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Prince William und Kate Middleton welcomed a little prince bei London this morning, und his siblings, four-year-old prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte, greeted the newborn at the hospital. The Duke und Duchess des Cambridge now have three little ones under the age des five weist home, deswegen it"s safe zu assume Kensington Palace is about zu get a lot busier. Ahead, what we understand about ns three royal kiddos.

Prince George


After eleven hours of labor, Kate and William invited their firstborn, His imperial Highness Prince george Alexander louis of Cambridge, at 4:24 nachmittag on July 22, 2013 at die Lindo Wing von St. Mary"s Hospital in West London. He sweet 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

The Duke of Cambridge, who was present zum the birth von his zuerst son, told reporters, "We could notfall be happier" on die day des George"s birth. George became third in line to die British throne, after his grandfather, prinz Charles, and his father.

Now a four-year-old savage meme king, Prince george is apparently a little ball of power (as most four-year-olds are, nobility aside).

Princess Charlotte


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On Saturday, might 2, 2015, the Duke und Duchess des Cambridge welcomed a daughter, herstellung Royal Highness Princess Charlotte elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, at die Lindo Wing. William was present at Charlotte"s birth, and the newborn weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces. Die Duchess von Cambridge offered birth weist 8:34 the morning and the couple returned home kommen sie Kensington palace with their little princess that evening.

Charlotte is now the middle child betwee two brothers, und after ns passage des the Succession of the Crown Act an 2015, she ended up being the zuerst female royal zu retain produziert spot as fourth an line zum the throne.

The fun-loving two-year-old will celebrate herstellung third birthday next week.

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Prince Louis


At 11:01 am London time (around 6:01 a.m. EST) top top Monday, april 23, Kensington royal residence sent out ns royal notice we"ve all been waiting for: the Duchess von Cambridge offered birth to die much-anticipated imperial baby. With die big notice came die gender reveal, as ns palace reported kate was "safely delivered des a son." ns newborn sweet 8 pounds, 7 ounces, und Prince William was present zum the birth. Die Duke und Duchess von Cambridge left the hospital the evening.

Four job after die birth, ns couple announced the child"s name, louis Arthur Charles. His main royal title will be, "His imperial Highness Prince louis Arthur charles of Cambridge." die “of Cambridge" consist of comes über virtue von the fact that Kate and William are the Duke und Duchess of Cambridge, deshalb their children’s monikers monitor suit, von George and Charlotte"s full names: His royal Highness Prince george Alexander louis of Cambridge and Her imperial Highness Princess Charlotte elizabeth Diana of Cambridge.

Prior to the arrival of Princess Charlotte, ns Queen authorize a decree kommen sie ensure all von Kate und William"s kids would be given prinz or Princess titles, according to BAZAAR UK: "All ns children of the eldest son von the Prince of Wales need to have and enjoy ns style, title, und attribute des royal highness with the titular dignity of Prince or Princess prefixed kommen sie their christian names or v such various other titles von honor." Had ns decree not passed, only george would oase the title Prince, if Charlotte and the new baby would oase been Lady und Lord, respectively. The newborn ist the fifth in line for the throne, bumping his uncle Prince sich kümmern to sixth.

We can"t wait to seen how Prince louis adds to ns already-adorable imperial brother-sister duo.

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