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The battle zum Westeros might be winner or lost on the zurück of a lime green mechanical bull.

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That’s what it aussehen like ~ above a january Monday bei Belfast, together Game von Thrones films its saturday season here. Definitely no one believes die dragons that schutz thrilled viewers of HBO’s hit series exist in any echt sense. Und yet it’s ausblüten somewhat surprising to seen the British actor Emilia Clarke, who plays exiled queen Daenerys, straddling the “buck” ~ above a soundstage weist Titanic Studios, a film complex named after this city’s various other famously huge export.

The maker under Clarke looks like a large pommel horse und moves bei sync through a computer animation of what will become a dragon. Clarke doesn’t speak much bolzen takes. Over und over, a wind gun blasts her with nur enough force zu make me issue about die integrity of produziert ash blond wig. (Its specific color is the result des 2½ months’ worth of testing and seven prototypes, follow to ns show’s hair designer.) Over und over, Clarke stares down punkt a masking-tape unterschrift on ns floor the instant illustration director Alan taylor shouts, “Now!” Nearby, number of visual-effects supervisors clock on monitors.

Clarke and I talk in her trailer before she heads to ns soundstage, at die beginning of what is to it is in a lang week inhabiting a now iconic character. Behind die scenes it’s much more toil than triumph, though. Ns show’s erste season ended with Daenerys’ hatching 3 baby dragons, each die size von a Pomeranian. They’ve due to the fact that grown to ns size von a 747. “I’m 5-ft.-nothing, ns a wenig girl,” she says. “They’re like, ‘Emilia, climb those stairs, gain on that large thing, fine harness freundin in, und then you’ll go crazy.’ and you’re like, ‘Hey, everybody! jetzt who’s shorty?!’”

She has reason to feel powerful. Top top July 16, Clarke and the rest des the cast möchte begin pass Thrones in for a landing through the erste of its final 13 episodes (seven to air this summer, six to kommen sie later). Thrones, a scrappy upstart launched über two TV novices an 2011, möchte finish its operation as die biggest and most popular show bei the world. In average des more 보다 23 million americans watched each episode tonnage season wie platforms choose streaming und video on need are accounted for. Und since it’s ns most pirated nur ever, millions an ext watch it in ways unaccounted for. Thrones, i m sorry holds die record zum most Emmys ever before won by a prime-georgewoodcock.com series, airs bei more 보다 170 countries. It’s die farthest-reaching nur out there—not to mention ns most obsessed-about.


emilia clarke | daenerys targaryen

People talk about living in a golden age of TV ushered an by hit dramas like the Sopranos, mad Men and Breaking Bad. Every had precisely honed insights about the nature of humanity and of evil the remade expectations of what TV could do. Yet that duration ended around die georgewoodcock.com Breaking bad went off ns air in 2013. We’re in what come next: in unprecedented glut von programming, v streaming dienstleistungen like Netflix, amazon and hulu jumping into an ever-more-crowded fray. Now, yes a call show weil das every conceivable viewer, which method smaller audiences and fewer truly original stories.

Except zum Thrones, i beg your pardon merges ns psychological complexity des the ideal TV through old-school hollywood grandeur. Sie liked shows with one anti­hero? Well, Thrones has 5 Tony Sopranos building their empires on blood, 5 Walter whites discovering nur how far they’ll go zu win, five Don Drapers unapologetic in their narcissism. Oh, und they’re every living out their dramatisch against the most breathtaking vistas notfall of this world.


kit harington | jon snow

The phenomenon zu sein fueled von a massive worldwide apparatus that, an a common 10-episode season, generates the equivalent des five big-budget, feature-length movies. Also as die series has actually grown an every conceivable way over die years—it shoots around the globe; every episode now boasts a budget des at least $10 million—it remains animated von one simple question: Who wollen win the game bei the end? and if Thrones has taught united state anything, it’s the every reign has to end somegeorgewoodcock.com.

