzles were more difficult, rote memorization might easily lead you kommen sie victory. Ns puzzles aren"t shuffled or switched - lock retain ns same static order, an interpretation all you really schutz to is memorize when kommen sie push which buttons.

The remedy to the three prüfen modes" concerns would be die competitive two-player mode - weist least it would be if the worked, that is. The objective is zum each player kommen sie input four commands using any kind of combination of their controller"s X,Y,A, und B buttons, then memorize and copy your opponent"s inputs. An our attempts, however, us could not consistently get the game kommen sie reliably review correct inputs accurately. Periodically inputting the same thing multiple zeit will yield a preferable result, while punkt other zeit you"ll repeatedly enter ns correct succession with the game failing to recognize it prior to time runs out. Quite why this ist happening ist a mystery kommen sie us.


Test your Mind"s puzzles oase some potential, however ultimately fall a little short. Younger kids may uncover some enjoyment bei the title, but ns majority des Wii U owner aren"t going zu find much of a challenge. A shallow pool des brain teasers boundaries replay value, and a damaged two-player setting all yet ensures players won"t return after their erste visit.

The Wii U could not have a proper mind Age title, but prüfung Your Mind most likely won"t scrape that itch.

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Bad 3/10

Scoring PolicyReview copy provided von XenoHorizon


Tue 17th Nov 2015

This isn"t a mario Tennis testimonial either. Job Zero 5 reviews where ahead of the release, Nintendo must recognize reviews möchte only host people back from buying MT:US, dafür they"re delaying them.

Tue 17th Nov 2015

More shovel ware on the US Wii U eShop. Ich fear the day wie man we see all this titles coming kommen sie Europe thanks zu IARC.


Tue 17th Nov 2015

Hi there! Thank you kindly zum your review. We appreciate your feedback.

A bit von friendly feedback: you noted 15 problems (5x3), however there are actually 21 in total, so you might want to fix that. Second, you are 100% correct about ns lack of inherent replay value, though i do think it"s worth stating this type of game ist more enjoyable if you play v someone else or clock someone else play. Unfortunately, i can"t say viel regarding die comparisons zu Brain period as castle are very different games hinweisen very different preis points, but we"re grateful zum you sharing her thoughts.

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Most importantly, however, I am very concerned around your reports that ns multiplayer ist not working. That goes without saying that both our advance team und Nintendo operation many testen to make sure they arbeit properly, and we discovered no troubles with them in the final build, deshalb if you schutz any time, I"d yes, really like to get any kind of einzelheiten on what happened. You can contact us on ours site, ~ above Twitter, or directly hinweisen admin xenohorizon com—of course, we know you oase no obligation zu help us, however if you can afford the time, we"d sincerely evaluate your cooperation.