The Authenticator app helps sie sign in to her accounts if sie use two-factor verification. Two-factor verification helps you zu access her accounts much more securely, particularly while viewing perceptible information. Since passwords kann be forgotten, stolen, or compromised, two-factor verification is bei additional protection step the helps defend your account von making the harder zum other people to break in.

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You kann sein use ns Authenticator app an multiple ways, including:

Providing a prompt weil das a 2nd verification an approach after sie sign in with her username und password.

Providing sign-in without requiring a password, using your username und your mobile maker with her fingerprint, face, or PIN.

Important: This call sign-in method only works v your arbeit or school und personal accounts. Her accounts require you zu use die standard two-factor verification process.


Before you kann sein use die Authenticator app, freundin must:

Turn on call sign-in zum work or college accounts

Phone sign-in ist a type of two-step verification. You must ausblüten verify her identity von providing a thing sie know und a thing sie have, however phone sign-in lasst uns you skip entering your account password and performs all of your identity verification on your mobile device.

Before you kann sein turn on phone call sign-in, freundin must turn on two-factor verification. For more info about how zu turn on two-factor confirmation for in account, see Add your work or institution account and Add your personal accounts.

Phone sign-in zu sein available only on iOS and on android devices running android 6.0 or above.

Turn on call sign-in

Open ns Authenticator app, go to your arbeiten or college account, and turn on call sign-in.

When sie tap ns account tile, you lakers a full display view des the account. If sie see Phone sign-in enabled that means sie are fully set up to sign in without her password. If you see Enable call sign-in, insanity it to turn on phone sign-in.

If you’ve already been using the app for two-factor verification, you can tap die account tile to seen a full display view des the account. Climate tap Enable phone call sign-in to turn on phone call sign-in.

If freundin can"t find your arbeit or school account on the Accounts screen von the app, it way that sie haven"t added it kommen sie the anwendung yet. Add your arbeiten or school account von following ns steps bei the Add your arbeit or school account help.

Note: doesn"t a combination von device registration und certificate-based authentication bei Authenticator top top iOS. Instead, the user have to register die device manually through Authenticator settings before signing in.

After sie turn on call sign-in, you kann sign an using only die Authenticator app. Here"s how:

Sign bei to your work or college account.

After typing your user name, an Approve sign in screen shows up showing you a two-digit number and asking you to sign-in through the Authenticator app. If you don’t want to use this sign in method, you tun können select Use her password instead, und sign in using her password.


Open die notification or the Authenticator anwendung on her device, und then tap the number that matches ns number you see on your computer’s Approve sign-in screen.


Choose Approve if you recognize ns sign-in attempt. Otherwise, choose Deny.

Use your phone’s pen or her biometric key to complete the authentication.

Turn on phone sign-in weil das personal accounts

You can turn on phone sign-in zum your angestellter account, such as die account sie use zu sign in to, Xbox, or Skype.

Note: To aid protect your account, the Authenticator app requires a pen or biometric lock on your device. If freundin keep her phone unlocked, the anwendung requires you kommen sie set nach oben a security lock before transforming on call sign-in.

Turn on phone call sign-in

Open ns Authenticator app, go zu your arbeit or school account, and turn on phone call sign-in.

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When you tap on the account tile, you see a full display view des the account. If sie see Phone sign-in enabled that means sie are completely set up kommen sie sign in without her password. If sie see Enable call sign-in, madness it kommen sie turn on call sign-in.

If you’re already using the app for two-factor verification, you kann sein tap the account tile to see a full display screen view des the account. Climate tap Enable phone sign-in to rotate on call sign-in.

Sign an to her account making use of phone sign-in

Go to your personal account sign-in page, and then instead des typing her password, pick the Use die Authenticator app instead link. sends out a notification kommen sie your phone.

Approve the notification.

Sign in using two-factor verification weil das your account

The traditional two-factor verification an approach requires you to enter your username und password into the device you"re signing in to, and then pick whether ns Authenticator apps receives a notice or if you want zu copy die verification code from die Authenticator app. On in Android device, ns verification codes tun können be discovered on the Accounts screen. On in iOS device, these confirmation codes can be found an the Accounts screen or die full display screen view of in account escape on the type of account. Sie turn on two-factor verification zum your account wie man you add the account to the Authenticator app.

Note: If sie don"t see your arbeit or college account or your personal account top top the Accounts screen des the Authenticator app, it way that you haven"t added die account to the Authenticator app. Zu add her account, see Add your arbeiten or institution account or Add your mitarbeiter accounts.

For the steps necessary zu sign an to your work or school or your mitarbeiter account, using ns various methods des two-factor verification, see Sign in using two-step verification or protection info.

Frequently request questions



How ist signing bei with my phone an ext secure than keying a password?

Your data is provided only zu protect your vital locally. It’s never sent to, or stored in, the cloud.After you set up die Authenticator app, it creates a crucial on her phone to unlock your account that’s protected über your phone’s pen or biometric lock. This key is then used to prove your identity while signing in.

Does call sign-in change two-step verification? Should i turn that off?

Phone sign-in is a type of two step verification where ns two actions both take place on the mobile device. Sie should save two step verification turn on kommen sie help provide added security weil das your account.

If i keep two-step confirmation turned on for my account, do I oase to grant two notifications?

No. Signing in to her account using your phone deshalb counts together two-step verification, deswegen there zu sein no second approval required.

What if ich lose mine phone or don’t have it through me? how do i access my account?

You kann always select the Use a passwordinstead link on a sign-in seite to switch zurück to making use of your password. If you use two-step verification, you’ll ausblüten need zu use a 2nd method zu verify her identity. strongly recommends that you schutz more than one up-to-date verification method damit verbundenen with your account. You can manage your confirmation methods weil das personal account from your Security settings page.

For work or institution accounts, you can go zu your organization’s Additional defense verification page or the Keep your account secure page if your administrator has turned on defense info. Weil das more info about defense info, see Security die info (preview) overview. If freundin can"t control your verification methods, you oase to call your administrator.

How do i stop using this feature and go back to making use of my password?

For mitarbeiter accounts, pick the Use a password instead link throughout sign in. Your most recent choice is remembered and offered über default the next time sie sign in. If you ever want kommen sie go zurück to using phone sign-in, select the Use in app instead link throughout sign in.For arbeit or institution accounts, sie must one of two people unregister die device native the Settings page of the Authenticator app, or disable die device native the Devices & activity area of your profile. Zum more die info about disabling your an equipment from her profile, see Update your profile und account info from ns My Apps portal.

Why can’t i use much more than one work or institution account for phone sign-in?

A phone need to be registered kommen sie a single work or college account. If sie want zu turn on call sign-in zum a different arbeiten or institution account, sie must unregister her account native this maker through the Settings page.

Can ich sign in to my computer system using mine phone?

For her computer, we recommend signing in using fenster Hello on windows 10. Fenstern Hello lasst uns you use your face, fingerprint, or PIN zu sign in.

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Next steps

If you"re having actually trouble obtaining your confirmation code zum your angestellter account, see the Troubleshooting verification code issues section of the account security information & confirmation codes article.