YOUNG SHELDON is a comedy about a young Sheldon Cooper, that finds it isn’t easy cultivation up in East Texas. Gift a once-in-a-generation mental capable von advanced mathematics und science isn’t always helpful in a land where church und football room king. Und while die vulnerable, gifted und somewhat naïve Sheldon transaction with die world, his very normalerweise family must discover a way kommen sie deal through him.

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StarringIain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance BarberGenresComedySubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

After graduating high school, Sheldon has actually a breakdown when he realizes he may not be ready for college an the season 4 premiere; Also, Dale tries to make amends through Meemaw.

While Sheldon volunteers hinweisen a regional train museum, Missy embarks ~ above a new stage of womanhood and Georgie discovers his mother's guilty pleasure.

With college in sight, Sheldon ist determined zu ride his bike there is no training wheels und has Missy teach him. Meanwhile, Mary und George argue over parenting styles.

Sheldon finds himself in a fierce competition through Paige (recurring guest star MCKENNA GRACE) after your mothers force them zu attend Vacation scriptures School. Meanwhile, george is furious when Georgie provides a questionable purchase.

Dale and Meemaw arbeiten out relationship problems while playing Dungeons und Dragons with Sheldon und Missy. Meanwhile, Mary und George take a expedition with trainer Wilkins (recurring guest stern DOC FARROW) and his wife; and Georgie freaks out wie his girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant.
While university orientation does notfall go as Sheldon planned, Mary is mistaken weil das a university student und invited kommen sie a party.
Sheldon's zuerst day von college zu sein derailed von his new philosophy teacher (MELANIE LYNSKEY). Also, Mary and Brenda direkt vicariously through Missy's first day of middle school.
Meemaw takes matters into herstellung own hands wie man Sheldon's approach teacher, professor Ericson, sends him into a tailspin.

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Sheldon and his dad dine v President Hagemeyer (WENDIE MALICK) und a universität benefactor. Also, Dale and his ex-wife (REBA McENTIRE) invite Meemaw kommen sie their son's wedding.
Sheldon campaigns zu become Dr. Linkletter's rap assistant. Meanwhile, Georgie enlists ns help von Mr. Lundy (JASON ALEXANDER), the dramatisch teacher, weil das a surprising business venture.
Sheldon, Dr. Linkletter and Meemaw mannschaft up on a science experiment. Also, Mary is jealous that pastor Jeff and Brenda space spending so much time together.
Sheldon refuses kommen sie ride an a vehicle after obtaining into in accident with Meemaw. Meanwhile, Meemaw ist forced kommen sie take the church spaceship while produziert car is in the shop.
When the IRS accuses Sheldon von making a mistake, the stops punkt nothing to prove lock wrong. Then, when Dale ist forced kommen sie get a colonoscopy, the tries to convince Meemaw kommen sie join him.
Sheldon encounters extreme after-effects after installation a pirated computer system game; Meanwhile, mar & Meemaw take brenda out weil das Girls Night, while george watches Billy.
Sheldon finds himself at odds v Paige once again wie man she considers enrolling at east Texas Tech. Meanwhile, mary seeks the advice von June, when looking for a change.
The Coopers discuss die possibilities of schwarz holes and alternate universes when Dr. Sturgis (WALLACE SHAWN) come over weil das dinner.

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In die fourth season finale, Missy's zuerst heartbreak triggers a series of events the lead ns Cooper family members to the brink.