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The circle of friends von the Willy Brandt house presents the neu exhibition series "ART bei the Willy Brandt House". This enriches the stadt with a place zum encountering nett of ns 20th und 21st century. Die visit is free von charge weil das all visitors.

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ns wilde Jagd, Öl an Leinwand, 1926 © fritz Schulze – Abbildung jörg F. Müller
The erste exhibition gives in overview des the nett collection des the house, who spectrum consists des works indigenous 1896 kommen sie today. The theme of freedom runs like a object through the entire selection.
The exhibition kann sein be watched on website at die Willy Brandt House und virtually punkt www.fkwbh.de, and bei audio guide app (fkwbh) completes die experience.
For 25 years, the Willy Brandt House bei Berlin has been a place zum culture an the center of Berlin. From the beginning, the house"s art collection has actually been part von its collection - along with photography exhibitions - and has been presented an the form of guided tours und selected exhibitions. Its akkumulation comprises thousands of exhibits."The compilation des the selected functions from end 100 years zu sein to be the prelude kommen sie diverse encounters v visual art in the Willy Brandt House. From jetzt on, imaginative positions wollen constantly pat a new role in our program, even outside die collection," defines Mirja Linnekugel, head des the repertoire Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus.
The new app fkwbh also offers bei audio guide with images and texts zum adults and children weil das use hinweisen home as well as weil das visits to die Willy Brandt House.It gives detailed info about the exhibits bei the current nett exhibition und can be played an German und English.
In the zuerst part von the opened exhibition, works of Classical Modernism tun können be viewed that address the period von social upheaval in the Weimar Republic and later nur the fate von persecution und expulsion by the national Socialists, also of artists.
The freedom des art and the individual is deshalb the theme von the 2nd part des the exhibition, when the spectrum of non-conformist art of ns GDR ist illuminated v a few examples. Die commemoration des the uprisings bei the previous GDR on June 17, 1953, also as ns 60th anniversary von the construction of the berlin Wall on august 13, 1961, offer further reasons kommen sie look rückseitig on this part von German history.

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Finally, over there are an ext current positions zu consider: very often, visitors encounter berlin - be it as a motif or as ns artists" center des life. However "art from east Germany" deshalb lives on in reunified Germany, because ns artists" origins und their early socialization continue kommen sie play an important role.
The erste thematic focus des the series "ART an the Willy Brandt House" zu sein on die artist Roland Borchers, zu whom a unique exhibition bei the Willy Brandt House wollen be dedicated.
The collection des the residence has an extensive collection from different periods von the work des Roland Borchers.
The distinct exhibition möchte provide bei insight into this collection weil das the erste time. 16 paintings, drawings und graphics from die period 1984 to 2014 bring ns artist"s world von ideas and thoughts closer. Roland Borchers was born bei Leipzig in 1958 und completed his imaginative training in the year von the fall of the berlin Wall.
He became known nationally und internationally primarily zum his landscapes, which pat with the contrast of abstraction and figuration und have bei almost haptically tangible colorfulness.

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The exhibition shows, among other things, graphics the were produced during his college student days bei the GDR, but so more current works indigenous 2014, in which Roland Borchers deals with his origins und goes an search of traces. In addition zu large-format, vibrant canvases, tourists will so encounter small, sketchy works und be handled a journey to ns artist"s mystery places von longing.

© Bezirksamt Marzahn-Hellersdorf by Berlin, Fachbereich Kultur, Ausstellungszentrum Pyramide

© tic/ André lang

, 2018-2019 Emulsion, acrylic, oil ~ above canvas 280 ns 380 cm/ 110.2 ns 149.6 in. " title="Anselm Kiefer: Le dormeur sie val , 2018-2019 Emulsion, acrylic, oil on canvas 280 ns 380 cm/ 110.2 x 149.6 in. " typeof="foaf:Image" /> © Anselm ausgeschmückten Photo: Georges Poncet

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