Windows xp auf usb stick installieren

by robert Tanner und Rob Williams on april 16, 2018 bei Software

As time passes, more und more computers are being developed without in optical drive. When ns time comes kommen sie reinstall or update Windows, in issue can arise: wherein does that setup DVD go? the answer: on a speed drive. Discover out ns different ways kommen sie get windows XP through fenster 10 onto a bootable flash drive – und enjoy ns speed benefits that kommen sie with it.

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Creating a bootable fenstern USB drive used to be a chore, however today, one solution can pretty-well suit most people. However, there are mal when a speed drive has actually some quirk that stays clear of it native working with a specific solution, deswegen for that reason, this write-up takes a look weist five different methods.

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Benefits of USB download Media

Even if die target desktop computer or notebook has bei optical drive, there room a couple of reasons to consider zuerst creating a USB-based installer. Admittedly, die time and effort von creating die drive could make that best-suited for system builders, but zum people prefer us, that juggle test machines, USB zu sein a no-brainer.

To start, USB media ist more sturdy than disc-based media. Discs kann sein be conveniently scratched, while well-built USB flash drives kann sein generally handhaben a bit des abuse. Then, there’s the convenience. Ever before walk around with a disc in your pocket? It looks a bit odd.


For us, performance und reliability are die key factors why we’ve opted zu use USB-based installers an lieu des discs, specifically with USB 3.0 being much more common. Also if a DVD has been burned at ns highest advertisement speeds, that won’t be able kommen sie compete through flash storage which offers much improved IOPS power (operations per second) – it’s die same reason why SSDs are viel faster weil das booting an OS and loading applications 보다 a mechanical tough drive; ns seek zeit are minuscule bei comparison.

While it’s beyond the scope von this article, those who truly want a in der nähe des install experience kann sein slipstream USB 3.0 assistance into the install media, which on present chipsets and an SSD target kann sein allow you to install Windows in under 4 minutes flat.

USB Installer tools & Successes

Over the prozess of this article, we’re going to be looking hinweisen five different solutions that accomplish ns exact very same thing: developing a USB-based windows installer; if one doesn’t work, ns next one need to (at least, that’s die hope). To give in overview des what kommen sie expect from each solution, refer to this success table:

Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Windows XP
Microsoft USB ToolYesYesYesNo
Media development ToolYesNoNoNo
* requires Rufus 2.1.6 or later.

Given ns fact that fenstern XP has reached end-of-life status und doesn’t official support passend zu over USB, we have to outline a number von problems and conditions in order kommen sie get the working. Windows XP end USB is still temperamental, and there zu sein a good chance that it just won’t arbeit with your system, deshalb please save this bei mind.

For starters, modern-day UEFI-equipped devices are notfall designed kommen sie support such in old OS, so chances room that it will not even install, or even be detected an the erste place. If die motherboard in question happens kommen sie support a heritage BIOS mode, climate it might work. Various version des Rufus (explained later) have better happy with the XP procedure than others. We strongly suggest freundin skip to die dedicated part von this write-up that explains the problems with fenster XP and USB support.

What about fenster Vista? Like fenstern 7, 8, und 10, Vista too tun können be mounted from USB media through these exact same methods, however due to that fact that most have moved on native it in favor of 10, it’s not a huge focus.

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We mentioned Rufus above, and that’s ns tool we’re going kommen sie lead bei here with, as we think about it to be the simplest to use, und the most effective. We discussed die same device in in article native summer 2012 dubbed ‘Creating a Bootable DOS speed Drive the Easy Way‘, together it allows for simple creation des bootable MS-DOS speed drives, as ns title suggests.

After the look hinweisen Rufus, we’ll continue on zu UNetbootin, Microsoft’s diskpart (a tool developed into Windows), a quick mention von another main Microsoft tool, but one die company no longer promotes for fenster 7 und 8, too as ns latest method, the Media production Tool. Yet first…

Acquiring a Disc bild (ISO)

Some solutions noted on this seite require a fenstern disc image (.iso) zu be present. Die exception is ‘diskpart’, as ns disc’s files möchte need kommen sie be senden over manually (it doesn’t matte if they kommen sie from a an installed ISO or a drive in in actual DVD-ROM). ISOs are obtainable from a number of sources, but most people möchte acquire castle after purchasing ns OS online through Microsoft, or through some various other related Microsoft service. If freundin don’t have in ISO, or a disc for that matter, you’ll need to acquire one indigenous a friend or somewhere else on die web.

If you’re nur looking zu download Windows 10 as in ISO, you simply need zu run ns tool listed an step #5, und choose kommen sie save together ISO rather than zu burn the image to a speed drive. Note that us can’t really provide an MD5 weil das a fenster 10 ISO, together it transforms every time it’s downloaded v Microsoft’s tool. Only ns ISOs directly supplied by Microsoft would schutz static hashes.

There are multiple editions of any given windows version, but we’re going to list ns exact ISOs we used together with their MD5 checksums in case castle prove useful.

MD5 Checksums

Windows XP Pro (Service verpackt 3): F424A52153E6E5ED4C0D44235CF545D5Windows 7 Ultimate (Service verpacktem 1): 56A26636EC667799F5A7F42F142C772DWindows 8 Pro: 0E8F2199FAE18FE510C23426E68F675AWindows 8.1 (MSDN; multi-version): CDADC5A76634651770A365F457702803

Please be careful where you source her OS bild from, as most online sources wollen be pirated copies and/or bundled through extra (sometimes malicious) software. Exactly how the image was caught as well wollen have in effect on how the final boot drive transforms out, deswegen stick kommen sie official sources where possible.

For those that have a fenster setup DVD, a totally free tool choose CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn kann be used kommen sie rip that into in .iso file. Other tools exist the accomplish the same thing, however these are the only persons we can personally recommend. For mounting an ISO image, we’d recommend virtual CloneDrive, as it’s free, and not ns “free yet a total nag” kind of free.

NOTE: some anti-virus applications can interfere with ns USB creation procedure due to ns autorun properties involved, dafür if issues are experienced, we’d introduce temporarily disabling the anti-virus until die process ist complete.

Using Rufus

Both Rufus and UNetbootin are straightforward tools zum this task, and outside of Rufus’ fenstern XP support, both work nur the same. However, we choose Rufus since we uncover it lots a lot quicker, and feels a bit faster, too. For a great many reasons, this is blieb our wanted method des creating USB boot drives.

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With Rufus loaded up, choose ns appropriate maker that you want kommen sie turn right into a boot drive, under die “Device” menu, und make certain that the file system ist NTFS (not FAT32). Die other alternatives shouldn’t matt too much, return if you’re planning kommen sie install fenstern 8 as in official EFI OS, sie may wish kommen sie peruse die options under die “Partition scheme and target system type” menu. For fenstern XP, choose MBR Partition only.