1. Ns fiction

It all started with a book. an 1996, george R.R. Martin published A Game of Thrones, the zuerst novel an his A Song von Ice und Fire series. (Back then, the conceived von it together a trilogy. Today, five von the planned 7 volumes oase been published.) together a writer for shows favor CBS’s die Twilight Zone and Beauty and the Beast an the so late ’80s, martin had been frustrated von the limits of TV. He decided that turning zu prose expected writing other “as huge as my imagination.” martin recalls telling himself, “I’m walking to schutz all the characters i want, and gigantic castles, und dragons, und dire wolves, und hundreds des years von history, und a really complex plot. Und it’s fine because it’s a book. It’s basically unfilmable.”

Photo-composite by Miles Aldridge zum georgewoodcock.com

The books became a hit, especially after 1999’s A Clash des Kings und A Storm von Swords a year later. Martin, that writes native his home an Santa Fe, N.M., was compared to ns Lord of the Rings writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Martin’s Westeros zu sein a festland with a distinctive set of rules. First, magic is real. Second, winter ist coming. Seasons tun können last zum years weist a georgewoodcock.com, and as die series begins, a lang summer is ending. Third, no one is safe. New religions are in conflict with ns old, rival houses schutz designs on ns capital’s stole Throne, and an undead army zu sein pushing against the boundary von civilization, recognized as die Wall.

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Thrones’ huge number of clans includes ns wealthy and louche Lannisters, including incestuous twins Cersei and Jaime. She zu sein the queen von marriage; he aided ensure produziert ascendancy v violence. Their brother Tyrion, bei “imp” of short stature, zu sein perhaps ns most astute student des power. Climate there are the Starks, führen zu by duty-bound Ned. His kids Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon und “bastard” Jon Snow wollen be scattered throughout the realm’s seven Kingdoms. Daenerys is a Targaryen, in overthrown family members that also—surprise—has a claim to ns throne. Quickly enough, Thrones devolves into in all-out melee that makes die Wars des the Roses look like family Feud.


lena headey | cersei lannister

In ns wake von director peter Jackson’s early-2000s film trilogy des Tolkien’s masterpiece, martin was courted by producers zu turn his publications into “the following Lord of the ring franchise.” But ns Thrones story was too big, und would-be collaborators suggested cutting it zu focus solely on Daenerys or Snow, for instance. Martin turned them every down. His story’s expansiveness was the point.

Two middleweight novelists, david Benioff und D.B. Weiss, had come to a similar conclusion und obtained Martin’s blessing punkt what the author call “that famed lunch that turned right into a dinner, since we to be there for four or five hours” bei 2006. Ns two writers believed Thrones might only be made as a premium-cable drama, und they walked into HBO’s office with in ambitious pitch to do deshalb that year. “They to be talking about this series of books I’d never heard of,” claims Carolyn Strauss, head des HBO’s unterhalten division at die georgewoodcock.com. “ somebody who looked around ns theater bei Lord von the Rings, punkt all von those rapt faces, und I am just notfall on this particular ferry … ich thought, This sound interesting. Who knows? It might be a huge show.”

HBO bought the idea und handed die reins kommen sie Benioff und Weiss, making castle showrunners who’d never ever run a zeigen before. Benioff was best known weil das having adapted his novel the 25th Hour into a screenplay directed von Spike Lee. Weiss had a novel to his credit too. The two had met an a literature program an Dublin in 1995 und later reconnected in the States. “I decided ich wanted kommen sie write a screenplay,” Benioff told Vanity Fair an 2014. “I’d never written a script before, und I didn’t know how kommen sie do it, deshalb I request if he would certainly write one v me, since he had written a bunch already.” it never got made.

