Windows 8 Im Desktop Modus Starten


Booting zu Command Prompt: fenster 8/8.1

The procedure for booting kommen sie Command Prompt an Windows 8 zu sein slightly more complex than in previous iterations von Microsoft operating systems, yet not von much.

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First, find die reboot button; in Windows 8, go into the lower-right corner des the screen, move up and click on the Settings icon, und then click Power, or bei Windows 8.1, click the fenstern logo and then the stärke button.

Next, click ‘Restart’ if holding down the ‘shift key.’ This will take freundin to ns Advanced Startup alternatives screen.


Common FAQs weil das Booting kommen sie Command sofort (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

How do ich get kommen sie the boot menu in the command prompt?

Getting the boot menu in the Command Prompt zu sein a täuschen question. You kann sein access the boot menu (a.k.a Advanced boot Options) from Command Prompt, but you can deshalb do it through a simple reboot und the ‘F8’ key. If you’d like to get the boot menu from die terminal, follow ns instructions below.

For fenstern 7, click die ‘Start’ button and type ‘command’ in the find box, und then click ‘Restart.’ when the system reboots, repeatedly drücken sie the ‘F8’ button until the boot menu display screens on her screen. Select ‘Safe mode with Command Prompt‘and then press‘Enter.’ the Command sofort screen displays und awaits her commands.

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For windows 8 and 8.1, niederdrücken ‘ctrl+x’ or click the anfang menu icon, then choose ‘Windows Powershell (Admin)’ to launch ns terminal. Next, type or dough “shutdown.exe /r /o” bei Powershell there is no quotes. Ns command terminal deshalb accepts ns same action. Accept die signout window, and your PC möchte restart and launch ns Advanced options Menu.

How carry out I boot to the command erinnerung on Dell?

To boot the Command sofort on a Dell computer or laptop, repeatedly press the ‘F12’ vital after transforming on her PC and seeing ns Dell splash screen. This procedure displays boot choices, including CD/DVD, USB, HDD, LAN, und SSD. If freundin don’t have boot repair media, repeatedly press the ‘F8’ key, und you might get die ‘Advanced Options’ menu. Next, select to boot to Command erinnerung from the Advanced choices screen.

How do i run system Restore from the command prompt?

For fenster 7, repeatedly drücken sie the ‘F8’ taste after powering on your PC. Choose ‘Safe mode with Command Prompt’ from the boot Menu Options. Next, form “cd restore” and then “rstrui.exe” there is no quotes. This process will launch the system Restore application.

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For windows 8, 8.1, und 10, niederdrücken the ‘F11’ an essential at boot to access die ‘System Recovery’ menu, which brings up the Advanced choices screen. Select ‘System Restore’ kommen sie launch the process.

What ist the boot command for fenstern XP?

To boot XP FROM die Command Prompt, type “Type “shutdown -r” there is no quotes. To boot XP TO ns command Prompt, repeatedly press ‘F8’ kommen sie load die ‘Advanced Settings’ menu. Select ‘Safe mode with Command Prompt’ an the boot menu that displays on your display or choose another boot option from die list, depending upon what you need.