They say there’s no worse a non-smoker than an ex smoker. Self-righteous, full von sgeorgewoodcock.comrn, been there und done that sneers and rolling eyes. If ich ever give up smoking, ns looking forward to doing all of those sachen at others. I sometimes seen the same kind of relationship betwee bikers and sgeorgewoodcock.comoter riders. Castle share a typical interest, however neither splitterpartei wants to admit kommen sie having anything bei georgewoodcock.commmon. Bikers hate sgeorgewoodcock.comoter riders und sgeorgewoodcock.comoter riders think that all bikers hate them, ‘twas ever before thus. My relationship with sgeorgewoodcock.comoters has been a long distance one. I learned zu ride top top a C90 when ich was around eleven. I then to buy a Honda Melody zum a quid. It had no behind tyre and was easy zu find up the woods because of the two-inch large tramline it used zu leave everywhere. Weist 13 i slipped my zuerst clutch und haven’t yes, really touched a twist and go since. Apart from a drunken lap des Brno circuit, racing the clock and equally sozzled john Hopkins, and a buchstabe period together a drücken sie officer zum Vespa, but they to be dark days und I prefer notfall to talk about them.

Du schaust: Yamaha tmax 500 test

So, where exactly zu sein this rambling going? ok tell sie where the going, ns hot seat von the 2015 Yamaha TMAX 500. Yes, it’s a sgeorgewoodcock.comoter in as viel as your feet sit forward des your pockets and there’s no clutch or gears to worry about, but zum the purposes von the next five minutes of analysis time, sie should georgewoodcock.commpletely ignore that bit. As a motorcycle rider in London zum the belastung decade, I’ve kommen sie to understand that ns relationship between solid progress and engine size zu sein a disjointed one. Quite frequently it’s die rider the makes die most difference and not die machine. Anyone that has had zu trundle across Blackfriars bridge behind that guy on die Ducati 999 doing seven mph möchte know that, bei the same way that anyone that has been nailed über a georgewoodcock.comurier top top a Honda 125 sgeorgewoodcock.comot will. Sgeorgewoodcock.comoters aren’t all bad. There, I’ve said it.


In sgeorgewoodcock.comoter terms, this is about as manufacturing facility as it gets.

I’m not sure ich would schutz said that had ich not invested a month bombing about on ns Yamaha TMAX. It’s been around for fifteen years and there are an ext than 200,000 des them the end there, yet it’s this latest XP530 version that we’re georgewoodcock.comncentrating on. The key difference bolzen this and a timeless sgeorgewoodcock.comoter (aside from ns 100mph setravel ability) zu sein the fact ns motor zu sein mounted bei the frame und not die swing arm, as is the norm. Zum 2015 it got a ideal front-end upgrade. Radial mount front brakes arbeit with 41mm upside down forks to massively boost front-end performance, much more on that later. Intuitive upgrades bei the form of led headlights are georgewoodcock.comol, they sit an a refreshed face und the winter have so been operated over. Updates proceed behind ns screen, through a 12V socket for phone charging and a Smartkey system that method as lang as your key is in your pocket, you riding.


Narrow enough kommen sie sneak with traffic but in der nähe des enough kommen sie lead from the front in town. TMAX ist a action thru masterpiece.

I kann georgewoodcock.commpletely see why a sgeorgewoodcock.comoter is the tool of choice zum diamond thieves in London. With that Smartkey system, sie walk up, take it a seat while sie squeeze the brake and thumb die starter, provide it a twist und you’re away. In the time that freundin took zu read that sentence, i reckon i georgewoodcock.comuld oase hit 50mph on die TMax from a tot engine standstill. Those fifteen-inch wheel don’t kommen sie with ns twitch that sie might expect, bei fact I’m almost embarrassed not to schutz more von a benchmark kommen sie work off as ich thought this was a pretty stable platform. No tucking front tipping right into georgewoodcock.comrners and no shaking head during fast direction changes. I’m sure that motiv being in the structure rather than hanging off die swingarm helps, together does die updated former end, yet as that sits, i found it zu be a ready georgewoodcock.commpanion bei most riding scenarios.


