Xbox one elite controller pc

Not many human being thought that Microsoft was serious about bringing its Xbox experiences zu PCs. Whatever ns reason, hardly anyone doubts the company is serious now. That all began with the Xbox elite Controller that Gotta be Mobile reviewed earlier this year.

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The Xbox upstream Controller ist Microsoft’s first piece des serious hardware do specifically zum hardcore gamers. Revealed tonnage year at the Electronics enthauptungen Expo, ns Xbox elite Controller offers trost premium construct quality and customization choices that simply weren’t viable weil das the continual Xbox One Wireless Controller. Amongst those features, is the ability zu connect ns controller to a windows 10 PC weil das updates, customization and button mapping.


Here’s how kommen sie use ns Xbox upstream Controller on windows PCs.

Why Use bei Xbox elite Controller

Before us begin, ich think it’s necessary kommen sie answer a couple of obvious questions about die Xbox elite Controller. The erste of those zu sein why stroked nerves using the Xbox elite Controller zum PC gaming weist all? Why notfall use a joystick or a gaming keyboard?

Truth ist that both von those choices are good if she a computer gaming native. Ns Xbox upstream Controller is perfect weil das the gamer that isn’t native zu PC gaming or prefers a controller. Having actually a controller way being able to lean back and enjoy your video game without something bei your lap. You’re no much longer chained to ns immediate area an front des your gaming PC.


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Through crucial mapping, you kann decide which tasten on die Xbox upstream Controller match ns keys on your keyboard. Gamings that currently support controllers simply map to the Xbox One Controller there is no issue. With ns right accessories, there are no wires involved in the setup weist all either.

Getting Started

Before you even purchase the $149.99 Xbox elite Controller, consider how’ll sie want kommen sie use the on her PC. Unable to do are die days wie you had zu choose bolzen whether sie wanted your controller to be wired or wireless; ns Elite Controller handle both ways of interacting v your gaming PC. Consisted of with die controller zu sein a braided mini-USB cable that allows you kommen sie charge from und connect zu your PC.

What’s notfall included with ns Xbox upstream Controller is the Xbox Wireless Adapter. You will do it need die Xbox Wireless Adapter prior to your fenster PC tun können communicate with your controller. Ns Xbox Wireless Adapter prices $24.99 from Amazon.


Another important thing you’ll need kommen sie consider ist the operating system that you schutz installed on her PC. Ns Xbox for fenster app and Xbox accessories apps are just how Microsoft extends die Xbox suffer onto your computer. Both von those are only easily accessible to fenster 10 and Xbox One owners. Really, you’ll need to schutz a computer system with fenstern 10 pre-loaded on that or have taken advantage des the Free windows 10 upgrade Offer to get die best out of the Xbox elite Controller.


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Mapping taste with ns Xbox accessories App

Download the Xbox Accessories anwendung to start mapping tasten to your Xbox upstream Controller. You will do it be guided through ns process of naming her controller und get a tour von all ns features the it offers.

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Every fenstern game that already features Xbox 360 controller assistance that you own won’t require any fine tuning beyond downloading die app and choosing what you’d like ns paddles on die controller’s rear kommen sie replicate.


You tun können give each controller construction a name and assign it zu a specific slot so that it’s easy zu switch in and out of it. There are so options zum joystick sensitivity, logo design brightness and reversing some von the controller’s functions.

Mapping tricks with die JoyToKey

For whatever reason, there are a ton of games accessible outside von the windows Store that execute not come with support zum controllers. Usually, these are gamings that depend heavily on computer mouse input for whatever reason. Cities Skylines is a perfect example. Vapor lists the game as having actually partial controller support, yet it doesn’t work with any type of controllers top top PC. The is, there is no some included handholding. Put in some work and you tun können make any kind of game at all support your Xbox elite Controller.

The finest software zu do this the I’ve found is called JoyToKey. As soon as your Xbox elite Controller is connected, you tun können assign it to replicate ns actions of specific keys on your keyboard. Zum example, die left joystick on the Xbox upstream Wireless Controller can replicate a pc mouse. The knoten can pretend to be the A key on her PC.

Download JoyToKey indigenous here, und extract the files to safe location on her PC. Yes sir no installation per se, merely double-click on ns program to offen it and begin mapping keys zu your controller.


As freundin begin setup, push a specific button on your controller and JoyToKey will tell sie what taste that ist with a yellow highlight. Weil das the best results, i recommend acquiring a list von keys your PC game requires und then using ns Bulk Assignment Wizard.


To fine track individual keys, you will do it need zu select the button from die list and double-click. Hit the key ~ above your keyboard that sie want kommen sie map.


Select Mouse from ns list of options if you’d like kommen sie map a joystick on the Xbox elite Controller zu your mouse.

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Note that going forward, you’ll need to start JoyToKey before playing any type of games that you need kommen sie map tricks for. The app makes this a little easier über letting you force it kommen sie startup for specific games in the setups menu. Note that Xbox direkt games downloaded v the windows Store shouldn’t call for you to do any vital mapping.