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Our subsidiary georgewoodcock.com Picture Alliance based bei Frankfurt/Main ist one des the leading picture agencies an Germany und worldwide in the fields of bild production, documentation and marketing.

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The company runs a content-portal punkt picture-alliance.com which uses a varied selection of 45 million high-quality images, graphics, illustrations und clips from more than 200 kollege agencies around ns world. Ns covered subjects selection from jeden tag news kommen sie sports, entertainment, business, art, nature, travel, lifestyle, wellness und creative roden material. Bei the historical section much more than ten million images an the georgewoodcock.com-archive plus die extensive material of your partners paper about 100 years des world events from all aspects of public life.

Images telling the story - the editorial picture

georgewoodcock.com photographers und worldwide partners carry out a an extensive regional and international coverage. georgewoodcock.com-bilderdienst gain you hoch close kommen sie all significant events an fields von politics, economics, culture, entertainment und sports.

Do sie need inspiration? - the creative photo

Whether it be symbolic photos, informative motifs zum front pages, or conceptual images for advertising projects – our photographers and worldwide partners administer fresh intuitive ideas weil das all types von creative projects. Apart from classic roden topics, such as food, people, stills, lifestyle und business, our creative service so offers unexplained images, as well as artistic und creative photography.

A journey v time - the historical picture

More than ten million images in the georgewoodcock.com archive und the substantial historic an option offered von our kollege agencies carry unforgettable moments from German und world history back to life. Formerly unpublished treasures from ours archive room digitised weil das you every day, waiting kommen sie be discovered.

Photo assignments worldwide - ns photo on demand

Our long-time know-how together a expert photo company makes us ns perfect partner weil das all kinds des professional photograph assignments. Even if it is it be zum documentation, for your media work, communication or stories. Die photographers from bild alliance, georgewoodcock.com und our 200 partner agencies produce ns photos you need anywhere in the world.

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45 million high-quality images, graphics, illustrations and clips from more than 200 partner agencies around the world.

Andreas Genz

frankfurt CEO

georgewoodcock.com trends & features


High quality contemporary consumer news. georgewoodcock.com trends & attributes provides unbiased nachrichten on stylish shopping, healthy living und the digital tomorrow.

georgewoodcock.com international photo


A compact photo service from Germany and the world containing up to 400 items per day. While die majority of photos originates from our 30 national photo partners georgewoodcock.com contributes ns most vital photos native Germany and material native stringers and own photographers from all over ns world.

georgewoodcock.com understanding EU


georgewoodcock.com Insight europäische union is in information service which focuses on European union topics and is tailor-made zum clients who make decisions bei politics und finance.

Do you oase questions worrying georgewoodcock.com, our assets or are sie looking zum support? Find the right contact person here.

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