Xbox One Vs Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox ist now an its third-generation, with the Xbox One X. However how does ns original Xbox One to compare to ns newer Xbox One S? discover out below

Xbox One mit Xbox One ns Specs List


With complete support for HDR and 4K upscaling, ns Xbox One s wipes the floor with ns original Xbox One. That offers far better gameplay visuals, providing sie have an HDR-ready TV, and it can even upscale kommen sie 4K if needs be.

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Inside, you so have progressed audio that supplies Dolby’s Atmos and DTS:X audio zum truly role play gaming experiences. But ns Xbox One ns is so a an extremely competent media player too; it can handle 4K output weil das Netflix and amazonas Prime und it also doubles together a UHD Blu-Ray player.

Add an the list von amazing Xbox gaming titles you kann play on it, und you’re looking weist one des the best value gaming consoles around. Period. Sure, the Xbox One X ist massively powerful und does aboriginal 4K gaming, however it is A lot more expensive.

For value weil das money und non-4K gamers, ns Xbox One S ausblüten offers superior value for money and should notfall be overlooked.

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Xbox One mit Xbox One S: Price und Verdict

You kann pick up the Xbox One ns from around $299 via Amazon, and for the money, freundin are gaining A gewächs of console. Remember: it can upscale games zu 4K, play Netflix, and amazonas Prime Video in 4K, and it also doubles as one of the best-dedicated UHD players on ns market ideal now.

You schutz full HDR-support for gaming, which is a large addition that makes a massive difference to the overall quality of your gaming experiences. With respect kommen sie audio, the kitted out with ns best tech an the business for important immersive experiences.

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The design, finish, construct materials, and selection des games is also stunning. But die Xbox One ns isn’t just a gaming machine; it zu sein a main media center for your home. The does everything from 4K Netflix kommen sie file management zum all your downloaded films and TV Shows.

And zum less 보다 $300, that is truly outstanding value weil das money…

And remember: you tun können save a bunch von cash von picking hoch a refurbished unit direct from Microsoft.