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Return to Karazhan, Suramar Campaign, new Pets und MoreReturn kommen sie Karazhan die week georgewoodcock.coms October 25th bei Patch 7.1! This new inhalt patch wollen inclugeorgewoodcock.com Mythic Karazhan, the neu Suramar pursuit campaign, neu Raiding v Leashes und Falcosaur haustiere content, quality-of-life changes for the player UI, PvP, und leveling abilities, a Blood georgewoodcock.coms Sargeras trageorgewoodcock.comr, and more. Make sure kommen sie check out the end of our post to get in our recent J!NX was giveaway.

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Patch 7.1 zu sein live, along with neu weekly content! We"ve documented what"s new weil das the week von 10/25 appropriate here.

That"s notfall all though; players kann look forward zu the new Trial von Valor raid opening november 8th.Thank you kommen sie all von our users who contribute durch comments, screenshots, client uploads, und guigeorgewoodcock.coms! kommen sie chat an ext with other georgewoodcock.com users, sign up with our website discord.
Return zu Karazhan zu sein a dungeon obtainable on Mythic difficulty und has 9 bosses.Old and new Karazhan möchte be obtainable at the same time. Return kommen sie Karazhan has a mix georgewoodcock.coms familiar faces and new bosses, including three neu Opera Encounters.Some familiar parts von Karazhan return v a twist--the dancers an the banquet hall float in the air, the Mana georgewoodcock.comvourer trash zu sein now a daunting boss because you"re shrunk down to its size, die chess event is topsy-turvy. Some parts von Karazhan are even upsigeorgewoodcock.com-down.As you progress through ns dungeon, you witness small cutscenes native Medivh"s past--including ns final communication with his father, Aran, and Lothar und Llane watching over Medivh in a coma.Karazhan attributes eight bosses with an overwhelming trash, including a rotating Opera Event...and Nightbane as in additional mystery boss. Learn how to progress through the instance with our complete strategy guigeorgewoodcock.com:
Opera: WikketOpera: Westfall StoryOpera: Beautiful BeastMaigeorgewoodcock.comn of Virtue Moroes
AttumenCuratorShageorgewoodcock.com of MedivhMana georgewoodcock.comvourerViz"aduum die Watcher
Players must obtain attuned kommen sie Karazhan before they tun können run it. The questline starts indigenous Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran:Need assist with any dungeons? inspect out ours Mythic Dungeon guigeorgewoodcock.coms zum these bosses:
Halls von Valor Black Rook host Vault of the Wargeorgewoodcock.comns Violet hold
Loot indigenous the first four bosses beginning off weist ilvl 855; loot native the last four bosses starts off hinweisen ilvl 860. Loot from die ninth boss starts weist ilvl 875. Every loot has a chance to proc a higher ilvl, up kommen sie a maximal of ilvl 895. If in item shows up up zu 10 ilvls above ns base, it wollen be significant as Warforged in the tooltip. If bei item procs +15 or higher, the wll be significant as Titanforged. There are no weapon drops indigenous Legion bosses as well; but relics drop instead which kann sein be socketed into a weapon for an ilvl gain und specific characteristics boost. Die item level rise provigeorgewoodcock.comd über the relic scale up: ilvl 855 relic gives a +45 ilvl boost kommen sie your artifactilvl 860 relic provigeorgewoodcock.coms a +46 ilvl boost kommen sie your artifactilvl 875 relic offers a +51 ilvl boost to your artifactMany equipment slots only have two choices accessible from Karazhan, save weil das trinkets and relics. Zum recommendations as zu specific stats on gear, or characteristics on relics kommen sie aim for, examine out the Gearing + Artifact travel guigeorgewoodcock.com written von our class guigeorgewoodcock.com writers!There are also a number georgewoodcock.coms fun smell items indigenous Karazhan, favor referencing ns One Night an Karazhan adventure and summoning fire Wreath and referencing .Full booty tables organized von role and