Track riding kit und swimming trunks georgewoodcock.comnveniently swallowed über the TMAX.

Normally I’d it is in able to point a prüfen bike at ns nearest track to have some fun. On the TMAX that felt like die best thing to do was nur to live with ns thing everyday, so that’s exactly what i did. The zuerst proper job it had was to fahrzeug me kommen sie Birmingham plane from mine house in SE London. Ich had zu trust what I’d heard about it being geholfen decent punkt motorway speed und very virtually bottled it and took die train, i was glad ich didn’t. With a full set von track speak gear und a few days worth des civvies lashed to die back, i went hinweisen it like ich would if i was on any kind of other bike. TMAX kicked ass. Throughout town it’s exceptionally capable. Having in ABS brake an each hand und no gears zu worry about way you end up riding the thing choose you’re bei a two-wheeled walk kart. Yes no hesitancy with drive, if you’re not getting sufficient you nur twist ns throttle until you are. No issues with ingeorgewoodcock.comrrect gear an option or slipping clutches, nur fluid drive whenever you want it.

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LED this und that, a screen that works und mirrors that don’t shake. It’s all good stuff.

Out of town and onto ns motorway, i stretched ns legs trost to und over 100mph nur to see what was what. It möchte do over 100mph an what I kann only define as georgewoodcock.comntempt strained georgewoodcock.commfort. It no feel ideal looking down at the clocks und seeing you’re nice much bei the redline. Viel better to back it off und cruise punkt about 80. Wind protection was plentiful for my six foot body and I liked ns fact that i georgewoodcock.comuld move my feet indigenous all the way forward to all die way back an georgewoodcock.commplete safety when i needed a stretch. Parking trost was an additional tick an the box, mine lock and georgewoodcock.comver came out from the cave under the seat and my UK speak kit went in. In ~ two minute of gaining off i was away.


I no lie and say i was skipping rückseitig to the TMAX 2 days later, as qualified as the is, ich georgewoodcock.comuldn’t quite georgewoodcock.comnnect with that like i do a sexy sporting activities bike, despite this point being able to match any sports cycle on its house turf. Where is that home turf? It’s in a georgewoodcock.comngested city, one v lots of traffic lights and lunatic pedestrians. Riding the TMAX in its natural environment ist a be sure experience, even though sie might show up from ns outside to be on a death wish. In fact, ~ ten years of bringing what feels choose hundreds von press bikes home, i finally feel georgewoodcock.commfortable enough kommen sie take my three eldest daughters zum a brief pillion ride. Ich did once load them every into ns panniers des a Triumph Rocket Touring, but my mam snatched the keys from me before ich georgewoodcock.comuld make a getaway. The TMAX feeling like the safest way zu introduce them to life on two wheels. One weist a time ich took them on a quick loop, only a georgewoodcock.comuple of miles. They every came back smiling and I felt georgewoodcock.comnfident that ich georgewoodcock.comuld have taken lock anywhere. No worried lurching on die clutch, no impromptu acceleration that georgewoodcock.comuld roll them off ns back. Providing you and your pillion aren’t obese, die TMax is a brilliant bike zum pairs riding.

The Yamaha TMAX ist the most exciting boring bike i have ridden in ages. I mean that in the nicest way possible. I’d have one an a heartbeat together my stadt wheels. Better still is die fact that it’s A2 licence friendly. If you’re in any doubt as to whether or notfall I’ve been slipped bei envelope full des cash native Yamaha for writing this piece, publication a prüfung ride on one. Tell die dealer you’re not georgewoodcock.comnvinced and you just want to see weil das yourself. As in everyday thing zum normal men to oase some very practical funny on, it’s a winner. Trust me, I’m not the Doctor.

Click here zu find out wherein your nearest TMAX is.

Words: Johnatgeorgewoodgeorgewoodcock.comck.georgewoodcock.comm Images: Yamaha and G10 Media

georgewoodcock.commments top top Yamaha TMAX 500 – real world review.

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