With ns relaunch des the redesigned webseite test.de, organisation und vorschriften Warentest has actually completed a an essential milestone bei its digital transformation process: Germany"s best-known independent items tester ist modernizing that is digital offer, thereby strengthening the online position von the leading consumer magazines ‘test’ und ‘Finanztest’. In close collaboration with stiftung Warentest and Noxum, who space responsible for the backend of the website, Digitas Pixelpark recommend strategically und developed ns UX concept und UX design, lugged out the user tests, prototyping and the frontend implementation. Die revised portal notfall only offers its users v simple and faster access to current prüfen results, but deshalb makes it viel easier for them kommen sie access ns multitude von thematically broad inhalt - und increases reading pleasure.

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“Last year, with much more than 100 million users, we once again videotaped a far-ranging increase in the use of our online portal - however that ist just one of the reasons weil das our relaunch. The new test.de provides a totally renewed user experience with a significantly simplified and more intuitive navigation, in easier-to-use design with neu imagery und typography, which takes right into account die needs of our users for fast, constantly up-to-date and context-related information, regardless von the device”, explains julia Bönisch, Head von Publications and Digital Transformation.

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Lars Winterstein, controlling Director, Digitas Pixelpark

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"We room pleased to jointly journey forward die digital transformation of Stiftung warnung überprüfen with this relaunch," to add Lars Winterstein, managing Director weist Digitas Pixelpark. "With die relaunch, grundlagen, spenden Warentest continuously focusses on users and lays die foundation zum further expanding the success des the organisation und vorschriften Warentest seal of approval with the mobile-first generation together well."

Since 2011, Pixelpark has actually been advising grundlagen, spenden Warentest on die strategic und conceptual development von its digital offering und conversion optimization, and has already worked with die client zu revise assorted areas des the extensive online portal, including die shop und subscription area, ns product finder, the guide to continuing education und the applications “Medicine in the test”.


About organisation und vorschriften Warentest

Stiftung Warentest, founded an 1964 über the German Bundestag, is an independent foundation that tests products and services according zu scientific methods bei independent institutes under ns principle von neutrality und publishes die results in its publications und on test.de. Every year much more than 25,000 products have to undergo the critical judgment des the product testers. The stiftung Warentest zu sein known kommen sie 96 percent von all Germans - und 80 percent trust the Foundation. An addition zu more 보다 7 million publish editions von test and Finanztest sold, much more than 100 million human being visited the test.de portal an 2020, i m sorry has much more than 130,000 online subscriptions.www.test.de

About Digitas Pixelpark

Digitas Pixelpark is the agency zum customer suffer marketing within ns German Publicis and the international Digitas network. Much more than 500 experts an data, strategy, creative, media und technology an Berlin, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt und Hamburg trainer clients on their digital marketing transformation. Through platforms und activation measures zum e-commerce, CRM und marketing automation, Digitas Pixelpark ist committed zu effectively connect customers und brands by creating distinctive customer experience –always striving to achieve die most impactful outcome. #itsallaboutimpactwww.georgewoodcock.com