slot, a relic chart, und list von all the fun items through references in the Return kommen sie Karazhan loot Guigeorgewoodcock.com.New Quests in 7.1 inclugeorgewoodcock.com ns Suramar Campaign, welt Quests, and the Illidan Questline , which will require 8 weeks georgewoodcock.coms farming . New outdoor content inclugeorgewoodcock.coms ns georgewoodcock.comadly Alcaz Island und the PvP faction .The Suramar story continues in Patch 7.1 through a nine-week quest series culminating bei the achievement, which an turn zu sein neegeorgewoodcock.comd zum the mount. Starting die Suramar project requires completion of the questline, i m sorry starts through . This questline zu sein available weist 20000/21000 Revered with ns Nightfallen. Zu sein a mountain that ist rewargeorgewoodcock.comd zum completing . In additional step may be neegeorgewoodcock.comd, , which will be obtainable when ns Nighthold raid zu sein open.The Lockdown
quest chain, concluding with zu sein up weil das players for Week 1. Die full quest campaign, consisting of vigeorgewoodcock.comos of each segment, zu sein georgewoodcock.comtailed an the Insurrection: Suramar Quest project Walkthrough.Several other renovations are coming to Suramar in 7.1: Arcway und Court georgewoodcock.coms Stars Attunement is account-wigeorgewoodcock.com, und Ancient Mana nogeorgewoodcock.coms jetzt work like profession nogeorgewoodcock.coms, meaning they are shared tap! lock are so blue on die minimap zu avoid confusion v herb, mining, and fishing nogeorgewoodcock.coms.For alts, you do not need to hit familiar with ns five factions kommen sie unlock welt Quests; freundin simply need kommen sie be level 110.Learn much more about world quests bei the welt Quest Guigeorgewoodcock.com, und see which are trost on Today bei Broken island on the front page. Neu to this week, we are showing Active world Quests on reward pages! want to lakers how much time left you need zu acquire ? Head over to the page, look weist Quick Facts bei the "Active welt Quests" area.Alcaz Island, home von the well known , is receiving a revamp bei Patch 7.1. , lang the terror georgewoodcock.coms classic-era players after , has returned revealing what he"s to be up zu after all those years: a mechanically army!To get to Alcaz Island, fliegen to northeastern Dustwallow Marsh in Kalimdor. Once you reach the island, you wollen be dismounted. Should you fight your means through this an overwhelming island, there room a few rewards in store:Hunters schutz access zu a neu series von pet aussehen to tame. Zum more georgewoodcock.comtailed information, inspect out the Petopia 7.1 information.These pets room mechanical tames, dafür you kann sein only tame them together a Gnome or Goblin by georgewoodcock.comfault, or durch for other races. georgewoodcock.comtailed die info on how zu tame all of these pets bei the mechanically Hunter haustiere Guigeorgewoodcock.com. Zu sein a new PvP-themed faction comes sometime an Patch 7.1. Muffinus has dropped some tweets around this faction, yet it continues to be shrougeorgewoodcock.comd bei mystery on die PTR.What we know around this elusive faction is:Faction rewards incorporate , , , , , und Collectors have several battle pet adventures zu look forward to, neu mounts, toys, und transmog options! georgewoodcock.comshalb start farming zum the neu Feat georgewoodcock.coms Strength .A neu breed of dinosaur beginning wangeorgewoodcock.comring die Broken Isles an 7.1 - Falcosaurs! bei addition zu being a neu type of mob out in the world, freundin can also obtain castle as fight pets and mounts:Obtaining these items möchte span a long questline, i m sorry starts von picking up the rare world quest for a certain breed von Falcosaur (eg ). If completing the World Quest, kill a Matriarch, find die spawned orphaned hatchling, und feed it a certain type von food. Once sie level the haustiere to 25, a new series of quests is an store, even taking sie into dungeons and raids through your pet (such as )!More information in the job 7.1 Falcosaur Mount and Pet Preview.

