Zelda link between worlds lösung

One des the 4 collectibles in The Legend des Zelda: A Link bolzen Worlds is the master Ore. This rare and extremely helpful item kann sein only it is in found in certain dungeons, located bei big chests. Ns Master Ores serve die purpose des upgrading die Master Sword.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link bolzen Worlds master Ore Locations

When sie obtain 2 von these, die Blacksmith of Hyrule will kann sein temper die Master Sword, making that red and allowing it to deal an ext damage.

When sie collect 2 more, ns Blacksmith of Lorule will be able to use them zu make your knife golden, enabling you kommen sie deal as viel damage together possible.

There are hence a total of 4 various Master Ores an the game located bei different dungeons. Here is how you tun können find them:

Master Ore #1 – Thieves’ HideoutThe first dungeon zu sein the Thieves’ Hideout. Once sie find the Thief Girl and escort produziert out des the dungeon, freundin will come across a basement room filled with water. Walk to ns southwest corner of the room. There space a couple des switches here. Step on one switch, und have die Thief mädchen step on ns other.

The surrounding wall will open. Get in the open area, operation down the hallway, and obtain ns Master Ore from ns chest.

Master Ore #2 – Skull WoodsThe second dungeon is the Skull Woods. It zu sein found in one des the last most parts of the dungeon, throughout which link has kommen sie get the Eyeballs. One des the eyeballs is located higher ledge at ns south end of ns room.

There is so a big treasure chest north des this eyeball. Merge along the wall zu reach ns treasure chest, and open it to find your 2nd Master Ore.

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Master Ore #3 – Dark PalaceYou will need to oase Bombs zu complete this one. On ns second floor, there is a brightly lit room through windows. North des this room zu sein another klein room v a endowment chest.

There are two switches that run a wall surface and deshalb the platforms bei the center von the rooms. You need to lower die platforms wollen these switches.

Place a bomb next to ns lower switch and then operation to ns platform above. Strike die nearby switch zu get to the higher ledge and run to die northern wall. Once die bomb explodes, die switch will flip, und allow verknüpfung to enter ns rectangular room. Offen the chest zum your der dritte tag Master Oer.

Master Ore #4 – Lorule GraveyardYou will need ns Titan’s Mitt zu get the Master Ore from here. Go to Sanctuary an Hyrule, und use die crack to enter Lorule. Go east to ns graveyard, und at that northeast portion, use ns Titan’s Mitt kommen sie lift ns large boulder, and then head down ns steps.

There is a switch on the west part von the cavern here. Drücken sie it, und go through ns opened door. Walk to die northwest part of the area und go up ns steps.

Walk along die path to the right until sie reach a treasure chest. Merge along die wall to ns east and walk on over zu the small key. Usage it on die locked door to ns northwest.

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You will encounter a few Eyegores, defeat them und go hoch to die next room Pull ns switch on ns right and then head up the staircase. Then, unify along die right wall, und move nach oben to the treasure chest there. Open it to obtain die final grasp Ore.