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Key Specifications

Review Price: £600.006.44 inch Full-HD screenQualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2GHz processorMicroSD map slot8-megapixel rear camera
the Sony Xperia Z extremistin is a huge ol’ phone. It’s huge in fact. After the 5.7-inch samsung Galaxy note 3 and the 6.3-inch samsung Galaxy Mega, Sony zu sein pushing die limits des what zu sein acceptable zu carry in your pocket with this huge 6.4-inch android smartphone.

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It has a full HD display, is almost as dünn as ns world’s slimmest phone call the huawei Ascend P6, und runs on die same an effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU the impressed deshalb much on ns Sony Xperia Z1. It has actually all the ingredients zu make it a hugely preferable phone. There’s just one quite large problem – walk we point out it’s massive?


Sony has discovered a look zum its Xperia range. It’s something very different kommen sie what Apple, HTC und Samsung are at this time doing. Ns Xperia Z extremist sandwiches front and back glass panels between bei aluminium frame – Sony call it ns ‘Omni-Balance’ design.

The Xperia Z ultra has an anti-scratch plastic film on both sides zu protect that from her keys und coins like ns Xperia Z. And it’s available an white, black und purple.

The corners are subtly curved und don’t drücken sie into ns palm wie holding. Compared to the Galaxy Mega 6.3 this feels prefer a phone call you can be proud to zeigen off, until people realise it’s not a tablet, that is.


Like die Xperia Z1, the Z extremist is dust-proof und IP8-certified deshalb when die rubber-sealed latches on its sides are closed it ist waterproof at five feet depth zum 30 minutes. Die original Z kann only it is in dunked down zu three feet.

It’s an excellent that there’s in improvement in waterproof-ness in the Xperia Z Ultra, but die lack of a camera trigger button makes ns water resistance much less useful, uneven you schutz a habit des dropping your phone an the bathtub or swimming pool.

The Sony Xperia Z extremist is amazingly dünn – nur 6.5mm thick. In comparison, the Mega 6.3 ist 8mm and the world’s slimmest smartphone, the huawei Ascend is 6.2mm.

At 212g, die Z ultra it is slightly more heavier than ns Mega 6.3 (199g), however considering ns more premium materials used, it’s notfall really a surprise.

If there zu sein one thing many Samsung and Sony phones share this days, it’s die lack des consistency des button, port und speaker placement. Ns aluminium on/off button and volume rocker stay put and are jetzt joined von microSD und microSIM card slots. Die microUSB harbor is blieb over on the left with die 3.5mm headphone jack opposite the on the right.


The many frustrating change ist the decision kommen sie move the Xperia Z Ultra’s speak to the bottom of the phone call so an landscape mode freundin regularly block the speaker through your hand and drown out die sound. Die good news zu sein that the latches across die card slots space far much more robust than on vault Xperia smartphone leaving us confident they will withstand a bit much more punishment.
As zum single-handed operation, the literally a high order. Even die biggest-handed folk möchte struggle to get to grips with ns Xperia Z Ultra. It’s a stretch kommen sie reach a ignorance to die centre des the screen never, mind die top of it. 
Holding an landscape the weight does start to end up being a slight problem too. Once you hold it bei two hands everything changes. It’s a reason zu think of the Z extremist more as a tablet than a phone.

Unlike most tablets, ns Xperia Z extremist fits an a pocket, however doesn’t leave much room zum anything else. Sie wouldn’t want to bend down too far with ns thing an there. It kann sein fit into the zurück pocket too if freundin want but sie are more than likely asking weil das it to get nicked.

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Where die Z extremistin wipes die floor with ns Mega 6.3 zu sein the screen. Sony taken tech from the TV business und bunged it into this phone.

The Z ultra has a 1920 ns 1080 pixel resolution TFT screen with Sony’s Bravia Engine 2 und Triluminos screen tech. Die aim is to offer exceptionally natural colours und sharper images.The screen improves massively on die Xperia Z and the ‘sensor on lens’ technology clearly helps kommen sie improve the viewing angles.  

The range and depth des colours is where ns Z extremistin really impresses. It offers rich, colorful surroundings zum HD video und photos. Whereby it does lack slightly is sharpness. Despite ns vivid colours, ns 344 pixels über inch thickness doesn’t completely hold hoch on die big Z extremist screen – in part many thanks to die less-than-amazing contrast.


Sony’s capacitive display supports 10-point multitouch und more interestingly offers pen input. It doesn’t come with the own stylus like the samsung Galaxy note 3 yet you tun können use a normalerweise pencil, ballpoint pen or also a coin kommen sie interact with die screen.
It walk work, however with varying results. Picking nach oben a pencil first, the screen struggles zu even register the interaction. It’s the same through a ballpoint pen, trying zu apply die correct amount von pressure and angle to register a response. We actually had much more luck using a coin, opening trost the apps launcher, swiping with homescreens und drawing in the map out application.

As you tun können imagine, it’s quite challenging trying to write with a 5p coin and the slimness von the ultra Z provides it difficult zu rest your palm prefer you kann on ns Galaxy klasse 8.0, zum instance, zu get a comfortable creating position. Samsung clearly doesn’t have anything to immediately concern about in this department nur yet.

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We deshalb expect our journalists to follow clear ethical standards bei their work. Our employee members have to strive for honesty and accuracy in everything lock do. Us follow die IPSO Editors’ code von practice to underpin this standards.