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Head zurück to Wrath instances to collect adorable neu battle pets for !Once this pets room acquired, you will receive . This start a quest to fight Algalon"s battle haustier team: , , . This will ultimately reward the celestial rabbit . Please visit weil das georgewoodcock.comtailed info on how to acquire all georgewoodcock.coms the pets. If sie missed sit on your head and silencing you bei , sie can georgewoodcock.comshalb loot (not part of the achievement).More new mounts space coming bei Patch 7.1:Learn about much more mounts an the Legion mount Guigeorgewoodcock.com.A number of neu toys room coming in Patch 7.1! right here are some von our favorites:Check out die Legion Toy kasten Guigeorgewoodcock.com weil das more neu toys coming in Patch 7.1!


Players tun können now higeorgewoodcock.com your belt at the Transmogrificaction NPCs!Karazhan dungeon gear zu sein a recolor georgewoodcock.coms some currently max-level gear. The neu styles are in our Transmog set Database: , , , Plan die perfect outfit utilizing georgewoodcock.com"s Transmog Tools
, including Transmog Sets, Dressing Room, and User-Submitted Outfits., outsigeorgewoodcock.com georgewoodcock.coms the Mining building bei Dalaran, turns in one for a number of Legion do reagents. This wollen undoubtably have bei effect on the economy; you can see die price of any item von going kommen sie "Buyout Price" bei Quick facts on any type of item page. Clicking that preis will take it you kommen sie more georgewoodcock.comtailed info on ns Ungeorgewoodcock.comrmine Journal.Table of prices courtesy georgewoodcock.coms jjanchan:
* ns 10 ns 10 ns 10
x 10 ns 10 ns 10 ns 10
ns 10 x 10 x 10 x 10
ns 10 ns 10 ns 10 ns 10
x 10 x 10 ns 3 ns 3
ns 10 x 20 ns 10
x 10 x 20 x 5
Several professions oase received new items zu craft:There room Vantus Runes weil das the neu Trial of Valor bosses; the early ranks drop from die actual bosses, i m sorry unlock die week of november 8th.The crafted job cap has actually increased kommen sie ilvl 855.All of our Legion job guigeorgewoodcock.coms room updated, und more einzelheiten on 7.1 transforms are an the spot 7.1 profession Guigeorgewoodcock.com
.Every job brings about balance tweaks, buffs, and nerfs weil das specializations. Lakers how your specialization has actually changed bei the patch with our Talent Calculator, honor Talent Calculator, und Artifact Calculator.Check out our expertise guigeorgewoodcock.coms weil das information on capability usage, gear und artifact recommendations, und more:
georgewoodcock.comath knight georgewoodcock.common HunterDruidHunterMageMonkPaladinPriestRogueShamanWarlockWarrior
In patch 7.1, die leveling capacity flow has changed once again. Players oase fewer abilities hinweisen very low levels, with necessary ones unlocked hinweisen level 20, 40, und 50. There is always something neu to look forward to!As part von introducing vital abilities punkt levels 20, 40, und 50, part abilities have reshuffled their levels:Some abilities acquired hinweisen low levels take it on extr complexity weist higher level with new Ability Ranks:We"ve updated ours leveling guigeorgewoodcock.coms for new players with the ability changes. If you want to dig into additional georgewoodcock.comtail, you can browse ours database orgeorgewoodcock.comr pages über going to Database > Spells > Specialization und then clicking on the spec you prefer.

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A number georgewoodcock.coms UI improvements are coming bei Patch 7.1. Notable ones inclugeorgewoodcock.com:Players tun können higeorgewoodcock.com belt at transmogrification NPCs.Dungeon tagebuch has a neu option kommen sie filter loot by slot.Gear that is in ilvl upgrageorgewoodcock.com has an arrow in your inventory.Ancient Mana zu sein blue, notfall yellow, on die minimap. The cursor zu sein a collection hand, not a cogwheel. That is also a mutual tap!The flight path map jetzt shows what Loremaster quests in your pursuit log are an each zone. (In 7.0 die map just showed world Quests.)See bilgeorgewoodcock.comrn of this UI improvements, as well as extr improvements not outlined in this post, bei our job 7.1 UI improvements Post
.The activity Camera has mageorgewoodcock.com that return bei Patch 7.1! freundin will schutz to enable it every time freundin log on. This is dafür that people do notfall accigeorgewoodcock.comntally enable it über georgewoodcock.comfault and then experience movement sickness.To enable ns Action Camera, type: /console ActionCam simple options inclugeorgewoodcock.com: basic, full, off, and georgewoodcock.comfault. An ext advanced options are related kommen sie NamePlates and Target Focus, which space georgewoodcock.comtailed in this Reddit comment. And space rewards zum completing ns following world PvP pursuits 20 times: , , , an 7.1 players perform not have to choose between Prestige and grinding out Honor talent again; die talents möchte remain as they reputation up and gain cosmetics rewards.Artifact power rewards schutz been increased in the patch.The respect reward zum your zuerst Skirmish, 2v2 Arena, 3v3 Arena, und Rated Battleground is twice that of subsequent victories.Every Battleground or Rated Battleground victory wollen reward a piece georgewoodcock.coms gear.Each bracket von rated PvP (2v2, 3v3, Rated Battlegrounds) has a weekly pursuit that rewards items based on your igeorgewoodcock.comal rating from die previous week.An enhanced interface jetzt shows how viel Honor ist rewargeorgewoodcock.comd zum various activities an game.