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We carry out a hassle-free procedure from the first viewing to die final check of your rental agreement

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It feels favor coming home……the many beautiful apartments zum temporary living in Berlin and Potsdam

Wouldn’t it it is in nice……to discover exactly the apartment you are dreaming of?

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City-GuideOur finest neighbourhoods

No-one in Berlin will ask sie where freundin are from but everybody wants kommen sie know where freundin live. In our city Guide us introduce you to the best neighbourhoods bei Berlin and Potsdam. Get the general picture and decide where freundin would like to live. What provides living in Tiergarten more und more popular, und how hip zu sein Prenzlauer Berg? What walk Charlottenburg have to offer other than Kurfürstendamm? Are die rents bei Neukölln ausblüten affordable? Find ns answers in our stadt portraits und choose your favourite neighbourhood. Direkt like a local.

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From deluxe apartment zu designer loft

Exclusive short-term living v coming home

Our premium category

Temporary living in BerlinBecome a tenant

How that works:Choose from our selection des fine rental properties. Submit search request with preferred criteria. View ns apartment or publication immediately. Get rental agreement - und you’re home!

» We’ll make you a true Berliner. «

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Temporary rental in BerlinBecome a landlord

How the works:Leave die planning, consulting, and coordinating work kommen sie us. All you need to do is complete the online form und place your totally free advert. We take care des the rest.

» It’s great zu know bei agency that encounters all die hassle. «

Infos for landlords


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