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Hugo-Junkers-Ring (Busparkplatz B)BER Flughafen berlin Brandenburg12529SchönefeldGermany

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Things zu do in Berlin

About Berlin

With end 3 million inhabitants, berlin is die second greatest city in the european Union. Berlin is a popular cosmopolitan stadt with a colorful culture und a profound scientific basis. Die passengers who take trip to berlin can attend plenty of music events or take advantage von countless visit opportunities. Straight on the river Spree, bolzen Reichstag and Prenzlauer Berg, you can experience the “big stadt life” where bus passengers kann gain an insight into the rich history von Berlin. Die political und parliamentary establishments don’t only nur the essential political buildings des the federal republic but so the fascinating everyday economy und culture the runs through ns city. georgewoodcock.com connects hundreds von popular europe cities zu Berlin, deshalb you can travel directly und comfortably native cities all over Europe to ns German capital. As quickly as your bus arrives hinweisen one des our bus stops in Berlin, you kann sein begin your sightseeing tour: sie should über no means fehlschlagen the brandenburg Gate, Alexander setzt or Checkpoint Charlie. For those who would like to shop, the city center ist the place zum you; Potsdamer platz Arkaden, KaDeWe and Kurfürstendamm are the most popular spots zum any shoppers - check out purchase trips page zum more tips around where zu shop in Berlin!

What to do in Berlin in October?

You are planning a trip to Berlin in October? the German resources has a lot to sell even an the autumn! the official celebration of the German marriage Day, Festival of Lights und a mini Oktoberfest are just some von the countless events the take place in Berlin in October.

die Day of German Unity, commemorated on the 3rd of October, is in event the brings with each other Germans and tourists alike. Due zu its international importance, each year millions von people from every over ns world kommen sie to berlin to take it part bei this incredible celebration. If freundin are bei Berlin bei the beginning of October, passing von the brandenburg Gate and taking part in the celebration ist a must. die Festival of Lights is a typical berlin event that takes place over a week an October (for 2016: 07.10-16.10). Throughout this period, all taste monuments des the stadt are illuminated with different light themes. Insider tip: if sie take the local bus 100 (from the Zoo to Alexanderplatz), you will be may be to lakers all major illuminations & sie don’t need kommen sie walk. If freundin are up kommen sie some beer while enjoying in Oktoberfest setting but freundin don’t have the opportunity to go zu Munich, berlin got you covered! each year Alexanderplatz (the hauptsächlich square of Berlin) transforms right into a klein Theresienwiese.

Places des Interest in Berlin

The Reichstag building, die Museum Island and the brandenburg Gate offer our travelers a variety des culture - a bus trip to berlin offers every traveler something special. Across from ns Federal Chancellary you will be able to see the Reichstag. This building is known for its abstract glass architecture and its glass ball, not only this but it is bei the perfect location zu enjoy the magnificent panorama von the city - a must for when your bus arrives an Berlin. An ext than 15 million people have visited die Reichstag, make it ns most checked out sightseeing attraction an Berlin. The stadt center ist only a few minutes away. After sie visit ns Reichstag und have a stroll around the stadt center, freundin should visit the brandenburg Gate. The brandenburg Gate ist considered a landmark amongst international visitors, yet it is also considered a symbol of German liberty after the fall of the berlin wall and the reunification of Germany. There zu sein always in event taking place weist the brandenburg Gate, which was built betwee 1788 and 1791: neu Year parties, street festivals, concerts (to mention just a few!). Continuing in the southern direction of berlin is potsdamer Platz. Bus travelers must expect to lakers the American Embassy and the Holocaust Memorial. Across from here ist the zoo, whereby you kann relax bei one of the large gardens or bei one von the cafés. Climate why not take a walk to potsdam Platz; much more commonly supplied than any other venue zum all kinds von different berlin events, for example die Berlinale.

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Culture and History des Berlin

Berlin is the best city bei Germany, v 3.3 million in habitants it ist the resources city and the home des the government. Not to cite one des the most popular cities in Europe, especially among our bus passengers! berlin is rich in history und is also known as: the capital of Brandenburg, Prussia (from 1949 zu 1989), the GDR, and now the capital of the federal Republic des Germany. The city offers that inhabitant’s high recreational value due kommen sie its attractive place surrounded von countless lakes. Our bus passengers might notice the two rivers to run through the capital, creating a network of waterways that gives sie ample opportunity to swim in the great outdoors - a perfect destination zum a summer bus trip. Berlin is so known together a cosmopolitan city. An ext importantly, however, ns German capital zu sein the transportation hub des Europe - giving freundin yet another reason kommen sie travel by bus to Berlin. Culturally, the city is unique bei all of its diversity und has a lot to offer bei science and academia due to its varied universities and world well known Charité.