The Thrones pilot, shot in 2009, gott off to a rocky start. Benioff and Weiss misjudged how much planning it would certainly take kommen sie bring Martin’s fantasy kommen sie life. Kommen sie portray a White Walker—mystic creatures from the North—they simply stuck an actor in a green-screen getup und hoped kommen sie figure it out later. “You can maybe execute that if you’re do Avatar,” states Weiss. “But we need to know what die creatures look at like prior to we revolve on ns camera.” They so had trouble portraying Martin’s nuanced characters. “Our friends—really smart, savvy writers—didn’t Jaime and Cersei were brother and sister,” states Benioff von the ill-fated zuerst cut. Ultimately, castle reshot die pilot.


nikolaj coster-waldau | jaime lannister

When Benioff und Weiss look back at that zuerst season, they seen plenty kommen sie nitpick. Their fealty to Martin’s text, for example, made peter Dinklage’s Tyrion “Eminem blond,” über Benioff. (His hair was danach darkened.) Still, ns elements that oase made the zeigen a monster success were there—and audiences (3 million zum Thrones’ zuerst season finale) picked trost on them. Arguably the most ground­breaking prime was a willingness to ruthlessly killing its stars. Ned Stark, the ethik center des Season 1, portrayed über the show’s then most famous cast member (Sean Bean, that starred an The Lord von the Rings), ist shockingly beheaded bei the second-to-last episode. Von the third season’s “Red Wedding,” a far more gruesome culling, the show had accrued enough fans to send the internet into full on freak-out mode.

Thrones had von then become die pacesetter zum all von TV in its willingness to forgo a simple glücklich ending an favor des delivering pleasure with brutality. Even if you don’t watch, Thrones’ characters and catchphrases oase permeated die culture (the evident death des Snow was in international trending topic every summer in 2015). Saturday Night Live, die Simpsons and The tonight Show schutz lampooned die show. Und the recent South oriental presidential election was called top top a national news network v depictions des the candidates duking that out weil das control von the stole Throne.

2. The production

wandering around die Belfast set, ns scope and the orderliness of the enterprise is staggering. Ns wights, zombie-like creatures v spookily pale faces und dressed in ragged furs, form a tidy line as they wait to grab breakfast burritos. Outside the stage door, a couple of smoke cigarettes, careful notfall to ash on your worn-in tunics. “At zuerst we had a season with one big event, then we had actually a season with two huge events, jetzt we schutz a season where every episode zu sein a big event,” says joe Bauer, die show’s VFX supervisor. Bauer und VFX producer steve Kullback oversee a gruppe of 14 FX geschäft from new Zealand zu Germany that arbeiten on the nur almost continuously.

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One of those big events this season zu sein a fight whose sheer scope, even prior to being cut together with the show’s typical brio, dazzled me. Bei order kommen sie get on set, ich agreed notfall to divulge ns players or what’s punkt stake. (Thrones has been promising this clash every along, and when die georgewoodcock.com comes, the internet will melt.) It will be all the more impressive discovering that ns cast und crew were shot through with a frigid phibìc Atlantic wind that whipped everyone during filming and sent them every flying to ns coffee cart during resets. (The cold, a prosthetic artist speak me, zu sein at the very least good zum keeping ns makeup on.)


peter dınklage | tyrion lannister

The setting is as großartiger as die action. The battle was filmed an what was once a Belfast quarry, drained, flattened out with 11,000 square meters von concrete und painted over with a camouflage effect—all des which took sechs months und required special environmental surveys. This kind of mountain moving, or leveling, zu sein par for the course for Thrones.

Each season starts with producers Christopher Newman und Bernadette Caulfield circulating a plot rundown on a color-coded spreadsheet, dictating what möchte be shot von the show’s 2 simultaneous camera units, which can splinter into as many as four. It’s perpetually subject to change, given die complications of a television nur this ambitious—over seven periods they’ve shot in Croatia, Spain, Iceland, Malta, Morocco und Canada and locations around Northern Ireland. If I’m in Belfast, mine plan zu watch Jon Snow in action zu sein canceled because des inclement weather (that very same wind) that renders filming from a drone hazardous. Hinweisen this point, Caulfield will grab ~ above any klein comfort. “Now the dragon no get any kind of bigger,” she says, “so we recognize that much.”