Nightlife an Berlin

A special dinner in a distinct restaurant, part fruity cocktails in a i know well bar, or a night out partying with tourists und locals alike - berlin has freundin covered! You möchte find in outstanding choice von ethnic restaurants offering high klasse catering. Pick from many multi cultural und versatile menus. Zum example, ‘Marooush’ is an oriental dream with shows, a shisha lounge, und a cocktail bar. The restaurant"s grill menu meets the highest gourmet criter and so offers excellent wines imported native Morocco and Lebanon. After 23:00 the restaurant transforms into bei almost royal residence like club whereby you can dance to oriental music. Weil das those that want zu enjoy berlin nightlife and its great parties, you schutz a lot of choice. From relaxing clubs and bars around the Savignyplatz zu trendy clubs in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain - there really is something zum every taste. If you would like kommen sie meet celebrities, you should not miss paying a visit to die "Bocca di Bacco" restaurant. Demi Moore und Matt Damon oase been rumored zu dine here. At die "Grill Royal" Penelope Cruz enjoys ns Steak juni Luxe, if Barack Obama and Tom Cruise prefer kommen sie visit the "Borchert Restaurant." We market your low cost bus travel deswegen that you tun können splash the end on gourmet dining with ns stars! in absolute must zu sein a visit to die “Puro sky Lounge” which uses a 360-degree view of Berlin. ~ above 11 Tauentzienstraße you wollen find the Lounge society on die 20th floor, zum electro and house music fans. Other ‘penthouse style’ clubs room “40-Seconds” and “Solar,” whereby you kann find many different events. Sie could also party at die Lichtpark, for our younger bus passengers.

Interesting Facts around Berlin

✌ German Comic Con is coming ✌

October 15th & 16th will see GERMAN COMIC CON take over Messe Berlin. Meet international stars like Christopher Lloyd (Back to die Future), james Marsters (Buffy), Kenny Baker (Star Wars), Natalia Tena and Iain glenn (Game of Thrones). Experience welt renowned Cosplays, Authors, Cartoonists, Gamers, Anime and much more. A weekend guaranteed to be jam-packed with entertainment of every kind. There"s no far better reason to visit die capital! take trip by bus to this crazy event.

More around Berlin

The German funding is an epicenter weil das politics, economics, sport und culture. With over 3 million inhabitants, berlin is die most heavily populated city in Germany and also being one des the most visited cities in Europe. Together a an outcome of berlin being such an attractive city, we market you bus travel from countless different destinations about Germany und Europe. Whether sie are looking zum a bus trip for a weekend away to escape, a bus trip to explore a new culture, or a longer stay auch really discover the berlin way of life, we provide the bus travel that you require. Bolzen Friedrichstraße und Wannsee, Brandenburger Tor und Prenzlauer berg there will always it is in something zu catch your eye. And also all the attractions there space countless international events on large stages und extensive small events in the regional area whereby you tun können celebrate through travelers and tourists alike. There zu sein no other funding city in Europe that ist experiencing a ‘hype’ similar to Berlin. This is bei accordance to die many berlin newcomers from nations all over the world, and so due to ns innovation of many young and creative companies, especially in the IT-industry. When you travel by bus to Berlin and arrive into die city, you will immediately feel ns vibrant atmosphere. Notfall only in the neu center and an the trend-districts von Berlin, such as Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, but deshalb in the upper-middle class parts von the city in areas such as: Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Zehlendorf. Here bus travelers und tourists wollen notice the distinctive ‘upward trend’ des these districts and will experience berlin at all various angles.

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Surrounding Areas von Berlin

Berlin has several surrounding locations that are absolutely worth a visit during your stay in the capital, such as Grunewald, Wannsee und Potsdam. Potsdam zu sein the city, where the tourist attraction, die Sansoucci Palace and its surrounding palaces und parks, room located. It ist definitely precious a trip zu take the bus from berlin to this wonder place.